After you have found the perfect dress for the celebration, you‘ll want to go about finding the perfect mother-of-the-bride shoes. The most important part of this concept is to compliment your dress and hat while simultaneously balancing comfort and style. Fortunately, there are a few crucial tips and tricks to consider when choosing the perfect shoes to wear at your daughter’s wedding. Below, I will cover some of them in detail to help you make the right selection.

Different Styles of Mother of the Bride Shoes

There are literally hundreds of great styles of shoes available for the mother of the bride. So, it can be a bit of a task to find a pair that compliments your outfit while remaining comfortable and elegant at the same time. First off, high heels are always in style and make a great statement. However, many women don’t feel comfortable walking around in them all day; especially when you are a social butterfly as on your daughter’s wedding day! Because of this, it is a good idea to choose a heel height that will be comfortable to walk around in all day. Also, rounded toe shoes will give your legs a longer look while also remaining comfortable compared to square-toed shoes.

Choosing Your Color

Image of the Mother of the Bride in High HeelsMost women think it’s best to stay with one specific color scheme for their outfit. However, it’s actually good to diversify a bit when finding the perfect mother of the bride shoes. Too much of one color or pattern can make you look plain or drab. Obviously, that’s something you certainly wish to avoid on your daughter’s wedding day! There will be plenty of decorations for the wedding aisle; you don’t need to become one of them. Of course, you don’t want to stick out too much and steal any glory on her special day. However, you also want to look elegant and sharp for all the guests in attendance. Finding patterns and colors that complement each other is a great way to stand out in the crowd without looking too busy. For instance, you could match your dress with your hat and your shoes with your handbag, but having all four the same color or pattern is too bland.

The Type of Material Can Matter

Usually, the only reason to care about material selection is for appearance. However, there are certain situations where a specific type of material is a poor choice. For instance, if there is potentially going to be slippery surfaces, a smooth-bottomed shoes is a bad choice. Similarly, many people plan to use wedding sparklers at their event. If a hot ember falls on shoes with a delicate wrapping, it can immediately damage them. Furthermore, they can get dirty if you use the sparklers in a wet grassy area. Or, if you were attending a wedding in frosty Alaska, you need to make sure they’re very warm. By choosing a proper material, you can rest assured that they will still look great after the event.

Basic Tips for Buying Mother of the Bride Shoes

By far the best advice I received about my shoes was to break them in well before the day of the wedding. This may seem to be common sense to most people. However, too many mothers of the bride are afraid to scuff or damage their shoes before the big day. However, you can wear your shoes around the house to get them flexible while still keeping them safe from any unsightly markings; and your feet will thank you when the wedding comes. Optionally, many mothers of the bride buy an additional pair of shoes such as flats. Then, they they use them for dancing at the reception. This allows you the elegance of high heels for the ceremony and a more comfortable feel as you dance the evening away.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which design you choose or where you’re thinking of shopping. Overall, the most important thing when finding the perfect mother of the bride shoes is comfort. A secondary factor is all about complimenting your outfit. Finding the perfect balance between these two elements will make your shoe purchase a success.

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