Smiley Face Sky Lanterns imageSky lanterns are a really fun addition to any wedding. However, many couples are looking for ways to make them more personal and fun for their guests. Fortunately, there are several great ways of decorating your sky lanterns to make them much more customized for your celebration. Whether you encourage your guests to participate in the decoration process or you prepare them yourselves in advance of your ceremony as a wedding favor, your guests will love the personalized touch you add to your lanterns. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite decorating techniques for your reference.

Write Your Names and Wedding Date

One very popular way of decorating your sky lanterns is to add your names and wedding date to the side of each lantern. All you need to do is take each one out of the package and write your name and wedding date on the side. For the best results, use either a magic marker or lightweight paint. If you want to make more festive, you can also draw little hearts or other symbols on the sky lanterns as well. This can be a great alternative to using wedding sparklers during your send-off line as well!

Decorating Your Sky Lanterns with Stickers

Stickers are another fun way to make your lanterns stand out. Simply pick up some sticker of romantic shapes like hearts, roses, and lip shapes (kisses). Next, apply them sporadically on the outside of the sky lanterns. If romantic stickers aren’t your thing, you can swap in some stickers of your choice such as a favorite cartoon character or anything else that fits your unique personality. Just make sure you don’t overload the lanterns with too much weight; you don’t want to affect their ability to float!

Write Wishes

Since sky lanterns were originally created in China, why not use them in the traditional way? The intended purpose of Chinese lanterns was to make a wish as you release your lantern and watch it until it leaves your sight. If you do it correctly, your wish is supposed to come true. By including your guests in the decoration process, you can actually make the event more special! Have everyone write their wish either on the lantern or on a piece of paper to attach to it. That way, when you release the lantern, you are physically releasing your wish into the heavens.