When most people think about California, they think of spending the day on the beach. Beyond the beautiful scenery, there are also iconic architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy. With so much going on there, it’s easy to understand why it has the highest population in the US. Furthermore, a lot of people plan destination weddings in California to take advantage of all these benefits. However, it can be a little difficult to find items like sparklers in the state because of their strict laws. Furthermore, you can’t pack them in your bag and fly with them due to FAA regulations. To help you out, I’ve put together this California wedding sparklers guide to navigate the issues easier. Here’s what you need to know before heading to the golden state.

Where Can You Find Wedding Sparklers in California?

Image of Local Stores in CaliforniaOne of the more difficult things you may run into during the warmer months if finding a place to buy fireworks like sparklers in California. Sadly, the state is frequently in drought conditions; which means there are serious risks of wildfires. As such, the state routinely bans the sale of fireworks and even prohibits having campfires. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to find sparklers for weddings during certain periods. But before you panic, there are still some options on the table! Here is a breakdown of the best places to check before you give up on them all together.

Buying Them Locally

As I mentioned before, it can be a bit tricky to find them in the average store. However, as part of this California wedding sparklers guide, I have found a few viable options. Around the 4th of July, you can find small fireworks stands in some areas of the state. This is one of your best chances to find what you’re looking for locally. Similarly, a handful of chain grocery stores will stock them during that time of year, as well. One of the best options is to check your local Safeway grocery store since they usually have a decent selection. Lastly, if those options don’t work, consider checking a party supply store or a small wedding shop. Though it’s less likely, there is a chance you can find sparklers locally in California at some of these types of stores.

Having Wedding Sparklers Shipped to California

If you are feeling the struggle of trying to shop locally, you do have another option. Of course, I’m talking about having them shipped instead. Fortunately, the process of ordering wedding sparklers online is pretty simple and extremely affordable. However, there are a few hang-ups that you’ll want to consider. Mainly, this is really only viable if you live in the state or have a friend there willing to receive a package on your behalf. Most hotels won’t accept shipments for guests, so it can be tricky if you are planning a destination wedding. However, as long as you have a way to receive your shipment by someone in California, it’s the easiest and most cost-effective option out there.

Can They Be Purchased and Used Legally in the State?

One of the things I always emphasize before planning your California wedding sparklers experience is legal compliance. Just like every other state, local authorities reserve the right to create and enforce unique California fireworks laws as they see fit. Technically, sparklers are not considered fireworks; they are regulated as a novelty item. Because of this, you can typically use them all year long unless there are burn restrictions in place. However, you still need to call your local fire department to double-check that you won’t be breaking any laws on your big day.

Common Ways to Use Sparklers for a Wedding in California

One of the hardest choices people need to make about their wedding is whether they’ll have it indoors or outdoors. When it comes to weddings in California, most people obviously choose an outdoor event. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Similarly, certain times of the year are less seasonable than others. Lastly, northern California weddings are subjected to much cooler temps than the southern regions. To balance out your options, here are some of the popular ways California wedding sparklers can be used both inside and outside your venue.

Having Your Wedding Outdoors

Image of Sparklers Being Used at an Outdoor Wedding in CaliforniaBy and large, the vast majority of people planning a wedding in California will hold it outdoors. Whether you choose the mountain region or the beach, the landscapes and weather make it an ideal place to say your vows outside. Best of all, it’s a great opportunity to use California wedding sparklers safely. Here are some popular ways that couples choose to use our products.

  • Stunning Wedding Exit: Create a breathtaking exit for the newlyweds with guests lining up outdoors, holding lit sparklers. The expansive outdoor space enhances the visual spectacle, making for an unforgettable moment.
  • Dazzling Dance Floor: Infuse the dance floor with energy and magic by inviting guests to join in with sparklers. This lively addition creates an enchanting atmosphere, especially during evening celebrations when the sparklers’ glow illuminates the night.
  • Glamorous Archway: Set up a designated area where guests raise sparklers high to form an arch for the couple’s grand entrance or exit. This sparkling arch adds an element of grandeur and romance to the occasion.
  • Sparkling Photo Props: Elevate your wedding photography with dazzling sparkler photo opportunities. Capture the couple surrounded by a radiant halo of sparklers or use them to write messages or create shapes in captivating long-exposure shots.
  • Whimsical Outdoor Décor: Incorporate sparklers into outdoor wedding décor for a touch of magic. Whether placed in jars, vases, or suspended from trees, these sparklers add a whimsical charm to the surroundings, enhancing the overall ambiance of your celebration.
  • Unique Toast and Cake Cutting Ceremony: Elevate special moments like toasting or cake cutting with sparklers. Illuminate the occasion as the couple raises their glasses or prepares to cut the cake, adding a dazzling touch to these cherished moments.

