Flowers for a Winter Wedding imageA winter wedding isn’t complete without just the right flowers. Several beautiful flowers are in season just in time to be used in any winter wedding. Even couples who choose to have a pure white wedding will be able to find appropriate flowers for a winter wedding for bouquets and decorations.

Common Colors of Flowers for a Winter Wedding

White weddings are common during the colder months of the year. Brides can have a white wedding and still use an interesting mix of flowers for a winter wedding. Cream, ivory and other similar shades of white flowers lend themselves well to the occasion. Many brides will have flower arrangements that include both white and silver. Pale pinks can also be incorporated into the flower arrangements for a winter wedding. Accompanying the flowers with some pussy willow branches adds to the delicate feel of a white bouquet. Other embellishments that can upgrade the style of a flower arrangement include white tipped mistletoe and pinecones.

Unique Flowers for a Winter Wedding

The bride’s choice of flowers for a winter wedding doesn’t have to be one of the standard flower types that everyone thinks of when they think of a wedding. An Australian flower that fits in nicely in a winter wedding is Anigozanthos, which most people refer to as kangaroo paw. This soft flower gives an added touch of texture to a couple’s wedding day. The flower comes in dark red, pale, pink, yellow and lime green.

For a more intense bouquet of flowers for a winter wedding, Anemones can be added. They bring intensity to flower arrangements due to their dark center that often appears to be black. With a velvety look to it, this flower can make any winter wedding day that much more romantic. The diversity of these flowers means that they can stand alone or be paired with roses, various types of berries and ranunculus flowers. Another off the beaten path flower option for a winter wedding is Nerine. Available in white or pink, it is a delicate flower that can be used in wedding bouquets or to enhance the décor.

Foliage in Addition to Flowers for a Winter Wedding

In addition to flowers for a winter wedding, foliage is often a part of winter wedding bouquets. Items such as Holly and Ivy are especially appropriate for a holiday wedding. Holly should not be used in the wedding décor if there will be young children present on the big day, as Holly berries are poisonous.

To decorate for a wedding reception in the winter, centerpieces can be made using stems from trees and plants. Providing a stark contrast to the flowers, this décor makes floral arrangements more noticeable. For colorful stems, yellow and red versions of dogwood can make for a stunning addition to any centerpiece. The brightness of these colors would make a winter wedding feel bolder. Willows are also a great addition to an arrangement because they are easily manipulated to take on several different shapes.