Winter weddings have become a lot more prevalent in recent years for a variety of reasons. With so much demand and a shrinking number of venues, couples need to get more create to have the celebration of their dreams. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your experience! One of the best decorations you can design is winter sparkler centerpieces to embrace the season. Centerpieces tie everything together, and sticking to the winter theme is a fun and challenging project.

Besides looking great on your tables, there are many benefits to this approach. Most notably, it’s a simple way to distribute sparklers for weddings to your guests. Additionally, it will enhance the appearance of your entire reception. Lastly, sparklers help to warm up the room in a way other items can’t. I’ll dive deeper into this subject later, but here is what you need to know about the design process.

Why Are Winter Weddings Growing in Popularity?

Photo of a Bride in the WinterFirst off, it’s important to understand the dynamics at play with winter weddings. Most couples prefer spring, summer, or fall because of the nicer weather. However, there is actually a lot to be said about the winter season! Here are a few things to consider before you avoid the chillier months for your event.

Venue Availability

When you get at its core, this movement of winter weddings is driven by supply and demand. The number of nuptials exchanged each year rises precipitously. Meanwhile, the number of venues available in each state remains unchanged; and often times are actually on the decline. So, you have more hands reaching into an ever-shrinking cookie jar! So, the sad truth is that couples are backed into a corner. You can either wait a whole year to get hitched or you can compromise with a change in season. At the end of the day, people are impatient. Thus, we see a huge uptick in winter affairs throughout the country.

Venue Price

Of course, availability is not the only driving factor. Additionally, you can usually get a much better price by choosing the season with the least demand. Depending on where you live, you can save as much as 50% on your total reception hall rental in the winter months. With those types of savings, you can upgrade your dress, ring, or take an amazing honeymoon! Though many couples spare no expense for their celebration, this type of price cut can be extremely attractive.

Capitalizing on the Natural Beauty

Lastly, the natural beauty of the season should not be understated. Snow and ice offer several great opportunities; and I’m not just talking about when you’re designing your winter sparkler centerpieces. Think beautiful snowflakes and icicles on a backdrop of soft blues and white. Add in a few candles and colorful flowers and you’ll have a stunning presentation without much hassle.

How to Design Winter Sparkler Centerpieces

Creating the perfect winter sparkler centerpieces always begins with a great concept. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ideas and inspiration for creating centerpieces with sparklers available across the web. Here are some key things to keep in mind as you’re coming up with a concept that works best for you.

Choosing a Vase, Jar, or Bucket

All centerpieces need to be contained in some sort of container; whether or not you’re integrating wedding sparklers into the mix. Commonly, couples choose vases, jars, or buckets to act as a vessel for their design. For winter centerpieces, I personally prefer to use vases or buckets and leave the jars for more rustic themes. The clear vases blend into the concept if “ice” perfectly. Meanwhile, steel buckets come in any color you can imagine. So, you can get white, blue, or even ones with tiny snowflakes painted on them. By choosing the right contain, you set the stage for a great design that matches your theme wonderfully.

Choosing the Right Wedding Sparklers

Picture of Sparklers with a Backdrop of SnowAfter selecting the chalice, you’ll need to decide which sparkles you will place in your centerpieces. Sadly, the best options are not something you’ll find at your local stores; you’ll need to find a place that sells wedding sparklers specifically. Typically, I suggest either 10 or 20 inch long gold versions. They are smokeless, elegant, and fit into most vases or buckets. If you want to change their appearance to better fit the design of your winter sparkler centerpieces, consider using spray paint. It won’t hinder their performance, but it will dress them up nicely.

Adding in Some Extras

Of course, you can’t rely on sparklers alone to make your centerpieces look complete. Consider adding a few other items to give them a more rounded appearance. For instance, you could place a few pieces of pine tree into each one for added depth. Additionally, plastic icicles and LED fairy lights can be a cool effect as well. Lastly, consider placing some votive candles around your creations. The added light and warmth can be a welcome addition to your presentation.

Creating the Arrangement

Once you have your container, sparklers, and add-ons, you need to put it all together. Take your time and focus on creating one perfectly. Additionally, try not to cram too much into each one. Only add enough sparklers to accommodate the people at the table, and don’t cram too many add-ons into each one. Having your winter sparkler centerpieces appear too busy can ruin the entire effect that you’re trying to achieve. Once you’ve perfected one, replicating it shouldn’t be a very difficult task. Remember, these creations can be a great way to distribute sparklers for your winter wedding exit, too.

Benefits of Sticking to the Theme with Winter Sparkler Centerpieces

Finding the perfect theme and sticking to it is always important. However, matching the theme with your winter sparkler centerpieces is particularly important. Your guests will spend a lot of their evening mingling at their tables. So, they will be staring at your creations for many hours. Why would you spend so much time and money planning your wedding just to skimp out on something so simple? At the end of the day, I suggest putting as much effort into this element as you do with anything else. If you do it, you will be proud of how something as small as a centerpiece can tie everything together in a beautiful little bow.