When the reception is over and the bride and groom are ready to depart, a classic wedding tradition is to perform a sendoff line or grand exit. Typically, people will release doves, toss confetti, or blow bubbles to create a romantic atmosphere. However, using sparklers for this purpose has become extremely popular in recent years! Usually, people will choose a standard version such as 20 inch or 36 inch sparklers for weddings since they are easy to handle. However, there are more unique designs such as hearts or stars that can make it even more magical. But can you use heart shaped sparklers for wedding exits? Are they practical and easy to use? Here is everything you need to know before you decide with version to order.

What are Heart Shaped Sparklers?

Image of Heart Shaped Wedding SparklersHeart shaped sparklers are a type of novelty firework that produce sparks in the shape of hearts when lit. They are a popular choice for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day. However, they are also a great fit for other romantic or festive occasions. These sparklers are designed to create a visual effect resembling a heart shape as the sparks fly out from two places during the performance.

The concept is similar to traditional wedding sparklers, which are handheld fireworks that emit bright sparks when ignited. However, heart shaped wedding sparklers have a specific design that adds a touch of romance and symbolism to the celebration. They are often used in various events to create a dazzling and enchanting display, adding a special element to the festivities.

Is the Performance Long Enough to Use Heart Shaped Sparklers for Wedding Exits?

When planning a sendoff line, you need to consider how many guests will be participating. If you have around 100 guests attending, you’ll making your way down the exit path can take a minute or two. Fortunately, heart sparklers last approximately 1 ½ minutes each from start to finish. That means you should have plenty of time to light them and do your sendoff before they start to burn out. However, if you have a larger wedding with over 150 guests, you may run out of time. You can hand out two sparklers to each guest, or you could go with a longer traditional version. As long as your wedding guest list is a practical size, you should be able to use them the same way as other versions.

Are They Easy Enough to Light Quickly?

One of the most time-consuming parts of doing a sparkler exit is getting everyone lit in a timely fashion. Once the first one is lit, the 1 ½ minute clock has started and the show must begin. The best way to achieve this is to light several people at once, and then have the next group take their turn getting lit. I always suggest limiting it to two groups so there’s only a few seconds of difference between the completion times. Since you can light about five of them at a time, you’ll need one ignition source for every ten guests. Additionally, you need to make sure you have a powerful flame source such as our torch lighters made just for sparklers so they light instantly. With the proper planning, they certainly light quickly enough to use heart shaped sparklers for wedding exits.

Can You Use Them for Indoor Wedding Exits?

Usually, couples plan their grand exit or sendoff for an outdoor space. Mainly, this is due to space constraints that you’ll likely run into at reception halls and ceremony venues. However, some locations have ample room for performing you exit indoors! If that is the case, you’ll need to make sure you get smokeless sparklers for weddings so you don’t choke out the guests. There are two main factors for low smoke products. They must be made from steel wire and only produce gold colored sparks. Fortunately, when you use heart shaped sparklers for wedding exits, they meet both of these criteria. That means you can safely use them indoors or outdoors based on the setup you’ll have at your event.

Better Uses for Heart Shaped Sparklers at a Wedding

Image of a Heart Sparkler in a Champagne FluteI’ve discussed the most important details about using them for a wedding exit, but are there better ways to use our products at your celebration? Generally speaking, I find that the heart shaped version is not the most user-friendly option at your disposal. Traditional “stick” versions seem to be more practical, but that doesn’t mean you should skip them completely! They work great as favors or for photo shoot props, and they also are a fun accessory for your table centerpieces. Additionally, they are a charming way to decorate your champagne flutes at the head table. There are a lot of pros and cons of heart shaped sparklers at weddings, but they are quite versatile with the right plan and preparation.

So, is it a Good Idea to Use Heart Shaped Sparklers for Wedding Exits?

At the end of the day, my advice is always to do what makes the best sense for your situation. If you want the elegance and romance of hearts, these are a great tool you’ll have available. However, they are really only suited for moderately sized weddings. If you check your favorite online wedding planning forum, you should be able to find real stories about how they worked out for other couples. If you have 100 guests are fewer, though, they are a great way to create a very special environment.

Hopefully, I’ve answered all of your questions about using heart shaped sparklers for wedding exits. They are certainly practical if the situation matches the specifications, but they aren’t quite as versatile as other product options. The main takeaways should be your guest list size and having a good plan for getting them lit quickly. If you can check those boxes, they are a great addition to any sendoff or sparkling tunnel. Good luck and thanks for reading!