Whether you’re having your wedding outdoors or inside a hall, chances are you will need some type of lighting for the event. Lighting really sets the mood for a wedding. It sets the overall atmosphere and ambience as you party the night away. Most of the time a wedding venue will already have lighting, but you can always choose to bring your own if you want something different or more Eco-friendly. On top of that, you simply must bring your own lighting if your wedding ceremony or reception will be taking place outdoors. Finding Eco-friendly options for that type of scenario is very important! Fortunately, there are several Eco-friendly wedding lighting options available. They will add both charm and ambiance to your wedding while at the same time being friendly to the environment.


Candles are an obvious choice for Eco-friendly wedding lighting. It’s because they don’t use any electricity at all and are made from completely renewable resources. On top of that, they provide the most romantic type of lighting imaginable; especially if you are having an evening reception outdoors. However, the light from candles can present a challenge to your wedding photographer if they aren’t prepared because there may not be enough light to take great photos without the right setup. Additionally, if you’re having an indoor reception, many wedding venues don’t allow burning candles inside. It’s because of the fire risk they present. Check with your photographer and venue ahead of time. Do it before you decide to use candles for your Eco-friendly wedding lighting to prevent any issues.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Lighting: LED Candles imageLED Candles

If you want all of the great ambience that real candles present but aren’t allowed to use them, you may want to consider LED candles as an alternative. LEDs are the most Eco-friendly type of lights because they are highly efficient and produce a lot of light on very little energy. Furthermore, since they have a virtually unlimited lifespan, you don’t need to throw them out like you do with other types of regular light bulbs on a frequent basis. Moreover, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or materials that can hurt the environment. So if you do throw one away, they are safe. Lastly, you don’t light a wick as you would with a real candle. So, you won’t produce any greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide while using your LED candles.

LED Wedding Sparklers

Most people don’t consider sparklers as part of their lighting budget, but there are certain types that fit the bill. Primarily, I’m talking about LED sparklers for weddings that have adjustable lighting modes. Rather then sparkling for a few minutes and then fizzling out, you can set them to different options. Whether you want a strobe-like effect or them to remain on constantly, these do it all. Best of all, they run on batteries that last for a long time and can be reused over and over again. That means you won’t be creating a large carbon footprint.

LED Party Lanterns: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Wedding Lighting

Much like the LED candles, another Eco-friendly choice is to use LED party lanterns to light up your reception hall or outdoor reception space. There are two types available; white LED party lanterns or color LED party lanterns in a variety of different colors. One of the huge benefits that party lanterns have over LED candles is that they illuminate a larger area and look much more like a party style of lighting. Best of all, LED party lanterns are made from completely biodegradable materials. So even though they are fully reusable, they won’t harm the environment when they have finally outlived their usefulness.