When we select products for our shop, we do a lot of research to ensure we’re getting the best items possible. We go through a lot of tests when determining the quality of a sparkler because it’s important to us. Weddings are a very special event, and being part of yours is not something to take lightly. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure you will only receive the highest quality wedding sparklers in the country.

However, many couples wish to know how to test things out for themselves. With so many suppliers out there, it’s hard to know what you can believe. So, we’ve put together this quick guide to determining the quality of a sparkler on your own. This can be a great way to test things out before you buy enough for your entire wedding.

Important Factors for a Quality Sparkler

Though there are a number of different aspects to any product, there are a few main factors that should be considered above others. It’s important that your wedding sparklers perform flawlessly, so that is the key focus. Here’s what you should pay attention to before you decide to make a purchase from anywhere.


The way a sparkler is constructed makes a huge difference on many different levels. First off, a cheaply made item with only a thin coating of compound covering the handle will not perform very well. Double or triple coated sparklers will always perform brighter and more consistently. Additionally, the difference between metal and wood handles can make a difference. Wood creates smoke; metal doesn’t. If you’re planning to use your wedding sparklers indoors, always choose ones with metal wire handles.


The length of time that a sparkler performs is also critical. If you have a specific activity planned, you want them to last long enough to complete it. Also, it’s a great indicator for determining the quality of a sparkler in general. Make sure you time the performance so you know what to expect if you order them in a larger quantity.

Creating Sparkler Centerpieces imageIntended Purpose

How you plan to use your wedding sparklers will also weigh in. For instance, you might want a longer version for a send-off line, while a shorter version may be better for centerpieces. If you want the best quality, you need to be looking at the correct size.

Company Reputation

Looking at reviews from a third-party resource can be a great way to research a company. Unbiased reviews are the best way to cut right through the marketing “fluff”. Here are our reviews on Wedding Wire as an example. A company with a great online reputation will always be a great resource for what you need.

Factors to Ignore

Conversely, there are many factors that should not weigh in when determining the quality of a sparkler. These factors are basically distractions steering you away from finding the best overall value.


While finding the best price is always a wise choice, using it to determine quality is not the right move. Some couples buy the most expensive brand thinking they will perform better than more affordable options. Additionally, other couples will go for the cheapest price thinking that all sparklers are the same. However, the truth is that some companies sell great items for cheap while others overcharge for generic sparklers. Looking at their reputation and comparing things for yourself is the only way to know if you’re getting a great price or being taken for a ride.


There was a time when certain brands like Black Cat were considered the best. However, they just sell mass produced fireworks from China and slap their logo on the box. With the advent of the internet, many companies source their sparklers from the exact same manufacturers as they do now. Overall, it is impossible to tell what’s actually in the box because any company can just slap their brand name on whatever they’d like. If a brand has a great reputation, it can certainly be an indicator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make determining the quality of a sparkler an easier process at all.


Many couples can be lured by fancy packaging that fits nicely into their wedding décor. While you can certainly get good quality sparklers that come in nice packaging, the opposite is also true. The factory will put them in whatever box you‘d like, so sometimes it’s great sparklers in a cruddy looking packaging and other times its poor quality ones in a fancy box. You can always place them into a sparkler holder card to make them look fancy, but you can’t make them perform better if they are made with low standards.

Comparison is the Best Way of Determining the Quality of a Sparkler

No matter what your budget or intended use, comparing multiple brands is always the best way to go. Most companies will send you samples for next to nothing so you can test things out for yourself. Here are a few factors to measure during your comparison.

Comparing Different Sparkler Brands imageHow Thick They Are

Visually inspection is a great way to get a first impression of the products you’ve selected. Holding them all side-by-side, check how thick they are in comparison to each other. Thicker ones are typically the longest lasting sparklers. They perform brighter, and will be more consistent. Though it’s not the only determining factor, it’s certainly an important one.

How They Perform

Next, you’ll want to visually watch them each perform side-by-side. Perhaps one brand sparkles more than the others. Another might be brighter than the others. By witnessing their performance, you can make an educated decision on which ones will look best on your wedding day.

How Long They Last

The duration of the performance is another vital factor to measure and consider. If you want your sparklers to last for a minute and a half, one brand should surface as the right choice. However, you also want to compare a few from each brand against each other. You don’t want there to be a lot of variation between performance times from items that come out of the same box. Unfortunately, some brands can be incredibly inconsistent with their duration.

I suggest getting at least three different brands from reliable sources to make your decision. It’s a very special day, so the sparklers for weddings that you choose need to be the best they can be. By comparing a few different options, determining the quality of a sparkler can be an easy job.