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Our color LED party lanterns add the perfect amount of light and ambience to any wedding or other event. *Each sleeve contains one of each color LED party lantern.

  • Sold in multi-colored 6 packs.
  • LED bulb emits the perfect amount of light.
  • Perfect for weddings and backyard parties.

*These use small button batteries that drain over time. We cannot guarantee the included batteries will hold a strong charge.

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Our color LED party lanterns are a colorful way to add shed some light on your wedding, event, or outdoor party. Each 6 pack of our color LED party lanterns include one each of our blue, green, purple, red, violet, and yellow color lanterns (see photos).

These LED party lanterns produce just the right amount of light to add elegance to your wedding or event. Unlike our other types that we carry, these color LED party lanterns are a hanging lantern; meaning they hang from a tree or deck joist rather than float away like our color sky lanterns. Each light comes ready to go with a built-in LED light and battery.

How Many Do I Need?

The size of your wedding will determine the number that you need. At a wedding, they are typically used to line the aisle and provide ambient lighting. They are excellent for backyard or garden celebrations. For events with big guest lists, you may need upwards of 30 lights!

Why Buy the Color Version of our LED Party Lanterns?

Adding some color to your celebration can be a nice touch. So many decorations are white, having some variety can liven things up. They are a perfect accent to any decor, and they provide a soft and beautiful light. Though the white version of these lanterns is considered more elegant, the splash of color makes a much more impressive statement.

Key Benefits of Color LED Party Lanterns

  • Their colorful design will enhance almost any wedding theme.
  • LED light and battery included.
  • Emits a nice mellow amount of light, tinted by the colorful paper.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.
  • Ideal for outdoor celebrations in backyards and gardens.

Best Uses for Color LED Party Lanterns at a Wedding

Adding this subtle and beautiful source of light to your event can be a fun and unique addition to the celebration! Here are some popular ways to use them to make your extravaganza more memorable.

Colorfully Illuminate Your Wedding Aisle

LED lanterns work perfect for lining your aisle to accent your runner. In particular, this concept works fabulous for evening weddings to generate a romantic and serene atmosphere. To achieve the perfect look, alternate which side of the aisle you place one on for each row. This will provide plenty of lighting to see the spectacle, yet never draw attention away from the bride.

Perfect Lighting for a Garden Affair

Garden events are popular for romantic gatherings such as weddings or anniversary parties. However, getting the lighting right is crucial to create the right atmosphere. LED lanterns are fantastic because they are elegant and produce a perfect level of light. They won’t create a distraction by being too bright, but you’ll be able to see the guests and where you are going.

Light Up the Trees

Utilizing your trees as a place to hang your lights is a great idea. Using existing structure is always the easiest way to decorate! Hang a few from each tree to spread around the perfect amount of light. Typical party areas will require 20-30 of them to illuminate properly and create the perfect visual effect.

Better Lighting for your Reception Hall

Though there are exceptions, most reception halls have bleak lighting. Most use fluorescent lights that wash out your face and skin tone, which should be avoided. For brides interested in something more flattering, consider using LED party lanterns. It will take several lights to replace the existing lighting completely. However, by placing them strategically throughout the venue, you can get the perfect amount of light for your needs.

Just like we back our sparklers, we back our color LED party lanterns with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We sell products of superior quality that will make your event spectacular.

Additional information

Package Size

1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns), 1/2 Case (18 Lanterns), Full Case (36 Lanterns)

15 reviews for Color LED Party Lanterns

  1. Holly Marshall

    Such colors! We wanted a little variety for our backyard party, and these color LED party lanterns were just the ticket!

  2. Alicia Patton

    Ordered some of these for our outdoor wedding, and they were exactly as described. The LED lights on these party lanterns were bright and colorful, but not overly bright as to hurt the eyes. Shipping was very fast as well, so not much to complain about on this end.

  3. Rhiannon

    We bought a bunch of the color LED lanterns to hang in our backyard for our wedding reception expecting them to be a one-time use kind of thing. It has been a few months, and we are still using them at night for lighting in our backyard. They are surprisingly durable.

  4. Sam W.

    We wanted to give our outdoor wedding reception some really fun mood lighting, so we bought some of these color LED party lanterns. They create the perfect ambience for a wedding reception while at the same time offering enough light for everyone to see what they are doing. While we were at it, we bought some sky lanterns and sparklers too, so now we have a bunch of fun items for the reception.

  5. River J.

    I was really excited to see what my color LED party lanterns would look like in my backyard as soon as I bought them. We wanted them to provide light for a wedding reception in our backyard, and they really did the job perfectly. If you want a cheap and elegant lighting option for your wedding, these LED party lanterns are the perfect thing.

  6. Cindy C.

    I have searched high and low across the internet for the best price on color LED party lanterns, and this is by far the cheapest prices on them. Look if you want, but these prices are great considering these are the full sized party lanterns and not the little ones.

  7. Wayne F.

    Kids had a blast playing with them at the birthday party. The LEDs aren’t insanely bright, but I thought they were just right.

  8. Wynette

    I bought these and a package of white ones. These were better.

  9. Shelly

    What a cool vibe for a garden party.

  10. Sammy

    Perfect amount of lighting. Will buy again.

  11. Mia W.

    These don’t create much light, but that’s kinda the point. We bought 3 dozen and hung them all over our reception hall and it was absolutely magical. We had enough light to move around and dance, but it set a great mood for everyone. Very happy.

  12. Nigel L.

    Very safe and easy to hang. The colors are nice too.

  13. Karie O.

    We had our wedding in our garden. These are simple lights if you want to light up your aisle or seating area.

  14. Dexter J.

    Great option for people on a budget. These were so beutiful at my daughter’s wedding that I kept them hanging in my garden. They ended up being one of my favorite purchases I’ve made in a long time.

  15. Gabriel Else

    Nice colors!

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