No matter where you live, summer weddings are by far the most popular and desirable. In fact, nearly 50% of all weddings are held during the summer months! Mainly, people are attracted to the beautiful weather and sunshine that this season offers to planners. And, when compared to a winter or spring time wedding send-offs, the weather advantages are certainly obvious. However, it’s important to craft the perfect summer sparkler centerpieces to accent the rest of your theme to embrace the full effect.

 Occasionally, people will plan to have their event indoors during this season. While it’s great to have a backup plan for nasty weather, you’re really missing out on the best part of the season if you don’t have it outdoors. However, this definitely needs to be factored into the design of your summer sparkler centerpieces since they need to be water and wind-resistant. By creating the perfect design, you can easily distribute your sparklers and have a fantastic event. Here are the most important considerations to bear in mind before you start creating the layout.

Top Reasons to Have a Summer Wedding

Image of a Couple at Their Summer WeddingThere are many great reasons to plan your event for this season, but other times of the year can be appealing as well. Between venue availability and the additional costs, you may become reluctant as you start putting your plan together. To help you decide if summer is the right time for your event, here are some of the top reasons it’s such a popular season for romantic events.

Perfect Weather

One of the best features of summer is the amazing weather that we get to enjoy. Whether you’re having your ceremony and reception indoors or outdoors, the shining sun is a welcome bastion for romantic affairs. Since the weather is so great, I always suggest that you hold your ceremony outdoors. Not only will you get free decorations, you can choose any type of sparklers for your sendoff! If you are choosing indoors, your guests will have the luxury of a dry entrance to the venue. No matter how you slice it, weather is by far the biggest benefit of this season.

Guests Have More Availability

Another feature that comes along with the nice weather is the abundance of free time for your guests. Most people plan for time off in the summer months, so finding available time to attend your event should be easier. Additionally, many of your guests will be traveling from out of state. So, they will be able to come early and stay late to make it a full-fledged vacation. With so much flexibility, it’s easy to see why this season is the most popular choice.

All the Venues are Open for Business

Lastly, summer is an ideal time for your celebration because you will have the largest number of venues available from which to choose. During late fall, winter, and early spring, many wedding venues are closed for myriad reasons. Whether it’s accessibility from weather or a lack of demand, you will find that fewer venues are open for business during the off-season. Fortunately, everywhere on earth considers summer peak season for weddings; so you shouldn’t have trouble finding locations that are ready to accept your reservation.

How to Put Together Summer Sparkler Centerpieces

Once you’ve settled on the time of year, you’ll need to decide how to put together your summer sparkler centerpieces. Each piece of the puzzle needs to be just right in order to coordinate with your theme. Here are some key tips to help you put together the right plan.

Choosing a Vase, Jar, or Bucket

Overall, there are three main types choices for your centerpiece vessels; vases, jars, and buckets. Each option has both benefits and downfalls, so you need to weigh your options carefully. Here is a breakdown of each to help you out.


Vases are any far the most popular choice for any centerpiece container. Whether it’s for your Thanksgiving dinner or a wedding, vases can easily hold whatever contents you choose. When it comes to sparklers, they can be great if you choose the correct height for your needs. For instance, short vases work fine for most items. However, if you are using very long sparklers, you’ll need to find ones that are at least twenty inches tall. By knowing what to expect, you can find vases that fit the design of your centerpieces beautifully.


Jars are another great option, but in the end they are very stylized. They may work great for country or “rustic” themed events, but they aren’t suitable for elegant affairs. Additionally, they only work for very short versions of our products; so they are obsolete if you want to perform a wedding exit. Overall, jars should only be selected if they fit your theme perfectly.


Lastly, there are many people who choose buckets instead of vases or jars. While they hold your items very nicely, they don’t lend themselves to promoting discussions across a table. Imagine sitting at a table and having to look either over or around a large bucket. In my opinion, using a bucket for your sparklers is better left to your guestbook table; not as a receptacle for table centerpieces.

Deciding on the Best Wedding Sparklers to Use

Choosing the proper size and style of sparkler for your centerpieces is crucial for a beautiful design. Factors like appearance, smoke, and color will all play a major role in your decision. To simplify the facts, I’ve itemized the main factors you should think about during the process. Hopefully, it will help you make the best choice possible.

Gold Sparklers

Gold wedding sparklers are by far the most common version that you’ll find. Their biggest benefits include the fact that they’re smokeless and are elegantly packaged for your event. There are three main sizes available; 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch versions. For summer sparkler centerpieces, I always suggest going with the middle of the road. That means 20 inch wedding sparklers are the ideal choice for your situation.

Color Sparklers

Color sparklers give you a wide variety of options to customize the color of your sparks. However, they come at a very high price: they create a lot of smoke. Since the color pigments are also combustible, they create far too much smoke for indoor events. Luckily, most people have their celebration outdoors during the summer; so it shouldn’t be a big issue. Nevertheless, if you are having an indoor ceremony or reception, color versions should be avoided at all cost.

Specialty Sparklers

Image of Heart Shaped Wedding SparklersLastly, there are some very creative and unique options available in the specialty sparkler category. Whether you want versions shaped like hearts, numbers, or stars, there are plenty of options that you can entertain. In fact, there are even bottle sparklers that you can use for your champagne toast! However, each of these versions is intended for certain uses and activities. So, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you make your purchase.

Accompany the Design with Seasonal Accessories

Of course, your summer sparkler centerpieces can’t only consist of the main course; there needs to be some other substance as well. Fortunately, there are several great accessories that you can add to make them complete! First, you can always add some fresh flowers or greens to the mix. To save money, you can even choose roses made from wood that are a fraction of the cost. Additionally, items like hard candy can be added to the base for an additional touch. Not only will it keep your centerpieces in place, but it will provide a tasty treat to your guests later in the evening!

Putting Together Your Layout and Design

Once you have your sparklers and accessories selected, you can begin to design your summer sparkler centerpieces. I prefer to start with the sparklers and add the other items as I go. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have these ready for your big day! Personally, I like to make them all up ahead of time and then transport them to the venue. Consider having your bridal party over to help make them so it can be a fun activity rather than a chore.

Tying Your Summer Sparkler Centerpieces Into Your Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding should dictate every aspect of your wedding, so your summer sparkler centerpieces need to align with that theme. Typically, I suggest using the colors of the venue or nature that will be present during the event. However, each couple will choose their own theme. So, make sure you pick a design that matches the colors and overall feeling to be successful. By adhering to the theme, you’ll ensure that everything flows correctly on your big day.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this guide on crafting the perfect summer sparkler centerpieces. Given the weather, you should plan for an outdoor event. However, our products work great in centerpieces indoors, too. If you’d like more ideas, be sure to check out our sparkler inspiration galleries for tips and photos. Until next time, good lick and I hope you have a fantastic wedding!