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Our color sky lanterns are the colorful way to create dazzling aerial effects for your upcoming wedding or event. *Lantern colors are selected at random, but we do our best to give you a good variety. If you want a specific color choice, please feel free to contact us.

  • Coordinate large group releases.
  • Assorted colors (chosen randomly).
  • Flame Retardant.
  • 100% biodegradable.
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Color sky lanterns are a great way to add more color to your aerial displays! Each pack of color sky lanterns includes a random selection of our green, orange, pink, purple, red, or yellow sky lanterns to offer you and your guests fun in every color of the rainbow (see photos).

When you are shopping for the perfect sky lanterns for your event, quality should be a primary concern. Lesser quality sky lanterns are flammable and damage easily. Meanwhile, our premium sky lanterns are made from fire-retardant materials. Additionally, they are biodegradable.

Sky lanterns are also referred to as “sky candles” in China. The use of sky lanterns dates back to 181 AD, where a Chinese leader named Kongming used them for military reasons to communicate to allies.

3 Reasons to Use Sky Lanterns at Your Wedding

  1. Sky lanterns are a great way to end a wedding ceremony. Consider having your guests gather together and release sky lanterns in unison. Typically, it can be a great way to add the element of participation to the event. This also will make a fantastic visual spectacle as all the sky lanterns drift away into the night sky.
  2. Releasing one sky lantern together is another great way to end the ceremony. While not quite as visually stunning as a whole group of sky lanterns being released together, the idea of two people lighting and releasing one sky lantern as a symbol of their unity is a popular choice.
  3. Historically, sky lanterns are thought to bring on good luck. By releasing sky lanterns at your wedding, your are bringing well-wishes to both the bride and groom. Additionally, you’re bringing it to all the guests.

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Single (1 Lantern – Color Random), 1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns), 1/2 Case (18 Lanterns), Full Case (36 Lanterns)

19 reviews for Color Sky Lanterns

  1. Rodger

    I always keep a large supply of these on hand for all my backyard parties. Living in Texas, we usually have good weather all year and I have a bunch of gatherings. The kids really like the sky lanterns and they request them a lot.

  2. Exactly What I Wanted

    I was looking for these jumbo sized sky lanterns for awhile and ordered a handful from a variety of sites. Fortunately, this site had the big ones that I wanted and even had free shipping that arrived in only 3 days. Excellent!

  3. Tallia Jo Simmons

    These were exactly what I was looking for, and this site had the best prices by far. Super fast shipping too. These are the really big sky lanterns, not the small ones you see on other sites.

  4. Fun

    These sky lanterns were a ton of fun at our wedding. We released them as a group with all of our guests and it was a really cool light show.

  5. Gerri Russel

    These are just like the ones in the movie Tangled! Your guests will love these Chinese lanterns, mine did.

  6. Clark J.

    I really liked the variety of 6 colors that came in each pack of these sky lanterns. It really gave all the kids a great choice of what they like.

  7. Jered L.

    I bought the color version of the sky lanterns because I thought the variety would be nice rather than having all white ones. These sky lanterns are very good quality, and everyone loved them at our party.

  8. Felix L.

    Saw these in a movie and wanted to try them out. Had some trouble tracking them down until I found this website. These are the real deal and they are just as cool as they look on TV.

  9. Christine Yorek

    Don;t forget to grab some sharpies so your guests can decorate them!

  10. Chuck

    The best choice I made about my wedding. Marriage is already over, but the memories will last forever.

  11. Curtis M.

    I write my dreams on on of these on each full moon and release it. It helps.

  12. Kendra

    The most magical part of our wedding! Trust me they are worth it!

  13. Kyle

    Bought it to get the free shipping, but I ended up loving it!

  14. Chloe

    One of the cheapest ways to add magic to a wedding that I’ve ever found. For $7, you get 20 minutes of pure joy. Worth it every single time.

  15. Gustie T.

    We let 36 of these go at our wedding. Amazing!

  16. Fiona P.

    It’s like a fairy tale!

  17. Loyd J.

    So amazing.

  18. Bria Adina

    We used sharpies and wrote all over them. What a great treat!

  19. Chencha R.

    Ordered a a few sleeves for my daughters wedding and they were perfect. Great choice for any parent looking to make their kids feel special!

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