Double Dipped Sparklers imageAt Wedding Day Sparklers, we only sell the highest quality sparklers that have been hand-selected by our staff for their superior quality and value. We only sell double dipped sparklers, which means that they are dipped twice into the pyrotechnic slurry that is responsible for the actual “sparkling” you see as they burn. We are proud to be the only company who offers that level of quality and craftsmanship in every one of our products, and that attention to detail has launched our company to the number one supplier in the United States.

Burn Time of Double Dipped Sparklers

There are many benefits to double dipped sparklers, not the least of which is their burn time. Because there is more compound on the wire, our sparklers burn longer than any other brand. Another side effect of this quality is that we have by far the brightest sparklers available anywhere. This is particularly nice if you are planning to use your sparklers in wedding photos because they produce bigger effects and show up better on film.

Durability of Double Dipped Sparklers

The final benefit of double dipped sparklers is that they are much less likely to fall apart as they burn compared to cheaper and lesser quality items. The thicker layer of compound is much more resistant to flaking, cracking, and corrosion from the effects of time which means you will get a consistent burn every time you light one. This also makes our sparklers for weddings safer than other brands because you are less likely to have any accidental burns or other injuries. While these types of events are very uncommon, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that the products you buy are made to the highest standards to ensure your safety and enjoyment with every single sparkler.

No matter how you plan to use them at your wedding, choosing double dipped sparklers is the best option for safety, durability, quality, and burn time. Don’t be fooled by other retailers selling sub-par sparklers. Quality is important, and that’s what you will receive from us every time you order.