Spring weddings have been very popular for a long time. However, it is still not as popular as hosting one in the summer or fall. Though the weather isn’t quite as predictable, typically it is warm and beautiful outside. Compared to having a winter wedding, spring events are almost always preferred. And, when it comes to decorations, few creations are more stunning than spring sparkler centerpieces.

Though they can be used indoors, sparklers are always best to use outside. Since spring typically has nice enough weather, it makes them an ideal choice. Additionally, by placing them in centerpieces, you can add some style to your tables. Moreover, it will make distributing them a whole lot easier than handing them out. However, it’s important to get the design right when creating your spring sparkler centerpieces. I’ll guide you through the process in a moment, but here are some things to consider about having a wedding during the spring first.

Best Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

Image of a Bride Posing at Her Spring WeddingBefore I get too far ahead, I think it’s important to understand the various aspects of having a wedding in the spring. It’s not quite as desirable as summer or fall, but almost everyone prefers it to winter. However, there are many benefits to choosing this season for your event! Here is a breakdown of what makes it such a sensational time of year for your celebration.

The Emerging Beauty of Nature

First off, the biggest benefit of spring is that it is synonymous with renewal. As winter weather breaks and the flowers begin to bloom, the entire landscape shifts from dreary browns to luscious greens. Additionally, trees begin sprouting leaves and the birds begin to chirp. With all this natural beauty, you can rely on the perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding. Additionally, the theme of renewal works perfectly for a wedding! If you embrace the idea of charting a new path forward, you can easily tie it into your over-arching theme.

Lower Cost to Rent the Venue

Saving money when you’re planning a wedding is crucial. The more you spend on your venue, the less you’ll have to spend on other aspects of the event. Fortunately, spring is one of the cheapest times to rent your location! Though it’s not as inexpensive as winter, you can still save a healthy chunk of money by choosing a less popular season. It’s a bit more of a gamble as far as weather, but with that risk there is a hefty financial savings.

Easier Time Booking the Venue You Want

Lastly, venue availability is always a big concern for many couples. Depending on the location, many venues are booked out for years in advance. However, you’ll have a lot better luck if you look at springtime availability! There are only about half the number of weddings happening at this time compared to summer or fall, so their calendar shouldn’t be as full. By settling on spring, you can have more choices of where you say your vows.

How to Create Spring Sparkler Centerpieces

Image of a Spring Sparkler Centerpiece Sitting in the GrassOnce you’ve determined this is the season for your event, it’s time to start designing your spring sparkler centerpieces. Luckily, we have an entire section to help inspire you with great sparkler centerpiece designs that can serve as a guide. However, I’ll cover some tips that are much more spring-specific below.

Choosing the Proper Container

Deciding on a container to house your centerpieces is the first thing to do. Typically, people choose vases for this purpose. However, you can also choose mason jars or steel buckets if you prefer. To stick with a spring theme, I prefer mason jars the best. However, you need to make sure they are tall enough to support the height of your design. Make sure you consider what you plan to put inside them before settling on a container choice.

Picking the Best Wedding Sparklers

Once you’ve selected a container, it’s time to choose the sparklers that will work best for your design. There are several types of wedding sparklers available, so you’ll want to put some thought into it. Most importantly, you need to choose a length that will sit in your centerpieces nicely. Typically, either 10 inch or 20 inch versions works best for spring sparkler centerpieces. However, if you have very tall buckets, you can sometimes use 36 inch versions without any issues.

Additionally, finding the right type may not be as easy as running to your local store. Most places don’t sell versions that are appropriate for a wedding, so searching online is often best. However, once you’ve decided on the perfect length, locating them should not be too difficult.

Add-ons to Enhance the Appearance

Of course, sparklers are not the most attractive looking item you could put in your centerpieces. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options when it comes to their opinion; unless of course you decide to go crazy with spray paint! So, the best solution is to focus on add-on items to mix in for a better appearance.

First, I suggest using some flowers in them as well. If you chose mason jars, some fresh cut flowers will mix in nicely to your spring sparkler centerpieces. To save money, you can choose wooden flowers instead of fresh cut options. Lastly, I like to put a variety of candy in the base of each jar as an added treat. You can buy hard candy in bulk and it works great to stabilize the base of each container.

Putting Together Your Arrangements

Once you have all of your materials, you can begin to assemble your spring sparkler centerpieces. My preferred method is to put a lot of time into one first, and then replicate it over and over. Obviously, you need to start by adding your hard candy or racks to create a stable base. Next, you can start placing the main components into the centerpieces. If you are using add-ons, make sure you spread them out evenly for a uniform appearance. If you treat each arrangement as if it were a bouquet of flowers, the result should be spectacular! Lastly, I suggest making them all up ahead of time and then transporting them to your venue. Doing it onsite can be challenging and lead to unexpected problems.

Staying On Theme with your Spring Sparkler Centerpieces

Most people settle on a theme for their wedding ahead of time, and everything needs to adhere to it. If you are making spring sparkler centerpieces, they should not be an exception to this rule. Most importantly, you should select items like flowers as your embellishments. Additionally, they should match the colors that you’ve chosen for other aspects of your wedding. By sticking to your theme, everything should look beautiful and flow together!

I hope you enjoyed this guide about putting together sparkler centerpieces for spring weddings. Ideally, it will help you get the perfect look for your reception tables. If you want more ideas for your event, be sure to check out our inspiration section for photo galleries and in-depth concepts. Good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful celebration!