With the 4th of July right around the corner, most of us are planning to head out and enjoy our local fireworks show. No matter where you live, there is probably a great large-scale fireworks show within a few miles of your house, and that’s likely where you want to be. However, that also means that you friends and neighbors want to be at that show as well, so things can get crowded pretty fast. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when going to a large fireworks show, and between having what you need with you and getting a great seat it can be stressful to bring the whole crew. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your local fireworks show without the added stress.

Enjoying Your Local Fireworks Show imageGet to your Local Fireworks Show Early

Getting a good view of the fireworks is the primary concern for most people headed out to a large show, and the best way to do that is to show up early. Good spots fill up quickly, especially in large population areas; so the earlier you arrive the better your chances will be of seeing a spectacular show.

Check Your Surroundings

Sometimes getting the best seat doesn’t just mean being as close to the action as possible; the people around you will impact the show as well. Try to avoid large groups of adults who are drinking and being rowdy, and also try to scope out the groups that are shooting off fireworks of their own. Amateur fireworks enthusiasts can accidentally injure the people around them, especially if alcohol is involved; so try to stay clear of those types of groups. However, using your own quiet fireworks such as sparklers, you can also add some fun to the experience.

Bring Bug Spray

Bugs are thick in July, so having a few cans of bug spray can be a lifesaver. It’s perfectly fine to bring citronella candles and other types of insect repellents to attempt to reduce or eliminate the need for actual bug spray, but bring plenty along just in case.

Bring a Cooler

Trust me, you’re going to want plenty of festive drinks and snacks on hand for the fireworks show; especially if you are bringing along children. Bring along popcorn, granola bars, soda, and bottled water to keep yourself and the crew happy for the long haul. It can get really hot in early July, so bring what you need. Even if there are concession stands at your local fireworks show, they are often very expensive and usually run out before the show’s finale.

Be Patient at your Local Fireworks Show

Lastly, make sure you plan to hang around for at least a half hour after the fireworks show has finished. Everyone will be trying to evacuate the area immediately following the show. Thus, being patient can prevent you from sitting in a traffic jam. This is where having a fully stocked cooler will come in handy, and it’s also a good idea to bring along some large sparklers and other small novelties to keep everyone occupied. There’s no sense in packing up your stuff and getting in the car just to be at a dead stop. So, plan to enjoy your evening even after the last firework has faded into the night.