Labor Day is one of the few holidays out there that really make you feel appreciated as a hard worker. Whether you are providing for your kids or living the bachelor life, it’s hard to imagine a world where nobody does the hard work that makes life as we know it a reality. For most US workers, the first Monday of September is a paid holiday. Additionally, most people use the long weekend as the unofficial closing of summer before school starts. Sadly, there aren’t many traditions commonly associated with this holiday. However, some people like to use up the rest of their sparklers before the leaves start hitting the ground. But can you buy Labor Day sparklers online? Here is everything you need to know.


What are Labor Day Sparklers?

Before you can truly understand what this concept is, you need to appreciate the history of Labor Day. Most of us know the gist; it’s a federal holiday and it is meant to honor people in the workforce. The first one was in 1882 in New York City. However, it wasn’t until June of 1894 that Labor Day actually became a real thing nationwide. In all that time, not one real tradition (expect a paid day off) ever existed. Then, in the late 1990’s, people started asking how to buy Labor Day sparklers online. And just like that, a new tradition was born! Ultimately, they are the same sparklers that you would use for any other holiday or event, but the meaning was a bit more special. I’ll get into the details next, but it’s important to remember that it’s what the sparkler represents that makes it special; not the design or packaging.

Why Would You Even Use Them on Labor Day?

There are many activities that people partake in over Labor Day weekend. From camping to getting out on the boat, most people treat it the same way they do Memorial Day; just another three day weekend. However, instead of staring summer it essentially marks the end of summer. Most kids return to school shortly after, and most adults start thinking about how they plan to clean the falling leaves from their yard. While that all well and good, having a special reminder of your hard work can be a great way to celebrate the year in the rear-view mirror. By using a few sparklers to mark the occasion, it makes it more special and epic; which means you will ultimately appreciate the day a little bit more.

How are Sparklers Used on Labor Day Weekend?

Image of a Family Using Sprklers While Camping Over Labor Day WeekendIf the idea of using our products for your holiday experience appeals to you, you need to think about how you plan to use them. All often people buy Labor Day sparklers online before they even have a plan for using them. To help, here is a list of popular activities that people enjoy.

Light Them Around  the Fire While Camping

Having a campfire over this weekend is a popular choice. Usually, it happens if people are out camping before autumn. However, you can do it in your backyard as well. The cooler temperatures after sunset make a fire more appealing than during the dog days of summer. Beyond telling stories and roasting marshmallows, using sparkler while camping can be a really fun way to commemorate the experience. Best of all, the smoke can help deter mosquitoes and other insects from swarming; which can be a welcome blessing during the early part of September.

Fun Activity with the Kids

Kids seem to appreciate the excitement of sparklers more than anyone else. Though Labor Day is ultimately about appreciating hard working adults, most of us with kids want to make our children happy, too. You don’t really have to do anything special; simply hand them out and light them and the spirit of the youth will handle the rest. If you want to build memories with your kids that extend beyond the latest Xbox or PlayStation games, this is an option that is sure to please everyone.

End of the Last Night

We all love long weekends, but sometimes it can make the idea of work on Tuesday seem even more dreadful. Even if you love your job, switching gears from “vacation mode” to work can be depressing and challenging. To help, I suggest ending your evening with a few sparklers to mark the end of the celebration. By doing something special like this, you can achieve closure to the weekend without feeling like it was too short or disappointing.

Last Activity Before Returning to Work

Similar to closing out the Monday evening, some people like to do a sparkler before they head off to work on Tuesday morning. Imagine your alarm clock going off and having to be snapped back into reality. Obviously, you’re going to want the normal bagel and coffee that you also have as part of your morning routine. However, if you light a quick sparkler before hopping in the car, it will remind you one last time that you are important and appreciated; and that you matter to the greater world around you. For me, this is my favorite way to commemorate the day.

