It is very traditional to throw confetti while the new couple exits their chapel or wedding ceremony venue, but many locations don’t allow regular confetti to be used for this purpose because it is a hassle to cleanup and bad for the environment. Any remaining confetti that wasn’t swept up will permeate into crevices between the concrete and remain there for many decades to come. Though some people tried to find an alternative to confetti by using rice instead, food products can often lead to pest infestations and the rice can also harm birds. Fortunately, there are some Eco-friendly confetti alternatives that offer all of the fun with none of the consequences, and I’ll share some of my favorite ones with you below.

Eco-Friendly Confetti AlternativesArtificial Snowflakes

If you’ve ever seen a movie where snow is falling on the actors’ heads, then you’ve already seen artificial snowflakes. Artificial snowflakes can create a really cool effect that is even more romantic than regular confetti; especially if you are having a fall wedding. Additionally, artificial snowflakes break up immediately when they come into contact with water. It will completely disappear as soon as if rains or you can optionally spray the area down with a hose.

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are great because they bring back memories of your favorite childhood water balloon fights! Each seed bomb is brim full of wildflower seeds, so when you throw them at the couple or at the ground near their feet, they bust open and flower seeds fly everywhere. First off, it creates a very cool effect. Also, it ensures flowers will grow in whatever grassy area you happened to choose to use them in.

Biodegradable Rice

We’ve all heard of throwing rice at a wedding, but the impact on birds makes them not very Eco-friendly. Fortunately, there are companies out there making biodegradable rice in all sorts of shapes such as hearts. Additionally, biodegradable rice breaks up immediately when they come into contact with water. That means they will completely disappear as soon as if rains or you can optionally spray the area down with a hose.


You just can’t mess with a classic. Birdseed is one of the original Eco-friendly confetti alternatives because every last bit will be eaten up by the birds over time. They few seeds that aren’t eaten by birds will either break down or sprout into a plant or flower. Best of all, you will have the joy of seeing birds flock towards the birdseed until it has all been devoured.

Biodegradable Confetti

Last, but not least, we have the epitome of Eco-friendly confetti alternatives; biodegradable confetti. This is the no-compromise solution if you have your heart set on having confetti at your wedding celebration. That’s because it looks, feels, and behaves exactly like real confetti. The only real difference between biodegradable confetti and regular confetti is that it breaks up immediately when they come into contact with water. So, they will completely disappear as soon as if rains. Optionally spray the area down with a hose. Additionally, you can get biodegradable confetti in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. Options include hearts, flowers, or even butterflies. You could even use the petals from wooden roses for an extremely classy touch! All the available options coupled with the fact that it is biodegradable make it the ultimate choice for Eco-friendly confetti alternatives for your wedding.

Other Eco-Friendly Confetti Alternatives

There are a number of other items that will work as well. Things like ribbon wands or buy wedding sparklers on Amazon. That can be a mess-free way to emulate confetti. Some people use breakfast cereal, but you need to be careful which brand you choose. Stay away from ones that have high sugar content and you should be just fine.