BridesmaidsWhen it comes to things like budgeting for your wedding, it is all about how you spend your money rather than how much money you have to spend. This is true in pretty much all areas of your wedding planning, and a similar philosophy can be employed when it comes time to choose your bridesmaids. While it may seem like a simple proposition to choose who you want to stand with you on your wedding day, there are actually some factors that most brides overlook when they start making their list of bridesmaids. Here are some things to consider while choosing your bridesmaids that will help you make the best choices possible and avoid future regret.


No matter who you are chances are that you’ll have a few friends who believe in their own mind that they will be your maid of honor. While this may lead to some tough conversations, it is important to remember that the decision is yours and anyone who is truly your friend will completely understand. You can always find a special job for the girls that didn’t make the “cut” to be part of your wedding, but they should nevertheless be happy just to sit in the audience and support you from afar on your big day.


Though you shouldn’t have to play mediator amongst feuding friends, the reality of the situation is that there are usually a few of your closest friends or family members that have a deep-seeded anger towards each other that may surface either on your wedding day or during the pre-wedding events. When you choose your bridesmaids, make sure to take their personalities and compatibilities into consideration to avoid any issues on your big day.


In order to be a good bridesmaid, you must show up on time and be responsible for all the tasks that are assigned to you; even if you don’t agree or aren’t particularly fond of the job. Your bridesmaids are supposed to be there for you 100%, so you need to keep this in mind when you’re making your selections to avoid any additional stress.


Though money doesn’t matter during the course of most normal friendships, the fact of the matter is that there is a considerable amount of expense that goes into accepting the role of being a bridesmaid. First off, there will be the cost of buying the bridesmaid dress which can easily be upwards of $300. Also, it really isn’t cheap to have your hair and makeup professionally done for the wedding. Lastly, they’ll probably need to take a day or two off work to be able to get all the things done that they need in order to be in the wedding, so they need to be able to afford that as well. Make sure you consider the financial situation of your choices before you make a final decision.

Your Feelings

Ultimately, the choice of bridesmaids should be completely up to you. If someone’s feelings are going to get hurt, too bad. IF someone can’t afford to be in the wedding, you could choose to help them financially if they are that important or you could just tell them “tough luck”. Remember, this is your special day and it should be exactly the way you want it; regardless of how anyone else feels about your choices.