As the groom, you undoubtedly want to show your appreciation to your groomsmen with a gift. If you’re on a budget, finding cheap groomsmen gifts under $10 can really help you stretch your wedding budget even further. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve made a list of some cheap groomsmen gifts under $10 that are so cool, nobody will ever suspect how little they actually cost.

Alcohol Related Gifts

When most people think about gifts for a man, they immediately think alcohol related gifts. It’s really hard to go wrong when buying a gift for a “man’s man” to stick to something related to beer or liquor. It may not be appropriate to buy your groomsmen a beer or bottle of liquor as their present. However, there are certainly some excellent choices associated with alcohol that will be an instant hit with your groomsmen.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are an excellent choice as a groomsmen gift, and they are incredibly inexpensive. However, you need to make sure that it relates to your wedding or to being a groomsmen in some way. One example includes buying shot glasses shaped like a boot. Or, consider having your wedding date or the groomsman’s initials engraved in the front of the shot glasses.

Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are another great alcohol related groomsmen gift that can be purchased for a relatively small fee. Like the shot glasses, you will want to customize your beer mugs in some way. This will make them a bit unique and more commemorative than a plain and generic beer mug.

Beer Cozies

Beer cozies are a fun and unique way to provide cheap groomsmen gifts under $10 while still being memorable and practical. There are several cool beer cozies designs that are perfect for this purpose such as little tuxedos or bow ties.

Bottle Openers

When you think of groomsmen gifts, you probably don’t think of a bottle opener. However, by adding each groomsman’s initials to the handle of a good quality bottle opener, you can give them each a cheap groomsmen gift under $10 that will be used all the time.

Other Cheap Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Image of Zippo Lighter Given as a Groomsmen GiftSome people prefer to steer clear of alcohol or gifts related to beer and liquor. So, we came up with a few other ideas. Fortunately, there is a virtual plethora of cheap groomsmen gifts under $10 that have nothing to do with alcohol whatsoever. However, all of your groomsmen will enjoy and find useful on a daily basis.


If you are on an extremely tight budget, I always vote for creating an experience rather than trying to impress with the gift itself. Fortunately, sparklers for weddings are very affordable and a lot of fun. Instead of using them at your event, you can have a candid moment with the boys the night before. Optionally, you can wait until the reception and do a coordinated activity for the guests to see. Personally, I like giving out bottle sparklers because they can take the leftovers home for another time. Whether they want to attach them to a bottle or put them on a cake, they offer the most versatility in the long run.

Key Chains

Custom key chains for your groomsmen can be a great way to commemorate your event. Some people choose to have each groomsman’s name or initials put onto their key chain. Or, you can create something more like a private groomsman group or club. Whatever you choose, key chains always seem to find a way to get used.

Money Clips

By putting each of your groomsmens’ initials onto a money clip, you can give them an excellent gift that will be useful and serve as a reminder almost daily of your friendship. Money clips are also one of those items that someone rarely buys for themselves, which makes it an ideal way to show your appreciation.

Heavy Duty Lighters

Heavy duty lighters such as a Zippo or similar style windproof lighter is a great groomsmen gift because they are incredibly useful and are certain to never get thrown away. You can easily have you lighter customized with your groomsmens’ initials or your wedding date on the front of the lighter. Personally, I like pocket torch lighters the best because they offer the most versatility.

Swiss Army Knifes

One of the least commonly thought of gifts for a groomsman, a Swiss Army Knife is one of those tools that everyone adores. Whether your groomsmen put these in their fishing tackle boxes, junk drawer, or the glove box in their truck, a customized Swiss Army Knife is sure to see its fair share of use; making it one of the best choices for cheap groomsmen gifts under $10.


Hand-rolled cigars are a classic gift item for your groomsmen, and you can easily find a quality option for under $10. They go hand-in-hand with the idea of celebrations; and that makes them an ideal choice. However, not everyone is okay with smoking tobacco these days. So, make sure you know the crowd before you make your purchase. Additionally, some venues won’t allow you to smoke on the premises. So, make sure you take that into account as well. Remember, you don’t need to find Cuban cigars to have a great smoke, there are cheaper options that are delicious too.

Are Cheap Groomsmen Gifts Under $10 the Best Choice?

Personally, I find that a great gift has nothing to do with the price tag. In the end, it’s about the thought that you put into it and the experiences you share. Whether you choose sold crystal beer mugs or a cheap pack of sparklers, your groomsmen are likely going to love their gift. Remember, these are just trinkets to aide in the celebration; they are not the main course. Good luck and I hope you find the perfect idea for your upcoming wedding!