When choosing the flowers for a spring wedding, it is best to stick with flowers that are in season; especially for couples on a budget. Certain kinds of flowers are commonly used in spring weddings. Whether you plan to have a flower girl or find an alternative, here’s what you need to know.

Flowers for a Spring Wedding imageTraditional Flowers for a Spring Wedding

One of the traditional flower choices for a spring wedding is tulips. This is not a flower for any bride that has trouble making decisions as there are more than 500 types of tulips that can be used in a bouquet or centerpiece. Brides also have the option of choosing tulips that are white, red, yellow, purple and mauve. For a spring wedding it is best to choose tulips that are tightly budded, as they are more conducive to be used in centerpieces and bouquets.

Another flower traditionally associated with spring weddings is hyacinths. They are delicate, making them perfect for bouquets, and they also give off a scent that many brides love. While hyacinths are seen as an old fashioned flower they lend themselves well to weddings because a talented florist can create a modern flower arrangement using them. Hyacinths pair well with roses and both can be used in weddings.

For a classic bridal style, daffodils are a popular choice. While most daffodils are yellow, making them perfect for a spring wedding, they can also be white. There is a standard sized daffodil and mini daffodils. The standard size version of the flower is often used in centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Mini daffodils are a perfect choice for use in corsages and boutonnieres.

Less Common Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Though these are the most common types of flowers used in spring weddings, they are not the only ones used. Hopefully, these ideas will give you some inspiration


Some brides choose peonies because of the options for use they present. When ordering peonies for their wedding, brides should inform the florist if they want opened peonies or those that have not yet opened. A bouquet can be designed using either open or closed peonies.

Lily of the Valley

For weddings taking place in April or May, a possible flower choice is lily of the valley. This flower is well known for its fragrance and lends itself well to a wedding due to the small size of the flowers. They can easily be used in bridal bouquets and boutonnieres as well.


A scentless flower that couples with allergies often choose to use in their spring wedding is foxglove. This flower comes in spring colors such as purple, pink and ivory. Optionally, you could choose to use flowers made from wood instead of live flowers to completely eliminate any allergy risks.


A flower that can be used to accent a spring wedding is gerberas, also known as gerber daisies. One of the reasons they work well as an accent flower is that there are several colors of them for brides to choose from. These include popular spring time colors such as white, yellow and red.


Many couples include elaborate floral arrangements in their spring weddings. To do so, some choose to use forsythias. Their long wooden stems make them nearly impossible to use in a bouquet but they can be used to create large flower arrangements for the reception.

No matter which flowers for a spring wedding you choose, the main focus should always be on your spring wedding theme concept. Every color choice every style should work towards making your theme present across  the entire wedding. If you’re thoughtful and stick to the color palate, deciding on flowers for a spring wedding can be a very simple job.