Celebrate the Day Off

Of course, you don’t need to do anything special or out of the ordinary if you prefer to keep things simple. One of the great perks you get when you buy Labor Day sparklers online is that they create the excitement on their own! Just put some out on the table and light them anytime you feel the urge. Optionally, you can create a beautiful sparkler centerpiece for your table using some inspiration from numerous website and social media platforms. I love this method personally because you get to use them and have a nice accent piece for your backyard picnic table.

Choosing the Right Sparklers for This Holiday

Image of Star Shaped Sparklers for WeddingsFor most situations, you can just run to a fireworks store and grab the first thing you see on the shelf. After all, there’s no such thing as a lame firework! However, before you start searching for where to buy Labor Day sparklers online or elsewhere, you need to consider what will work the best. Overall, there are three groups of products that I like to point my customers to. Here is a quick breakdown of each one.

Regular Sparklers

Most people are immediately attracted to the traditional sparklers that we all know and love. They are the easiest to find, cheapest to buy, and most people know exactly how they work. There are two designs available; wood handle and metal handle designs. I prefer the steel wire handle because it stays cool, creates the brightest sparks, and doesn’t produce unwanted smoke. However, for outdoor events, wood ones will do the trick as well. The main things to consider are the different lengths of sparklers that are available because it determines how the performance will go. If you choose a short version, it will only last around 30 seconds. Conversely, if you choose a larger variation, they can burn for nearly 4 minutes before fizzling out. Think carefully about your needs and buy the right size for your party. No need to go bigger than you need, but skimping to save money can make the experience extremely lackluster.

Cake or Bottles

Since you are celebrating your hard work, some people want to make a cake or pop a bottle of champagne. Before you serve your dessert or start pouring the bubbly, consider decorating them with a special version of sparkler. For cakes, you can get a tubular shaped product that anchors right into the top like a birthday candle. Similarly, there are specially designed sparklers for bottles that will make the presentation one for the history books. Just make sure you choose a product that is specifically designed for your purpose. All too often people try to use regular sparklers and it just becomes a giant hassle.

Something More Unique

If you want something unusual or unique, there are other options available as well. Some people want something colorful, and there are plenty of options to suit your taste. Whether you want the classic red, blue, and green colors or a version that creates vibrant neon colors, you can easily find them online. For the truly adventurous, you can find versions in specific shapes like number or hearts. In fact, you can even find star shaped sparklers if you look hard enough! Whatever your fancy is, take your time before you buy Labor Day sparklers online to ensure you’re happy with your holiday celebration.

Can You Use Them Legally This Late in the Year?

If you’re like me, you don’t want any problems during your long holiday weekend. Fortunately, most places in the US have little or no restrictions on novelty items like sparklers. However, there are certain restrictions on when you can buy or use them in certain municipalities. Before you order, check your state fireworks laws to see if there are limitations on when they can be used. Luckily, most places don’t restrict sparklers in any way. However, finding them locally can be a challenge during “off season”; so you may need to get them earlier in the year or utilize an online company like ours. If you check your laws, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience without any unexpected problems.

Determining the Quantity Before You Buy Labor Day Sparklers Online and How Early to Purchase

Lastly, you want to make sure you order with enough time for them to arrive. Additionally, you want to order the right amount so you don’t run out or have too many leftovers. If you are going to buy Labor Day sparklers online, I suggest ordering two weeks ahead to be sure. This will give you plenty of time and the best price on delivery since they must be sent via ground shipping in the US. Unfortunately, knowing how many to order is a bit trickier. If they are for a cake or bottles of champagne, you only need a few. If they are just to use “at large” you may want a pack or two per person. Think carefully about how and when you plan to use them and it should guide you to the right quantity to order.

Most people take Labor Day for granted, but there are some fun traditions you can create using our products. No matter how you plan to use your sparklers, they will make the day more enjoyable. Personally, I like to use them all weekend long. If you want more ideas for how to use them, check out our holiday sparkler inspiration guide. Good luck, have fun, and thank you for all the hard work. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the day; you deserve it!