The fall is a perfect time to get married. Couples can save thousands of dollars by waiting patiently while the popular summer months pass by and when the leaves start to change color, vendor prices drop. That’s not all though; the changing of the season brings gorgeous opportunities for photos and unique decor ideas. Here are a few fall wedding decoration ideas to get you started. These decorations won’t break the bank either!

Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas with Flowers

Fall flower arrangements can add stunning color to both the head and guest tables and can include yellows, oranges and reds. Some couples choose to add pumpkin or gourd accents while others add small berries to the bouquet for some extra color and decoration. These fall bouquets make beautiful but simple decor for guest tables.

Simple Fall Garden Wedding

Having a simple garden wedding is perfect for the fall! Just decorate your backyard using inexpensive decorations. Add a few color LED party lanterns near where you plan to celebrate for ambiance, and you’re all set to go. Just supply the food, music, love, and happiness and your garden will supply the rest.

Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas with Pumpkins

If it is warm enough to have a wedding outdoors, consider pumpkins lining the aisle. also, an arbor made with different colored leaves woven in between the branches. You can add flowers for some additional color and the arbor will help the brides dress stand out against the beautifully contrasting background.

Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas with Leaves imagePlaceholders for Fall Weddings

For placeholders, consider purchasing fall leaves from a local craft store. Get a silver colored Sharpie and write your guests names on each leaf and put them at the table amidst the other decorations. You can even create unique centerpieces if you’re feeling ambitious. This will incorporate more fall colors into your reception and complete the look of the tables.

Halloween-Themed Wedding

Halloween is a popular time to get married for those who love the holiday. Plus, stores will offer no shortage of Halloween and fall themed decor. Couples can make their reception spooky by decorating with candles covered in cobwebs, jack o lanterns, or bare branches holding lanterns. However, if going full Halloween is a little much but you love the idea of having pumpkins, buy small ones. Simply hollow them out and place a tealight inside. This is a great addition to a floral centerpiece to surround the vase.

There’s no shortage of fall wedding decoration ideas out there, you just need to know where to look. There are great ideas everywhere. Be creative and embrace the season and you’ll find great deals aplenty!