Chalkboard Picture FrameWedding favors are very important to give to your guests at the wedding reception. It is how you show your gratitude for their attendance and support throughout the years. Though you could easily get by purchasing some cheap generic wedding favors, personalized wedding favors are usually appreciated much more. That’s because of the personal touch they lend. However, buying personalized wedding favors can be very expensive, especially if the personalization requires etching, stitching, or another labor-intensive way of getting it onto the favors. Fortunately, there is another option; choose a chalk wedding favor.

Chalk wedding favors are items that have a small built-in chalkboard on them. You can write a personalized message on each wedding favor. Not only will this allow you to customize each wedding favor by hand, but it also provides a very charming look that your guests will love. If you plan on having a wedding sparkler exit, they also work great for providing your guests instructions.

Additionally, the little chalkboards make the favors viable for your guests to use for many years to come. After your wedding is over and they bring their chalk wedding favor home, they can easily wipe the “slate” clean. They can put whatever message or design they choose in place of the original message. This means that your guests will get many years of use and pleasure out of their chalk wedding favor. Plus, they won’t end up in a junk drawer or tossed away in the trash. Here are some of my favorite chalk wedding favors that you can find today.

Chalkboard TealightsChalkboard Tealights: Let Love Glow

Tealights are already a very popular choice as a wedding favor gift, but choosing ones that have a built-in chalkboard can make customizing them a cinch. Each tealight is made from frosted glass and has a band of “chalkboard” that wraps around the entire outer ring. This allows for you to write whatever message you choose using chalk on the tealight. Then, give your guests a fun wedding favor that they’ll cherish for years to come. Typically, each chalkboard tealight will already include a candle when you purchase them, so you won’t have to worry about pairing them up the before the day of your wedding.

Chalkboard Picture Frame: Share Your Photos

There’s nothing quite as personal as giving each of your wedding guests a picture of you as a couple in a lovely picture frame. Add in the ability to customize that picture frame using only a little bit of time and chalk, and you have a recipe for success. Each chalkboard picture frame has a lovely place for you to insert a photo in the center. The entire surrounding frame made of “chalkboard” material so you can write whatever message you like using chalk. You could write your guests names, your wedding date, or anything else you can imagine. Then, your guests can later erase your message and write something else on the fly.

Chalkboard Coasters: A Fun Chalk Wedding Favor imageChalkboard Coasters: A Fun Chalk Wedding Favor

We’ve all had it happen; the dreaded water ring that shows up on wood furniture. It happens when you’ve left a sweating glass of water there for too long. As most of us know, this is why it’s so important to use a coaster when setting down your beverage, and this has led to coasters being one of the top selling wedding favors. To take it a step further, chalkboard coasters allow you to write a name or other message right on the top of the coaster. It makes them more fun and decorative. Best off all, the material that the chalkboard coasters are made from helps to keep your chalk in place; even when it is getting wet from your glass!

Chalkboard Bottle Stoppers: For The Connoisseurs

Chalkboard Bottle StoppersIf you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine, then had to run an errand, and then came back to enjoy your wine once more, then you already know how quickly it can turn bad. Every second that your bottle of wine is open, it is losing flavor and consistency. So, keeping it covered when you’re not pouring a glass is crucial. Because of this, bottle stoppers have become very popular wedding favors in years past; but none more than chalkboard bottle stoppers. The beauty of chalkboard bottle stoppers is that you not only can keep your precious wine fresh, but you can do it in style. You can use a regular piece of chalk to write the varietal of the wine, your family name, or whatever else you like on the bottle stopper. It will look great while at the same time be amazingly functional.