Thanksgiving is the holiday when we choose to say “thanks” for everything in our lives. Whether you have a turkey dinner or you happen to be vegan, lots of love will be shared. However, one of the most under-served aspects of this event is sparklers; and most people don’t even know they are an option. Who would have ever guessed that Thanksgiving sparklers would become a “thing”? Generally, people buy Thanksgiving sparklers online to get the best price; but choosing the right ones can be very challenging! Fortunately, I’ve laid out all of the things you need to know in the following post. Enjoy!


What are Thanksgiving Sparklers?

The first question I often receive is “what are Thanksgiving sparklers”? Well, I know most people are thinking about cocktails made with club soda. However, in reality, it’s just sparklers that you happen to use on one of my favorite holidays. No matter how you choose to use them, they are an amazing aspect to every part of your family gathering. To be more specific, I’ve broken it all down below. Take a moment to read and I’m certain you will find the value!

Fun Activities with Sparklers on Thanksgiving

The first step to adding them to your upcoming holiday celebration is to decide how they will be used. There are many obvious ways to use our products, but there are also some ideas that are specific to Thanksgiving. Here are a few of the most occasion-centered options at your disposal.

Decorate the Dessert

Image of Sparklers on a Thanksgiving DessertThe first option you have is to decorate your dessert like cupcakes or pumpkin pie. Nothing energizes the crowd after a big meal like a sparkling confection being presented to the table! Fortunately, there are special cake sparklers that are designed specifically for the job. Just stick a few in your cake or pie, light them, and you’ll be on your way to a happy holiday!

Decorate Your Dinner

Similarly, you can also use them to decorate the main course of your dinner. Most people roast a turkey, but it also works with roast beef or ham; you can even stick them in your lasagna! Just jab them into the flesh, light them, and carry it out to the table. Your guests will never expect this type of show, and you can snap some great pictures to share on social media.

Use it as a “Talking Stick”

Many families take turns saying what they are thankful for. Using a “talking stick” is very common, and most people use a special family heirloom or a candle. However, you can also do the same thing with sparklers! Just have each person light one when it’s their turn to speak. This essentially puts the “spotlight” on them while they talk. After each one has fizzled out, you move on to the next person. It’s an easy and fun traditional that you’re sure to continue for years to come.

Special Toast or Grace

Before eating, many families say “grace” or propose a family toast. Instead of just holding your glass high in the air, why not decorate them a little more spectacularly? All you need to do is add some bottle sparklers to the event and it instantly becomes much more enchanting. You can either attach them to your bottle or put them in your glass. Either way, it’s an easy way to make your own “sparkling” cocktail.

Just for Fun

Lastly, you don’t need to create a fancy production or activity to use them. If you decide to buy Thanksgiving sparkler online ahead of time, they can just be handed out as party favors. Direct your guests outside for some free play with them, or you can stage some fun family photos. In my experience, letting people have free range is always the most entertaining option.

Best Types of Sparklers for Thanksgiving

Image of 10 Inch Wedding SparklersBefore you start browsing your options, it’s good to know which criteria make a good fit. Given the chilly weather outside in November, there are some special considerations to take into account. Here is a breakdown of the best versions of our products for this particular scenario.

Average-Sized “Stick” Sparklers

By and large, the most popular option is regular old “stick” versions. These are the type that most people are already familiar with. When I say “average-sized”, I’m mainly suggesting that you choose 10 inch sparklers for their easy control and low cost. Optionally, you could go as large as 20 inches if you want them to last longer. However, I always suggest avoiding anything longer than that for this type of holiday celebration.

Specialty Sparklers

Our specialty products are a much better fit for certain situations, but not as many people know about them. I mentioned using cake or bottle versions for your special dessert or toast. However, there are many other specialty versions available, too. Typically, they are just bent into a unique shape; but that can really compliment the other aspects of your party. You can get them in the shape of numbers or stars; and you can even get sparklers shaped like hearts! Just makes sure to match them up with whatever message you want your celebration to convey. If you do it right, you can achieve a deeper meaning alongside a fun holiday activity.

Worst Types of Thanksgiving Sparklers

Conversely, there are certain versions of our products that are simply not well-suited for this holiday. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule; but overall these are not a good fit for indoor celebrations. Here is a quick breakdown so you know what types of items you should be avoiding.

Color Versions

Image of People Using Color Sparklers at Sunset on ThanksgivingOne of the most common mistakes that people make is to buy Thanksgiving sparklers online that contain color pigments. If you plan to use them outdoors, you can certainly go this route. However, November celebrations are typically indoors; and color versions create a lot of smoke. It can be very tempting to choose neon colored sparklers or something else that is extremely exotic. Additionally, since all “stick” sparklers pretty much look the same, a lot of people buy them by mistake. Take your time and find and option that performs in the color gold. That way, you can use them indoors safely and still have a spectacular show.

Types that are Excessively Long

America is known for its “bigger is always better” mindset on everything. However, this is not always the case when you are planning an indoor event! If you choose a version that is excessively long, you may end up ruing some of the items in your home accidentally. We offer sparklers up to 36 inches long on our website, but they are really only a good choice if you’re outdoors. If you plan to do them in your dining room or living room, choose something shorter. Otherwise, you may end up pulling out your fire extinguisher and buying new curtains on black Friday.

Are Sparklers Legal on Thanksgiving?

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not they are legal to use this late in the year. Though the federal government calls them “novelties”, many states and municipalities have included language in their laws governing their use as “fireworks”. Fortunately, our products are legal almost everywhere in the country. However, some locations prohibit their use during certain times of the year. Before you buy online, make sure to check the fireworks laws in your state to see what they say about sparklers. Knowing the rules is the only surefire way to avoid breaking them.

When Should I Place My Order?

Lastly, a lot of people wonder when they should buy Thanksgiving sparklers online so they arrive on time. Average shipping times in the USA are only 3-5 days, but it can take up to two weeks for some shipments to arrive reliably. So, that is the answer I usually give. However, if you pay extra for ground shipping, you can usually get them within a week. Just make sure to order as early as possible to ensure you r package doesn’t arrive too late!

With the proper planning, our products can be a great addition to your Thanksgiving celebration. Whether you put them on your turkey or use them as a “talking stick”, they can easily become a new tradition in your household. Additionally, sparklers are great for all the holidays; not just turkey day. However, it’s important to decide how they will be used and which type will work best before you buy Thanksgiving sparklers online. Good luck and happy holidays from everyone here at WDS!