When it comes to celebrating love and romance, Valentine’s Day is by far the holiday of choice. Sure, you can do it on other holidays like Mother’s Day; but skipping over the flowers and chocolates in February is a foolish choice for many partners. Typically, you give the standard gifts and take your sweetheart out to a delicious fancy dinner. However, you can always add a few sparklers to the occasion to make even more memorable. But can you buy Valentine’s Day sparklers online and have them delivered in time? How should they be used and which ones should you pick? Are they the same as wedding sparklers or are they something completely different? Here is a helpful guide to answer all of those questions.


What Are Valentine’s Day Sparklers?

One of the most common questions I get is in regards to what Valentine’s Day sparklers even are. To put it simply: they are just a sparkler that you happen to use on the holiday. In fact, the concept has much more to do with how you use them versus the specific type. However, there are certainly versions that are completely the wrong choice for a variety of safety and logistical reasons. As this guide unfolds, I will discuss each of those factors in great detail so you can make the right decisions.

Ways to Use Sparklers on Valentine’s Day

Image of a Couple Using Sparklers on Valentine's DayBefore you can decide on anything else, you need to settle on the way you plan to use them. Unlike the 4th of July where fireworks are the main event, our products are typically used as an accessory for this type of occasion. Here are some popular ways to include them and “wow” the love of your life.

Champagne Bottle Decoration

Popping the cork on your favorite bottle of champagne is an extremely popular activity on February 14th. Whether you are cooking at home or out for an elegant dinner, a glass of champagne can really set the stage for love. If you want to make a big impact, consider adding some bottle sparklers first to make it more romantic. I always suggest attaching them in another room, lighting them, and then presenting the sparkling wine (pun intended) to your partner. Optionally, you can light them just before you make a toast in regards to your undying love. However, you need to talk to the restaurant ahead of time if you aren’t doing this at home since they aren’t allowed at every location.

Surprise Wedding Proposal

This holiday is a very popular time to make a wedding proposal for obvious reasons. In fact, proposals are one of the top reasons people buy Valentine’s Day sparklers online! There are many ways to use them to add a dramatic effect to the proposal, but most of them will require enlisting the help of a friend. One popular method is to have a friend appear with something sparkling in their hand to distract your partner while you drop to one knee. Another option is to hold one yourself as you present the ring for approval. Either way, it will make your special moment more memorable if you simply add in a sparkler or two.

Distraction from a Flower Delivery

A bouquet of flowers is a traditional gift on this romantic holiday, and there are several ways you can present them. Most commonly, you would simply use an online flower ordering service and have them delivered to your home or partner’s place of employment. However, you can also hand-deliver them personally for a more dramatic effect. My favorite way to do this is to have the bouquet ready and in a place that isn’t super visible when your partner enters the room. If you need to be sneaky, you can even create the bouquet out of wooden roses so they can be hidden a few days in advance. Then, use a sparkler to distract the recipient so it’s a complete surprise! This “distraction” method works for deliveries, too; so it’s a great choice for any scenario.

Decorate a Special Dessert

Having a special dessert after your romantic dinner is another tradition that many couples observe. Whether you like cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, or any other sweet treat, the presentation is crucial to setting the stage. Most people stick to common toppings like sprinkles, fresh fruit, or frosting. However, there are a variety of other potions that will make a huge impact. This list includes items like figurines or action figures, but you can also do something unusual like adding a sparkler or two. If you plan to decorate a special dessert using our products, I urge you to choose sparklers designed to be used on cakes instead of something more ordinary. Their special design won’t damage the dessert, and they are made from food-grade materials so they are completely non-toxic.

Fun Bonding Experience

Lastly, you can always just have fun without any special plans! If you buy Valentine’s Day sparklers online, all you really need to do is hand one to your partner for a fun experience you both can share. There is something very personal about using one with another person; almost like forming a special bond. There are many concepts of symbolism that you could focus on if you like, as well. However, just performing an activity together is a great way to bring you closer together on a day that is all about togetherness.

Best Type of Sparklers for Valentine’s Day

Image of a Champagne Toast with Heart SparklersOnce you’ve settled on an activity or presentation idea, you need to pick the product that fits your needs the best. For some uses, the choice should be obvious since there are plenty of specialty items available. However, you also have a choice depending on your personal preferences in certain scenarios. Here are the best options available, as well as some tips on when they are the right fit.

