Creative Ways to Handout Sparklers

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Creative Ways to Handout SparklersIf you are having sparklers at your wedding, you may find yourself wondering how to elegantly and efficiently distribute them to your guests at your ceremony or reception. While there really isn’t a definitive way to accomplish this task, there are many creative ways to handout sparklers that couples have used through ingenuity and brainstorming. From placing them on the table to having a bucket and a sign, we will cover some of the most popular ways to handout your wedding sparklers below.

Sparkler Holders

One of the most elegant ways to handout sparklers to your guests is to simply place them in sparkler holders and set them at each seat in the reception hall. Sparkler holders are available in a wide variety of colors and themes, which makes them a great choice if you are looking to blend everything into your wedding décor. While wedding sparklers come packaged in very nice boxes, having some sparkler holders that match your color choices can really add a nice touch to the entire event. Also, this doubles as a great way to get the sparklers into your guests’ hands with very little effort and fuss.

Sendoff Bucket

If you are going to be using your wedding sparklers for your sendoff line, many people choose to put them into a bucket with a little sign at the entrance of the reception hall. By placing the sign and bucket in a highly visible area, your guests are certain to see them and read the sign which instructs them on how and when the sparklers will be used. Also, since you will likely be lining up outside for the sendoff line, your guests will probably pass right by the bucket as they get into position; making it a very effective way to distribute them when the moment arrives.

Sparkler Centerpieces

Very similar to the sendoff buckets, you can optionally place sparklers into a vase or other decorative receptacle and place them in the center of your reception tables. This can be a very nice way to hand them out, and they can take care of part of your decorating because they fill out the table very elegantly. If you go this route, you can place little tent cards on each table as well to instruct your guests on when to use the sparklers and avoid the need of making an announcement. An instruction card is also a good idea to avoid your guests using the sparklers before the time is right.

In the end, there are dozens of unique and creative ways to handout sparklers at your wedding. Regardless of which method you choose, just put a little thought and flare into the process and you will certainly come up with a whole list of interesting and fun ideas. The more ideas you come up with, the easier it is to select an idea that fits into the design of your wedding day.

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