Sparklers are a time-tested accessory that turns up at weddings all over the world. Whether you plan to use them for your sendoff or just display them decoratively on reception tables, there are certain things you can do to dress them up. Once of the easiest methods of using sparkler tags at a wedding to enhance their appearance. Though they are simple to use, this complete guide will cover every aspect in great detail.

One of the most important things to keep in mind at the onset of this guide is that you need the right size sparklers. Though tags can be “modified” to fit nearly any version, very small ones tend to work poorly. So, I suggest you choose the standard 20 inch sparklers for weddings at a minimum; if not upgrading to the 36 inch version. Once you’ve selected the perfect size, you can move onto the other important aspects you need to consider.

Ways of Using Sparkler Tags at a Wedding Decoratively

The main purpose of using sparkler tags at a wedding is to dress them up. Honestly, they aren’t very attractive without any added decorations, so this is your best bet. Usually, couples choose between the following three options for displaying them decoratively. Here’s a quick breakdown of each one.

Set Them on Your Tables

One simple and effective means of distributing your sparklers to your guests is to put them at the tables. All you have to do is slip a decorative sparkler tag on them and place one at each seat. When the guests sit at their table, they will be right there for easy access. When it comes to convenience, this is one of my favorite options.

Add Them to Your Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are a very common adornment at reception tables. For most people, the mere mention of them conjures up visions of lavish floral arrangements. For people with simpler tastes, you can fill small jars with candy or other treats. However, it’s also a great time for using sparkler tags at a wedding! Simply mix a few in and place a tag on each one. You can add them to your flowers, or you can choose from several cool centerpiece designs that have already been created. Whatever you decide, it’s a decorative way to achieve your main objective.

Display Them in Buckets

Another popular way to disperse sparklers at a wedding is to place them in decorative buckets. This is a simple method because you only need to place them at the entrance of your venue. Since most people use the 20” version of our products, I usually suggest the 11” sparkler display bucket as the first choice. If you choose a larger version, then you’ll need the 15” buckets. However, the method is the same; slip some tags on your sparklers and leave them in a highly visible place. If you put them on your guestbook table, it will prove to have the best results.

What Information Should Be on the Sparkler Tags?

Image of Black Tag DesignThe information that you print on your tags is technically a matter of preference. However, there are certain things that make the most sense if you want to be informative. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most notable items that you should consider including.

The Couples’ Names

Displaying the names of the newly-wed couple is one of the most obvious ways of using sparkler tags at a wedding. After all, it is their special day! Typically, this will be the main feature of any graphic design that you choose. Obviously, most people will already know whose wedding they are attending. However, adding your names will make the tag into a nice keepsake that your parents and grandparents can add to their scrapbooks.

Wedding Date

Displaying the date of the wedding on your sparkler tags is very common practice. First, it is an easy way to remind people of exactly why they are here. Second, helps give some context in the design that fills up space and makes them more tangible. As I mentioned, many people love to take home keepsakes from a wedding. By adding your wedding date to each tag, you can hit all the different check boxes in one swoop!

Sparkler Sendoff Time

Another piece of information that you can add is the time of the sparkler sendoff. Most couples have a set time they want their activities to be performed. So, adding the time onto your wedding sparkler tags can be a great help. I always suggest that you keep the font size small; this should be and “add-on” feature. However, with the right design, it can also be the main attraction of your tags.

Instructions for Use

Lastly, for the over-achievers out there, you can add simple instructions to help out your guests. I’m not talking about detailed instructions for lighting wedding sparklers. Instead, I mean basic instructions for using them at your event. Typically, I suggest printing these on the back of your sparkler tags so the decorative side remains uncluttered. Though it isn’t a requirement, this can be a bold addition to your design for the right couple.

Where Can I Get Wedding Sparkler Tags?

If you are reading this, then you already know that we offer a great selection of sparkler tags for weddings on our site. However, some people prefer a more customized approach. Most notably, you can add the digital sparkler display package to your order and edit, print, and cut them at your own home. Otherwise, you can order the premade versions we carry or find them on websites like Etsy. Whatever option you choose, just make sure to order them at the same time as your sparklers so they arrive with room to spare.

Is Using Sparkler Tags at a Wedding Really Necessary?

As with all things, using sparkler tags at a wedding is a matter of personal taste. Some couples love the way they look at a guestbook table. Others prefer to mix them into their centerpieces. Meanwhile, some couples choose to forgo them all together. There’s no right or wrong answer here; it’s all up to you.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you the various ways of using sparkler tags at a wedding, and perhaps even gave you some ideas. If you want more candy for your brain, make sure to check out our sparkler centerpiece inspiration gallery for cool tips. Whether or not you decide on adornments such as tags, good luck and have a wonderful wedding!