Most people are familiar with the idea of having a special exit at their wedding. Furthermore, sparklers are a well-known and popular accessory to use during that activity. However, there are a lot of different options that most couples never even consider. Fortunately, we’ve created this guide to show you the different ways to do a sparkler exit at a wedding. We will cover all the variations so you can have the magical day of your dreams!

Image of a Couple in an Organized Sparkler ExitOrganized Sparkler Exit at a Wedding

Most commonly, couples want to have everything at their wedding planned out ahead of time. That means even the sparkler exit will be organized prior to the event. However, there are many different variations of organized send-offs from which to choose. Here is an overview of your options.

Perform Exit After the Reception

Performing your exit at the conclusion of the reception is the most popular option by far. After all, the entire premise is to “send you off” on your honeymoon and new lives together. It can be the perfect way to end your evening, and it will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests.

Perform Exit After the Ceremony

Occasionally, a couple will opt to perform their send-off right after the ceremony. It can be a fun way to break up the time between the ceremony and reception. An after-ceremony activity is a great choice if you’re leaving a church or a chapel because of the dramatic effect it creates. The backdrop of the building behind the bride and groom is often spectacular. Best of all, the sparkler exit will double as the greeting line to simplify your timeline.

Should You Include Everyone or Just the Bridal Party?

If you choose to organize your wedding exit ahead of time, most people decide to include all of the guests. Since you will have everything prepared, distributing sparklers to your guests, and getting them arranged isn’t as large of a chore. Of course, you can certainly only include the wedding party if you prefer; but you run the risk of making your guests feel left out.

Image of a Couple Being Surprised By Sparklers During their ExitSurprise Sparkler Exit at a Wedding

Another option that couples have is to perform a surprise sparkler exit at their wedding. The addition of the “surprise factor” always adds to the excitement, so it can be a fun twist on an activity that is normally planned. However, you can either surprise the guests or the couple; and each version is slightly different. Here is an overview of each option so you can see the pros and cons of each style.

Surprise Your Guests

The easiest method of a surprise exit to pull off is for the wedding party to catch the crowd off guard. This concept works best for send-offs happening between the ceremony and reception. As the bridal party makes their exit from the venue, they will shock everyone by holding glittering sparklers high in the air.

You can also do it at the end of your reception, but bottle sparklers work better for that. Have a few bottles of champagne delivered to the head table with a bottle sparkler attached to each one. Have one final toast with your guests, and then make your way towards the exit. It’s a fantastic and awe-inspiring way to cap off your elegant affair!

Surprise the Couple

If you are in the wedding party and want to do something very daring, consider surprising the couple with a sparkler exit. This concept works in reverse of surprising the guests, except it also works best for send-offs occurring between the ceremony and reception. Imagine the doors of your venue opening to a sea of guests holding their sparklers to illuminate the path towards the reception hall. It can be difficult to accomplish without the bride and groom finding out, but the hard work will pay off! Just make sure you won’t make the couple angry by “hijacking their moment”; this option only works for laid-back couples.

Image of a Couple Running Through a Sparkling TunnelOther Considerations

Though we’ve covered the most common variations of sparkler exits, there are still some other considerations to take into account. Within each variation, you can customize your experience even further. Here are some tweaks you can throw in to make your event even more dazzling.

Create a Pathway or a Sparkling Tunnel?

When you’re arranging your guests, there are two configurations from which to choose. Traditionally, most couples choose to create a pathway of sparklers. To accomplish this, your attendees will line up along both sides of your pathway. As you leave, you’ll pass by each person so everyone is included. It’s easy and effective, and that’s why most people go this route.

The other option is to perform what’s called a “sparkling arch” or “sparkling tunnel”. Instead of two straight lines of guests, they form a much narrower pathway for the bride and groom. Additionally, they hold their sparklers high in the air to create an “archway” or “tunnel” that the couples dashes through. This variation will create some amazing wedding photos, but there is also added risk. Since sparks are literally falling down on the bride and groom, burn holes in the tuxedo or wedding dress can become a factor. Typically, the sparks are too small and cold to cause damage, but it is a factor that you should consider.

Indoors or Outdoors?

When most people consider having a sparkler exit, they assume it will be held outdoors. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, and it’s definitely the safest option; you can also have it indoors. Outdoor send-off lines offer the most flexibility because smoke is not a consideration. If you plan to do it indoors, you’ll need to go with a smokeless option. But, with that said, you can still have a great farewell in an indoor environment.

Gold or Color Sparklers?

As mentioned above, couples have a choice between color sparklers or the standard gold versions. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of smoke created. If you are having your sparkler exit indoors, your only option is gold. They are considered “smokeless”, so they can be safely used with minimal ventilation.

However, if you’re doing it outdoors, the color versions are on the table. You can create some pretty cool effects in pictures with the different colors, and you can even find ones that match your wedding theme. Just make sure you have a large outdoor space because they will produce a lot of smoke during your send-off line!

Skipping the Sparklers

Of course, some couples want to have a wedding exit but don’t want to deal with the hassle of sparklers. Similarly, some venues prohibit them all together, so they simply aren’t an option. Luckily, there are many alternatives to sparklers for your send-off that you can use instead. Examples include birdseed, confetti, or even large rolls of streamers. As long as you use an accessory to make it more exciting, sparklers aren’t an absolute necessity.

As you can see, there are many different variations and methods to consider when putting together your farewell plans. Whether you want an organized activity or something more surprising, it makes a big difference to the entire process. Moreover, deciding whether it will be done indoors or outdoors plays a huge role, too. However, by comparing all of your different options, you can perform a sparkler exit at your wedding that will create memories to last a lifetime!