Flowers are a vital part of most wedding decorations, and most couples prefer roses to any other variety. There is no other flower that speaks to romance the way that a beautiful rose can. However, buying enough flowers for your entire wedding can be an extremely costly option for many people. Fortunately, there are several other options including roses made from wood that are much less expensive! But do wooden roses look real at all? Will you end up just wasting money in an effort to be more frugal? Here are the details about their realism and whether or not they are the right fit.

The Anatomy of a Wooden Rose

Image of Wooden Roses in a BouquetThe first step to judging fake flowers is to look closely at their construction. Certain materials are better for copies, and craftsmanship is also extremely important. Here is a breakdown of the anatomy of a wooden rose so you can better determine if they are right for your event.

Birch Petals

The first component is the most important aspect to consider, and those are the petals. Each one is handcrafted from quality birch wood for a natural appearance. Moreover, birch is durable and inexpensive; both key factors to keeping the costs low. Lastly, the wood grain creates a strikingly realistic texture compared to the delicate petals of a real rose. Overall, wooden petals are about as real-looking as you can possibly get. In fact, a lot of customers even use them for their Mother’s Day flowers!

Wire Stem

The next component is the stem; which is made from bendable metal wire and covered in green felt material. Since the stem is bendable, it’s important to shape it correctly to give it an authentic appearance. However, the flexibility comes with a few advantages such as being able to attach them to various things by wrapping it around the object. Additionally, the textured felt hides the natural look of the metal. Not only do wooden roses look real along the stem because of the green color, felt also simulates the tiny hairs very convincingly. In my opinion, the bendable stem is actually a drastic improvement over the real thing.

Fabric Leaves

Do wooden roses look real because of their fabric leaves? Sadly, they are probably the least realistic aspect of the entire design. However, unless you look extremely close, they won’t stick out as fake to the average wedding guest. The color is a perfect match for the felt on the stem, and they are textured so they don’t look shiny. They may be the least convincing part, but they are far from a deal breaker for most couples.

Color Options

Choosing the right color option will make a big difference in how well they mimic real flowers. Most couples instinctively go for something that matches their wedding palette. However, certain choices look better than others. Wood roses come in 11 different color combinations, and they all simulate real ones pretty well. But, if you want the best looking option, I suggest red as my personal favorite.


The way the components are put together is the final piece of the puzzle when looking for the best fake wedding flowers. Fortunately, we source or products from craftsmen right here in the United States! Our wooden roses are the highest quality available for both construction and manufacturing materials. Additionally, it helps the US economy because we are keeping jobs here instead of outsourcing across seas. When you balance it all out, it’s easy to see why their actual construction can make such a huge difference in being believable.

Do Wooden Roses Look Real Based on Their Design?

Image of Paper Flowers in a Big PileWe have been providing wooden roses to couples for over a decade. In all that time, I’ve never had a complaint about how realistic they look. Obviously, if you put them side-by-side, you’ll likely be able to tell the difference. However, most people will never look at them closely enough to acknowledge that they aren’t actually flowers; especially if they’re just sprucing up your spring centerpieces. When you stack the facts up against the price, it’s a pretty easy choice that almost everyone is happy they made in hindsight.

Are There More Realistic Options?

Besides wood, there are many different materials that these can be made from. Typically, you’ll find options like plastic, fabric, or paper in a similar price range. If you want something fancier, you can choose metal, glass, or even solid crystal roses for a hefty premium! However, there is simply no comparison to our products. In the end, wood makes for the best fake wedding flowers.

Do Wooden Roses Look Real Enough for a Wedding?

When you get right down to it, personal preference needs to be your guiding voice when making a final decision. For most couples, it really comes down to how you plan to use them. Are you planning on using wooden roses in your bridal bouquet? Are they simply going to be added to your centerpieces to fill them out? By knowing how you plan to use them at your wedding, you can decide if a close facsimile is going to work for your needs.

Hopefully, I’ve covered enough details about how realistic wooden roses look for you to make up your mind. In my opinion, they look great and add a lot of versatility to the real deal. Moreover, they cost 15-20% of what real flowers would run you. When you weigh all those factors, I think you’ll be very pleased with the result. Good luck and thank you for reading!