Elegant Winter Wedding Favors imageThe wedding favors a couple gives to their guests should reflect something about the day. When having yours in the wintertime, there are certain winter wedding favors that are elegant enough to make a couple’s guests feel appreciated.

Ornaments as Winter Wedding Favors

Favors that can elegantly represent a winter wedding include fun seasonal ornaments. One example is a crystal snowman and this is something that is appropriate for a couple’s guests regardless of which winter holiday they may celebrate. It is also suitable for men and women, as well as older children. If a couple’s guest list is kept short they can often afford an ornament of this type for every guest. It also breaks the mold of the typical wedding favors couples often give out.

Fancy brass ornaments also make an amazing and elegant winter wedding favor for a couple’s guests. These ornaments can be gifted to a couple’s guests individually, saving couples time and money. Wedding guests always appreciate receiving a favor that they can actually use when they go home. An ornament can help guests remember a couple’s wedding every holiday season, making it a priceless choice in elegant winter wedding favors.

Snowflake Pins for Winter Wedding Favors

Ornaments aren’t the only item that make for elegant winter wedding favors. Another suggestion is for couples to give each guest a snowflake shaped pin. They can easily display it on their wedding day attire and continue to wear it whenever the occasion calls for a beautiful snowflake. This is a much more affordable option for larger guest lists than the crystal snowman ornament.

Chocolate or Wine as Winter Wedding Favors

A great winter wedding favor for couples whose guests have a sweet tooth is personalized Hershey Kisses. Everyone is familiar with this treat and few guests will turn it down. Couples can get a sticker on the bottom of each kiss with their names and a winter graphic such as a snowman or snowflake.

While chocolate is great, many couples will have wedding guests who would choose wine over chocolate any day. That being said, winter wedding favors can consist of a wine stopper with a metal snowflake on top. This is an affordable item that has no need for personalization, making it a better choice for couples on a budget.

Candle Holders as Winter Wedding Favors

Candle holders can be purchased in sets of three and make a delightful winter wedding favor. Couples can get them in a variety of scents so that no two guests get the same exact gift. As an elegant wedding favor couples often find that gifting winter candle holders to their guests helps spread the warmth of the season.

Since favors are a way of thanking a couple’s guests for showing up at their wedding it is only fitting that they be elegant, especially to represent a wintertime wedding. Rather than choosing the standard winter wedding favors that every couple gifts to their guests, an increasing number of couples are choosing wedding favors that are more elegant than they ever were in the past. This trend is likely to continue in the future.