Common Questions About Sparklers imageThere are many questions that people often have when entertaining the idea of wedding sparklers. While nearly everyone has handled sparklers before on holidays such as the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, there are still several things pertaining to safety and use that people often wonder about. Below, you will find some common questions about sparklers that people have along with an answer to help alleviate any concerns you might have.

Why Can’t I Buy Silver Sparklers?

Because of Federal regulations, the chemicals that are used in the powder for silver sparklers is currently outlawed in the US. For this reason, it is not possible to buy silver sparklers in the USA. However, there are several other options available including gold, red, green, blue, and even neon color sparklers to choose from. So, while you can’t get silver wedding sparklers, manufacturers have done a great job making other selections available for your use.

Is it Safe to Use Sparklers Indoors?

This is one of the most common questions about sparklers we get. As long as you buy “smokeless” sparklers, it is ok to use them indoors. “Smokeless” sparklers feature a wire stick rather than a bamboo stick. Bamboo or wood will smolder and can be difficult to extinguish, which can produce an excess amount of smoke. Also, certain types of colored sparklers such as neon color sparklers produce too much smoke for indoor use because of the rich and vivid colors they produce.

Can I Buy Sparklers On The Internet?

Yes, you can buy sparklers online legally. Because they are considered a novelty item, they can be shipped via ground to anywhere in the lower 48 states. While it’s easy and convenient to buy sparklers online, make sure you check your state and local laws before purchasing. Many localities prohibit the use of sparklers or restrict their use to a timeframe on or near the 4th of July.

Can I Paint My Sparklers?

While spray painting your sparklers will not change the color that they burn, it is possible to paint them to match your décor. This can be of particular benefit for wedding sparklers. If you want to paint your sparklers, we recommend using a high quality paint to ensure a good bond. You should also test one of the painted sparklers ahead of time to make sure that there won’t be any surprises on your big day.

What Size Sparklers are best for a Wedding?

This is another one of the most common questions about sparklers we get. This one depends on how you want to use your sparklers. If you are planning on having them on your reception tables for people to use however they like, then you can get away with shorter sparklers. However, if you plan on using them for your sendoff line or in photos, we recommend using  20 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers so your guests don’t have them burn out too soon.

Is there a Difference between a “Morning Glory” and a Regular Sparkler?

Yes, they are very different. “Morning Glory” sparklers are actually a thin cardboard tube filled with powder. This allows them to produce much more spectacular effects, but also means they produce more smoke and generate more flying debris. For this reason, we recommend only using “Morning Glory” sparklers outdoors and with additional caution compared to traditional sparklers.

Can I Put Sparklers on my Birthday or Wedding Cake?

This is one of the best questions about sparklers we get. While there are no real health dangers to using sparklers on a cake, small flecks of black non-toxic residue will likely be sprayed on the frosting of your cake. If you don’t mind some unintended decorations, there is no reason you can’t put a few sparklers on top of your wedding cake. However, it can be just as fun to hand the wedding sparklers out to your guests during the cake cutting ceremony. This will keep your cake nice and neat, and add a little more interactivity for your guests to join in the celebration.