Having Your Wedding Indoors

Though it isn’t super common, there are certain reasons you may want to have your event indoors in California. Perhaps you are choosing the northern region of the state, or perhaps you are planning for a winter event. Either way, there are still some great ways to use sparklers for weddings indoors. Here are some of the most popular ideas.

  • Sparkling Farewell: Bid farewell to the newlyweds in style as they depart amidst a dazzling corridor of sparklers held by guests, illuminating their path with radiance.
  • Memorable Photo Opportunities: Capture enchanting moments with captivating photographs featuring sparklers. Whether spelling out endearing words like “love” or adorning initials, or simply holding them aloft for a magical aura, these snapshots will etch cherished memories.
  • Majestic Arrival: Make a memorable entrance as the couple gracefully enters the reception venue, greeted by a tunnel of sparkling lights formed by guests holding aloft glittering sparklers.
  • Toast of Brilliance: Transform the traditional toast into a sparkling celebration by substituting conventional glasses with champagne flutes adorned with bottle sparklers. Elevate the toast to a radiant spectacle, radiating joy and jubilation.
  • Innovative Table Décor: Elevate table centerpieces with a touch of sparkle by incorporating sparklers into vases or holders. Ignite them during pivotal moments such as the couple’s inaugural dance or the cake cutting, casting a shimmering ambiance.
  • Radiant Cake Enhancement: Enhance the wedding cake’s grandeur by adorning its apex with food-safe sparklers. Illuminate them as the cake is presented or during the ceremonial slicing, infusing the occasion with a luminous spectacle.

What are the Best Sparklers for a Wedding in California?

36 inch Wedding Sparklers imageIf you’ve ever gone through the difficulties of planning a wedding, you know there are plenty of tough choices to make. From picking out your dress to finding the perfect venue, couples certainly have a lot on their plates. Sadly, these struggles can play a big role on the small details like including sparklers because of the sheer volume of things to do. To help you out, here is an overview of how other couples are using California wedding sparklers to enhance their special day.

Wedding Exit Sparklers

By far the most popular way to use sparklers for weddings is during the grand exit. Essentially, your guest line up along your exit path and hold sparklers instead of tossing confetti or blowing bubbles. However, you need to make sure you are getting the right product for this type of activity. First, you need to make sure they sparkle in the color gold because they won’t create smoke. Second, you need to make sure they are long enough such as 36 inch wedding sparklers so they last for a long enough period of time. Lastly, you need to make sure you have all the correct accessories like buckets, tags, and lighters for a proper presentation. If you do your homework and get the right supplies, a wedding exit is a great addition to any celebration.

Cake Sparklers

Another great way that couples choose to use sparklers at a wedding is on their cake. Instead of a traditional cake-topper, they are opting to use food-safe sparklers instead for the top tier. Luckily, there are specialized products that are designed specifically to protect your frosting and eliminate any potential toxins. Even better, there are smokeless wedding cake sparklers that can be used both indoors and outdoors for maximum versatility. With so much flexibility, they are an inexpensive and elegant way to enhance your cake and celebration.

Special Shapes and Colors

Lastly, some people prefer to go with something more unique for their celebration. For some couples, it’s really important to have certain colors represented at their wedding. For others, a more romantic design like heart sparklers is a better fit. Fortunately, there are several options available for different colors and shapes to suit any taste. However, many of these specialty items produce a lot of smoke because of their color pigments. But, as long as your event will be outdoors, they all work great for your celebration.

The Summary of This California Wedding Sparklers Guide

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to use sparklers at a California wedding whether your event will be indoors or outdoors. One of the key takeaways is that you need to be prepared to find where to buy them ahead of time because it can be tricky. Additionally, you need to check the local laws in your area before you proceed. Lastly, make sure there are no droughts or burn restrictions in your area before you even consider using them on your big day. If you can balance all of those things, then California wedding sparklers may be the perfect fit for you. Good luck and have a fantastic celebration!