Bottle or Cake Sparklers

Whether you are attaching them to bottles or decorating a special dessert, there is only one real product choice for this type of presentation. Fortunately, bottle and cake sparklers are completely interchangeable; they are the exact same product marketed in two different ways. Their tubular design makes it easy to clip them onto any bottle with the proper accessory. Additionally, they come with a small anchoring spike attached to the bottom to hold them secure to any cake or dessert. By choosing this design, you will ensure a safe and exciting experience.

Special Shapes

If you plan to use them in a more traditional way, there are some options that are a great fit for your needs. Sure, you could choose a traditional “stick” design if you like. However, there are plenty of specialty versions that are a much better choice. For instance, I usually steer couples towards heart shaped sparklers for obvious reasons. Similarly, you could choose stars, X’s and O’s, or another fun shaped sparkler that will really embody the holiday. Using sparklers on Valentine’s Day is all about the presentation, so picking the right shape can me extremely beneficial.

LED Versions

Depending on where you live, finding real sparklers can be difficult in the middle of February; even if you plan to order them online! Additionally, there are certain risks with using a traditional version indoors since its likely pretty cold outside. For couples that prefer to stay on the side of safety, there is another option that doesn’t require any open flames whatsoever. They are called LED sparklers, and they are like a little light-up wand. You can hold them in your hand, decorate a cake, and even attach them to a champagne bottle. Best of all, they are completely reusable so you can save them for a future celebration as well. If you want something safe and easy to find all year long, the LED version is possibly a great fit.

Worst Sparkler Choices for a Day of Romance

Conversely, there are certain styles of sparklers that are just not well-suited for this holiday at all. For the most part, it’s because they are very bland in design. Furthermore, some of them are just not a good choice for indoor use because of the smoke they generate; and it’s frequently too cold outside to use them outdoors. Here is a quick breakdown of the worst versions available that you should try to avoid.

“Stick” Versions

Overall, most people are familiar with “stick” type sparklers that are very easy to find at most stores. During the summer months around July, you can find them almost everywhere; even at grocery and convenience stores! These will obviously work in a pinch, and they have the benefit of being so easy to find. However, they lack any style or symbolism so they aren’t an ideal option at all. Additionally, they create a certain amount of risk when used indoors because they require an open flame to use; especially if you choose an extremely long version. Though the risk is small, their ugly appearance makes them on of the worst options available for this type of celebration.

Color Versions

Most of our products perform in the color gold for a variety of reasons. First, this eliminates any smoke that can create issues when using them indoors. Second, they are less expensive because they don’t need to add any expensive color pigments to the compound. However, many people still prefer the look of colored sparklers because they are more interesting than plain gold sparks. However, since they will likely be used indoors, the smoke they create makes them unsafe to use. If you happen to live in a warmer climate, you can probably get away with it. However, I always urge people to skip the colors and choose something a little more versatile. Watching your partner cough from the fumes is never a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Are Sparklers Legal to Buy for Valentine’s Day?

A lot of people have it in their heads that you can only buy fireworks around the 4th of July. Typically, the only constraint you’ll run into is that stores don’t carry them during other parts of the year. However, you can always buy Valentine’s Day sparklers online and have them shipped to your doorstep; even in February. However, there are certain places that restrict when you can use any type of fireworks including our products. Make sure to check your local and state fireworks laws before you place an order online to avoid and legal ramifications. Though most states don’t regulate the use of sparklers for any reason, it’s always best to do your research ahead of time.

When Should I Order to Get Them In Time?

Lastly, you need to make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time for your order to be packed and shipped so they arrive in time. Luckily, shipping times are usually very short since the holidays are over and people are hunkered down for winter. However, it’s still a great idea to order at least two weeks in advance so you can be certain. If you are lucky enough to know where to buy sparklers locally, you can just do it a day or two in advance. But, if you are planning to buy sparklers for Valentine’s Day online, ordering early can save you a lot of stress and headaches.

No matter what activity you are planning with your significant other, our products can play a major role in making it more romantic. From wedding proposals to decorating a special dessert, there are several fun activities that you can enjoy. Just make sure you order the right type to match the way to plan to use them. Also, make sure they are legal in your area and that you order well in advance. If you can handle taking care of those small details, you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day celebration with the addition of sparklers quite easily. Trust me; your partner is never going to forget the experience if you do it right. Good luck and have a romantic day!