Checking Fireworks for Damage imageNo matter what type you purchase, checking fireworks for damage before you use them is very important to your safety. This is especially true if you buy larger fireworks that can be dangerous if they don’t execute properly, but you need to check even small fireworks like sparklers and smoke balls to avoid any potential mishaps. Though most of the time you won’t have any issues and your items will be in perfect condition, occasionally an item can be damaged while being transported. This is even more important if you order your fireworks by mail because sometimes the shipper isn’t as careful with packages as we all would hope.

The good news is that checking fireworks for damage really isn’t too difficult if you know what to look for. Most of the time, a visual inspection will tell you everything you need to know about an item and whether or not it is safe to use. Here are some tips for checking fireworks for damage. These will ensure a fun and safe experience for you and your family.

Fused Fireworks

Fused fireworks are usually assembled in a way that makes them difficult to damage. However, even the highest quality fireworks can suffer damage from time to time. When inspecting your fused fireworks for damage, the first thing you want to check is for dents on the exterior packaging. Deep ones could compromise the internal workings. Most fused fireworks are made of several small tubes inside that are protected by an outer shell. If the damage to the outside is severe enough the tubes could be damaged or tipped over inside the firework. If the tubes are not positioned correctly inside, the firework could shoot out the side of the packaging in an unexpected way. Make sure you are careful if there is damage to the outside of a firework. Visually inspect it to make sure the tubes are all pointing vertically before you light it.


Sparklers are much less likely to be dangerous if they are damaged. However, you still should give them a thorough inspection before use. If the sparklers were banged up during shipping, they can sometimes be broken in several places. Additionally, bits can fall off while they burn. This can be bad news if you are using your sparklers at an event like a wedding. Burning pieces can fall off and burn your wedding dress! This can also be hazardous if you plan to let children use the sparklers. They are less likely to pay close attention to the falling particles. Just visually inspect each sparkler before you light them to ensure they aren’t broken and falling apart. Also, when looking for where to buy sparklers in your area, make sure you choose a reputable and established business.

Other Tips on Checking Fireworks for Damage

When you open your cases of fireworks, check to see if there is any loose gunpowder in the bottom of the box. This can be an indication of damage to some of the fireworks in the box. That will let you know that you need to examine them each very closely. Also, any water in your cases or signs that they got wet at any time can be an indication of damage. Make sure you stay vigilant for signs of water when checking fireworks for damage. As long as everything looks to be in good physical condition, completely dry, and there’s no loose gunpowder, you should be safe to use the fireworks without any worries. Also, checkout our post on how to store unused sparklers properly!