One of the strangest questions I’ve ever received is “can sparklers burn underwater?” At first, I thought it was just a rogue person wondering. However, over time I began to see that a notable amount of people were interested in the same question. So, I’ve decided to write a post to address this topic once and for all. I will discuss whether or not you can use sparklers underwater, as well as some of the common reasons you may be curious.

Is it Possible for Sparklers to Burn Underwater?

I’ll be straight to the point; yes, sparkler can burn underwater. However, the actual answer is not nearly that cut and dry (pun intended). First off, only certain types of sparklers can burn underwater. Most importantly, they need to be metal wire versions and not ones made from wood. The wooden handle will suck up water too fast causing it to fizzle out. Furthermore, they need to be lit ahead of time before submerging them in the water.

How Do Sparklers Burn Underwater?

Image of a Person Lighting 2 Sparklers so they can Burn in the WaterIt can be difficult for people to wrap their heads around the concept, so I will try to explain it clearly. The most important factor at play here is the temperature created from a burning sparkler. Essentially, the nearly 2000° heat is enough to vaporize the water faster than it can extinguish the embers. Additionally, the heat is enough to dry the wet portion before it needs to burn. The result is that you can enjoy your sparklers as they burn underwater; but only if you buy the right type. Consult with a professional to be sure you buy the right product.

Can You Light a Sparkler Underwater?

No, you cannot light sparklers underwater. Unfortunately, once it gets wet, it is very difficult to get it burning. Additionally, very few sources of ignition can perform underwater. In order for it to ignite, you need to get a temperature of nearly 2000° Fahrenheit near the tip. In the presence of water and zero oxygen, creating a chemical fire would be the only way to make this a reality. However, you should never attempt to make a chemical fire intentionally; it is reckless and dangerous.

Why Would You Want to Use Them in the Water?

It may seem silly, but there are many reasons that people want to use their sparklers underwater. I’ve put together the most common ideas that I hear, as well as my favorite. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to try it out for yourself!

Cool Photography

Image from a Photographer of Sparklers Burning in the Waves Photographers really like the concept of sparklers burning underwater. Not only can they capture underwater photos, but it also works in other wet environments. For instance, you can stick a sparkler in the sand and photograph it as the tide crash over the shore. Similarly, you can use them in the rain as long as you can get them lit. There is no shortage of ways to use them during photos, and now you don’t need to have professional camera training.

Surprise Wedding Proposal

One of the sweetest things you can do for your partner is to create the perfect surprise proposal. Perhaps you’re planning to do it on your snorkeling trip in South America. Or, maybe it will be in the pool at your tropical resort or during a romantic stroll on the beach. Either way, the sparklers being used in a wet environment will make the event much more special and memorable.

Scuba Diver

If you stay active on the most popular social media platforms, you probably know how active certain groups are; particularly scuba divers. Scuba diving is something that consumes its participants, and they are always looking for new ways to make a splash on the internet (hehe). One fun prop that has been used recently is sparklers because you can use them underwater. It’s pretty cool to see someone celebrating at the floor of the ocean while also holding a sign. However, the main issue is that you need to light them on the surface. So, you’ll need to have very long sparklers so they last long enough for you to descend to the bottom and capture some photos. However, with the proper planning, your sparkling scuba photo just might go viral!

Rainy Wedding Day

Every bride is worried that their wedding day will be ruined by poor weather. In particular, rain is the most worrisome weather situation to contend with. However, a smart bride will plan for that eventuality, and our products are a great option. Since you can use sparklers in the rain, they are a versatile option for wedding exits or other outdoor activities. Obviously, nobody wants to contend with rain on their special day; but if it happens, it’s better if you’re prepared.

What Should You NOT Do With Them Underwater?

Now that you know some of the fun ways that they can be used, I want to mention a few ideas that are not so great. First, one of the worst mistakes people can make is to use alternatives like LED sparklers underwater. Many people think that regular versions won’t work when submerged, so they turn to battery powered alternatives. Sadly, they are not built to be waterproof and the seeping water quickly shorts out the small batteries that power them. Additionally, color versions and sparklers made for bottles do not work underwater; all you will do is ruin your items.

Overall, using them in water is more hassle than it’s worth for most people. Though it’s possible to do, their design does not support using sparklers underwater or in wet conditions. For photographers and scuba divers, the reward may be worth the trouble in certain circumstances. However, I suggest you plan to use them the way they were intended; above the waterline and in a dry location.