One of the most common questions we receive is in regards to how thick our sparklers are. For certain products like our bottle sparklers, diameter really isn’t relevant. In other scenarios, the diameter of a wedding sparkler is determined by a variety of factors. For instance, are they double or triple-dipped at the factory? Additionally, the length of it will play a role in the overall thickness. So how thick are our items? Here’s a quick snapshot so you can see how the various sizes stack up against one another.

  • 10 Inch = 0.06 inches
  • 20 Inch = 0.06 inches
  • 36 Inch = 0.125 inches

However, there is much more to the story than just a quick snapshot of sizes. Just like a professional football game, you need to see how it all unfolds. For those of you who wish to know more about the diameter of a wedding sparkler, we have broken it down to each size to discuss why they have the diameter they do and what the added benefits happen to be.

10 Inch

As the shortest option, our 10 inch wedding sparklers are 0.06” thick. Their short length doesn’t require them to very thick at all. However, many of our competitors offer versions that are only 0.05” thick. The added size is from our triple-dipping process that yields the brightest sparklers that last longer than other same-sized competitors.

20 Inch

Our most popular option, 20 inch wedding sparklers are 0.06” thick. Thought they are twice as long as the 10 inch version, they are still short enough to remain sturdy at this diameter. Additionally, if you plan to use your wedding sparklers in photography, the slender design makes them much more maneuverable. Lasting ninety seconds or more, they are the perfect choice for that intended purpose.

36 Inch

As the longest option, our 36 inch sparklers for weddings are 0.125” thick. That is over double the diameter of the shorter versions! This is necessary to add stability since they are also double the length of the 20 inch version. As a result, they are by far the brightest version; as well as the most spectacular. The larger the diameter of a wedding sparkler, the bigger the effects. Our 36” version creates the largest sparkles and last around three and a half minutes.

Why Does the Diameter of a Wedding Sparkler Matter to Me?

Depending on how you use them, the diameter can play a huge role in performance. Additionally, it can be an indicator for the overall quality of a sparkler. Sometimes, a thicker diameter is necessary if there is more length to support. However, a smaller diameter is vital if you plan to use them in photographs. It allows you to wave them through the air with ease. However, you will sacrifice duration for the more maneuverable versions; which is why the 20 inch version is by far the most popular.

As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into the diameter of a wedding sparkler than you probably imagined. We touch on this and other popular topics in our frequently asked questions section. Good luck and we hope you found this information helpful!