From time to time, we get some frequently asked questions about certain products that we carry. With so much importance placed on weddings, it really doesn’t come as a big surprise. However, our goal as a retailer is to provide our customers with all the information they need. And, when it comes to wedding sparkler torch lighters, there are a few questions in particular that seem to surface often. To help, I’ve taken 12 common questions about sparkler torch lighters and answered them below. Let’s get started.

What is a Sparkler Torch Lighter?

Image of Torch Lighters for Sparklers in Multiple ColorsAlmost everyone has used a lighter for a variety of reasons, and many of us are familiar with torches; too. Essentially, these are small pocket-sized butane torches that create the ideal conditions to ignite a sparkler. They feature a very precise flame that instantly will ignite your sparklers. In particular, they are extremely helpful when you have a lot of sparklers to light in a timely fashion. Regular lighters burn at temperatures far too low to do the job quickly, so these are a great accessory for anyone planning a wedding.

How Many Do I Need for a Wedding?

Determining how many torches you’ll need for your event is very important. First, you need to know how many people will be participating in your activity. Ultimately, the number of sparklers for weddings that you need to have lit at the same time will be the biggest factor. Typically, you can light between 6 and 12 sticks at a time with a single torch, but it depends on the size of your sparklers. Since they light so quickly, you can easily toggle through a few groups quickly back-to-back. So, I generally suggest 1 sparkler torch lighter for every 30-40 guests at a minimum for efficiency reasons.

Do They Arrive Ready to Use?

Yes! Your lighters will arrive ready to use with butane already in the tank. You won’t have to track down butane right away or deal with filling them before your big day. All you have to do is open up the box, remove the safety cap, and press down on the ignition button. There is an adjustment wheel to fine tune the flame if you want to, but they are setup perfectly right from the factory.

What Type of Fuel Do They Use?

One of the best most common questions about sparkler torch lighters that we receive is in regards to their fuel. Most people know that butane is in regular lighters, but these powerful torches can be more confusing. In short, they use the exact same butane as other lighters; the magic is in how the jets are configured! They burn a lot more butane at a much faster rate, and that is how they get so hot. The benefit here is that you can use any readily-available butane canister when it’s time to give them a recharge.

Are They Refillable?

While it’s great to have a turn-key torch lighter for your wedding sparklers, they can actually last you for many years after your event. One of the biggest reasons for this is because they are refillable. If you’ve never done it before, I suggest reading a tutorial on how to refill butane lighters before you get started. Once you know the steps, it’s extremely simple and can save you a lot of money versus buying new lighters all the time.

Do They Feature a Child Safety?

Under regulations set forth by the US Consumer Protection Agency, all lighters sold in the country must feature a child safety device. In fact, they have very strict requirements including a child-resistant mechanism or system that prevents at least 85% of children from being able to achieve ignition. On our sparkler torches, the mechanism is built into the trigger button. This allows adults to light them effortlessly while maintain safety standards to protect children from injury.

Are They Considered a “Windproof” Lighter?

If you’ve ever tried to light sparklers on a windy beach, you know that average lighters can’t handle even a slight breeze. Sure, there are a few brands out there that offer “windproof” designs. However, most of them use lighter fluid and don’t create a very hot flame. Fortunately, our butane sparkler torch lighters are considered windproof due to the rapid discharge of butane. Unless you are standing outside during a large hurricane, you won’t have any issues with wind gusts blowing out your flame.

Are They Compatible With All Types of Sparklers?

Image of a Torch Lighter Igniting SparklersAnother one of the most common questions about sparkler torch lighters we receive has to do with their compatibility with various types of sparklers. It’s a fair question, honestly, considering all the different designs that exist today. Obviously, traditional “stick” designs are compatible with pretty much any style or shape of flame. However, these sparkler torches feature an angled head making them perfect for lighting cylindrical products like bottle sparklers or even birthday candles! Overall, the angled head makes these much more versatile than almost any other design on the market.

How Fast Do They Light a Sparkler?

Another great thing about having the right tool for the job is efficiency. Because of their design, these will light your sparklers almost instantaneously when hit with the flame. The secret is the high intensity flame that burns hot enough to ignite things instantly. As soon as the tips hit the blaze, they will start sparkling right away. This is what makes them so ideal for weddings because usually you have a limited time-frame and potentially hundreds of guests to consider.

How Hot Do They Burn?

One of my favorite questions about sparkler torch lighters has more to do with science than practicality. Knowing the temperature of the flame may not seem to have any purpose. However, it’s actually what makes them work so well. If calibrated correctly, these torches can get up to 2500°F under optimal circumstances. Since most sparklers have a temperature of around 1800°F when they burn, you can see they are no match for the intense heat of the sparkler lighters.

How Long Do They Stay Hot After Use?

Another great question I get often is about handling the torch lighters after you’re done get things lit. With most ignition devices, there is a long period of time afterwards where the metal is still extremely hot. In fact, many handheld flame sources can even explode if you keep them lit for too long! Fortunately, the design of these torches allow for them to remain cool during the process and cool off extremely quickly. First, the flame ignites the sparkler tips so quickly that the metal actually doesn’t have much of a chance to heat up. Second, because of the turbo butane jets, most of the heat is generated past the angled tip. This means you can set them down immediately without fear of residual heat.

Can They Be Used for Things Other Than Sparklers?

Lastly, some people are confused at the versatility of our lighters because they are billed as “sparkler torches.” While they were designed with this purpose in mind, they work in nearly any situation where a normal match or lighter would work. For instance, you can use them to light candles or cigars in the same way that you could with any other open flame. Generally speaking, all lighters can ignite most items. However, it takes a very hot flame to light sparklers quickly and efficiently.

Hopefully, this has answered your questions about sparkler torch lighters and what makes them the ideal choice for your wedding. Ultimately, they are just a very high powered lighter designed specifically for easily lighting wedding sparklers in any type of conditions. Sure, there other items will do the job. However, these are by far the best option you have if you want a stress-free event. Thank you for reading and have a great wedding!