Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in America, and it’s traditional to put up a tree in your home to mark the occasion. Whether you choose a real one or an artificial tree, the real magic comes together once it’s decorated. Usually, people decorate lights, ornaments, and candy canes on the branches to make it more festive. However, some people also wonder if you can decorate a Christmas tree with sparklers for the family to enjoy. But, before you run out and buy up a bunch of sparklers, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here is everything you need to know.

Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Sparklers

Image of People Using Sparklers While Lighting Their Christmas TreeThough less common than other holidays, many people have made sparklers part of their yearly tradition. Typically, you’re more likely to find sparklers in Christmas stockings rather than on a prized Douglas Fir. However, there are still a few great ways to beef up your tree with sparklers. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do it.

Replace the Star, Angel, or Other Tree Topper

One of the most recognizable decorations used for this holiday is the tree topper. Traditionally, people choose things like a star or an angel as a symbol of their faith. However, you can always get a little more creative with what you do; including using sparklers instead. Simply swap out the normal type of topper with some sparklers for a much more dazzling effect. Or, if you want to be more elaborate, you can always add them as an accent to your favorite star or angel for a more dramatic effect.

Use Them During the Lighting Ceremony

Another classic way to enjoy the season is to commemorate the lighting of the Christmas tree. To do this with sparklers, you have two options. First, you can place them on the tree and light them as a sort of countdown. Once they are close to finished, you flip on the lights so your decorations can be displayed in all their glory. Second, you can hand them out to the spectators to hold in their hand as you light the tree. Whichever concept you choose, it’s a great way to make the process more dazzling and festive.

Use Instead of Candy Canes

Candy canes and Christmas go hand-in-hand, and many people use them as ornaments. However, if you want something a little more exciting, you can always decorate a Christmas tree with sparklers instead. All you have to do is bend the metal wire handles to form hooks so they can hang from the branches. Then, spread them out evenly throughout the branches. As the big day gets closer, you can have the children choose one to enjoy before its bedtime. It’s a fun tradition, and it’s a great alternative to candy canes if you aren’t a big fan of peppermint.

Best Types of Sparklers for Decorating Christmas Trees

When it comes time to decorate a Christmas tree with sparklers, there are some key factors that must be considered. Regardless if you’re decorating for Christmas indoors or outdoors, the little details matter in this arena. Here are your best options and some tips to use them correctly.

Traditional Sparklers

Overall, most people will consider the traditional type of sparkler we are all familiar with first. Luckily, there are a lot of merits to choosing this type for a variety of reasons. First, they can burn indoors without smoke since they are considered a smokeless sparkler. Second, the metal wire handle allows you to easily bend them into hooks so they hang elegantly from your tree’s branches. When you get down to it, they are an easy choice for this scenario.

Star Shaped Sparklers

Image of a Woman Holding a Star Shaped SparklerSimilar to traditional varieties, star shaped sparklers also feature an easy-to-form wire handle. However, they also possess a key feature that no other sparkler has; they are shaped like a star! For some people, a sparkler shaped like a star is the perfect stand-in for a traditional tree topper. For others, it’s a more stylistic way to replace common items like candy canes. Whichever way you lean, they are a great choice for your Christmas tree decorations!

Bottle Sparklers

Of course, there are completely different ways to decorate your tree with using “conventional” methods. One popular idea is to use sparklers designed to be attached to bottles instead of the ordinary “stick type” we all know and love. They almost look like little candles, and they have a spike that allows you to easily situate them into the branches of your tree. Though they aren’t conventional, they are an easy way to add some festive and useful decorations to your Christmas.

LED Sparklers

Lastly, we have the sparkler that really isn’t a “sparkler.” Of course, I’m talking about the LED versions. While a lot of people frown upon replacing regular sparklers with an LED version, there are actually a lot of great alternatives out there. As long as you buy a high-grade LED sparkler, you will have great performance with numerous benefits. First, they are reusable and you can change the battery. Second, there is no open flame; so your tree won’t ever go up in a ball of flames. If you are planning to use your “sparklers” while they are actually on the tree, they are the only safe option.

Is it Safe to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Sparklers?

When it comes to bringing your family together for the holidays, safety is the chief concern.  As a father myself, I can attest to shying away from anything even remotely dangerous. However, if you decorate a Christmas tree with sparklers for specifically aesthetic purposes, you have nothing to worry about. They are a great substitute for candy canes and will be a useful item at your celebration. However, if you want them to perform on your tree, the only safe method is to choose an LED sparkler versus regular sparklers as I alluded to before.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you see the possibilities you gain when you decorate a Christmas tree with sparklers. As always, please be safe and always follow the instructions and guidelines on the packaging. When used correctly, sparklers can become an amazing part of your holiday traditions. Good luck, and merry Christmas!