When the spooky season rolls around, a lot of people get excited to decorate their yard. Some people just hang up a few creepy items like spiders or tombstones, while others go all-out and create interactive haunted houses in their yard! Similarly, people often plan the goodies the want to hand out well in advance. Typically, the toughest choice is whether to provide “fun size” or “full size” candy bars to your hungry visitors. However, some people like to change things up and hand out toys or trinkets to the kiddos. But can you hand out sparklers for Halloween, or is that a terrible idea? Is it safe and allowed, or are you making a huge mistake? Here is everything you need to know before you make your choice.

Reasons for Handing Out Sparklers on Halloween

Image of Sparklers in a Halloween Pumpkin Instead of CandlesBefore you decide on handing out anything to your visitors, you should consider your reasoning carefully. Fortunately, there are some great reasons that sparklers are a good candidate for Halloween. Here are some fun ways that they can be used by the recipient.

Use Them as “Magic Wands”

Give each of your party guests a sparkler to use as a magic wand. As they wave them around, they can cast spells, make ghosts disappear, or summon the spirits. This is a great way to spice up your DIY Harry Potter costume as well!

Pumpkin Lights

Place sparklers in carved-out pumpkins to create a stunning visual effect. Light them up and watch them illuminate your jack-o’-lanterns!

Sparkler “Fireworks”

Create a mini-fireworks show by lighting several sparklers at once. You can coordinate this with other Halloween festivities like trick-or-treating or the grand finale of a costume contest.

Create a Mystical Pathway

Line your driveway or walkway with sparklers to create a beautiful and inviting entrance to your Halloween party. This is a safe and visually striking way to guide guests to your home.

Craft Memorable Centerpieces

Place sparklers in jars or vases filled with sand, gravel, or colored water to make stunning table centerpieces. They can be lit during your Halloween dinner or party for a dramatic effect. For this idea, I suggest choosing sparklers for weddings since they are smokeless.

Setup Spooky Halloween Photos

Incorporate sparklers into your Halloween photo shoots. Use them as props for eerie or enchanting photos. Be sure to take safety precautions when doing this.

Floating Sparkler “Ghosts”

Create spooky, floating “ghosts” by attaching sparklers to helium-filled balloons and then releasing them into the night sky.

Write Words and Create Art in Pictures

Write Halloween-themed words or phrases in the air using sparklers. Capture long-exposure photos of your creations for a unique visual effect.

DIY Lanterns

Attach sparklers to small paper lanterns or luminaries. As they burn, they’ll create a warm and mysterious glow. You can even use them in floating water lanterns, provided everything isn’t already frozen over.

Sparkling Dance Party

Have a dance floor with a designated area for sparkler dancing. Encourage guests to dance with sparklers in hand, creating a lively and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Create a Sparkler Fountain

If you have access to larger sparklers, create a sparkler fountain in your backyard or garden. Light several of them simultaneously to create a stunning, cascading effect.

Sparkler-Themed Costumes

Design Halloween costumes with built-in sparkler holders. For example, a wizard costume with sparkling staff tips or a superhero with sparkler-powered superpowers.

Best Type of Sparklers to Hand Out on Halloween

Image of the Worst Sparklers for Halloween You Can BuyThere are many different types of sparklers available these days, and each one has an intended purpose. However, before choosing the right version for Halloween, there are some key things to think about first. To help you out, here is a breakdown of the best options you have at your disposal.

Color Sparklers

Choosing a colorful type of sparkler for Halloween is a great option to make things more festive and vibrant. There are several different color options available, but typically you’ll find them in red, blue, or green. However, if you want things to really pop, you can choose neon sparklers that are extremely vibrant. These are a great choice if you want to stand out from anyone else doing something similar.

Gold Sparklers

For a more traditional approach, consider choosing a standard gold version instead. These work great for things like “magic wands” or anything indoors since they won’t create any smoke. Furthermore, they are available in multiple different sizes, so you can choose a price point that fits your budget.

Specialty Sparklers

Lastly, there are several types of specialty sparklers available that have many great uses on this holiday. Most notably, you can hand out bottle sparklers which are a great fit for lighting up your jack-o-lanterns. Similarly, if safety is a major concern, you can swap out the real thing for ones with LEDs instead. Since there isn’t an open flame, they can be safely enjoyed by people of all ages and in nearly any situation.

Is it Safe to Hand Out Sparklers for Halloween?

One of the most important things to consider is safety before handing out something flammable to your trick-or-treaters. First off, at a minimum, they need to be at least 8 years old for any basis of safety. Additionally, you probably want to make sure their parents are with and confirm it’s okay before you hand them over. Though sparklers are quite safe when used properly, they can sometimes cause an issue when a parent objects to them.

Is it Legal to Hand Out Sparklers for Halloween?

Of course, there are some major concerns to be had about whether or not it is legal to hand out sparklers for Halloween. In some states, it is completely legal since they have no fuse and are classified as a novelty device rather than a firework. However, some states have much stricter regulations and prohibit them during certain parts of the year; or even all together! Usually, the main rule is that you need to be 18 or older to purchase them. So, the only way to ensure you are in compliance with the rules is to check your state sparkler laws before you decide to do it.

When to Order Sparklers for Halloween

Lastly, it’s important to think about when you want to place your order so your sparklers arrive in time. Generally, we suggest at least 2 weeks of lead time to ensure your items are delivered with plenty of time to spare. However, you can choose upgraded ground shipping to have them arrive 1-5 days for a small fee. Just make sure you consider shipping time before buying Halloween sparklers online to avoid any unexpected delays.

Overall, choosing to hand out sparkler for Halloween can be a fun way to switch things up. It’s a lot more fun than just handing out candy, and it’s definitely better for your teeth. With so many fun ways to use them, your trick-or-treaters are sure to get a big kick out of your “treats.” Just remember to be safe, respect the parent’s wishes, and follow all the local laws. If you do those things, you can have a great holiday experience. Good luck and happy Halloween!