Easter is a cherished holiday that is traditionally celebrated with decorated eggs and copious amounts of candy. Religiously, it is a Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, in modern times it is celebrated with an “Easter Bunny” bringing baskets of goodies to children across the country. Similarly, people run to their local grocery stores to purchase eggs or buy Easter sparklers online as additional activities to enjoy. No matter what traditions you observe, sparklers can always be added to your activities for extra fun. Here is everything you need to know about using our products on this major holiday. Hopefully, it serves as a very useful guide.


What are Easter Sparklers?

When you read the name, you may think that you’re searching for something elusive. However, any type of sparkler can be used on Easter as long as it fits your needs. Usually, people settle on choosing sparklers for weddings because the packaging is neutral in design. However, there are more colorful packaging options available if you want to be more festive. In fact, there are even specialty items that are designed for specific uses like on cakes or bottles. Ultimately, when you buy Easter sparklers online, you’ll be choosing from the same options as any other holiday. Overall, it’s the way that you use them that makes it a specialty item.

Different Ways to Use Sparklers for Easter

Image of an Easter Egg Hunt Being SetupAs I mentioned, how you plan to use sparklers for Easter is what makes them a seasonal accessory. There are plenty of obvious ways to use our products. However, there are some hidden gems that most people overlook that can provide a great experience. Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve gathered over the years. Enjoy!

Start of Easter Egg Hunt

Performing an “Easter egg hunt” is one of the most practiced traditions for this holiday. Whether you hide plastic eggs filled with candy and trinkets or opt for real eggs, the fun of the search is what entertains the kids. Instead of delegating someone to yell “go!” to start the hunt, consider using sparklers instead. The best method is to quickly light a sparkler and have the event begin when it fizzles out. This is an unmistakable signal that will add a touch of whimsy to this holiday.

Sparkler Hunt

Taking the “Easter egg hunt” a step further, you can swap put out the eggs all together for something completely unexpected; sparklers! Simply hide them throughout the yard the same way you would with their edible counterparts. Of course, this concept is only appropriate for older kids to enjoy. Additionally, you can have a different small trinket hidden as well for younger kids. Once everyone has collected them from the yard, you can pass them out for a secondary activity. Trust me; everyone is going to enjoy the experience!

Cocktail Garnish

Adults are entitled to have a great time on Easter as well. So, it’s important to discuss some options to help them celebrate, too! Most people like to enjoy an adult beverage on this holiday including seasonal cocktails. To make things fun, consider using a sparkler to garnish your cocktails to make them more festive. It’s the same idea as using a fruit wedge or a little umbrella, but it’s more exciting and fits the season a bit better.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Beyond cramming endless amounts of candy into a small basket, a lot of people add gifts and trinkets into the mix as well. One fun twist is to buy Easter sparklers online and include them in the baskets! Again, this is probably not a great idea if you have toddlers. However, if the age group is appropriate, they can be a fun addition. As a bonus, it will give the kids another activity to enjoy, too!

Dessert Garnish

Having a delicious dessert is another common hallmark of this wonderful spring holiday. Whether it’s served after dinner or as a casual snack, presentation is always important. One fun idea is to use cake sparklers to really make your offerings fabulous! Most people just add a few to the top of their cake or other dessert, but you can optionally put one on each slice. However, it’s very important to buy the right product for this presentation! The ones made for cakes include a special anchor that’s designed just for this task. If you choose a traditional design, they won’t stand up as well during the performance.

Fun Family Activity

Of course, you don’t need to go through great lengths to find a “fancy” activity for this holiday. Instead, you can just buy Easter sparklers online and use them “at large” as a family. Some people prefer to do it right away in the morning. Others prefer to wait until it’s darker outside as a way to end the day. No matter what you choose, sparklers are always a fun way to make your holiday sparkle!

Choosing the Right Version When You Buy Easter Sparklers Online

Image of a Sparkler in a Cocktail for EasterOnce you’ve selected an activity to perform, you need to focus on choosing the right version for your needs. Not all types of sparklers are right for Easter; so you need to know a bit more information. Below, I’ll discuss the common choices and whether or not they are a good fit. Here’s what you need to know.

“Stick” Sparklers for Easter

Most people who have used sparklers are only familiar with the classic “stick” design. They are by far the most common type, and they are the only type that most people have ever seen. Most of these will range from 8 to 20 inches in length. However, they make 36 inch long sparklers for people who want something bigger. If you plan to go with this option, I suggest to 20 inches or shorter since mostly kids will be participating. If you’re planning an adult activity, then you can go longer if you prefer.

More Colorful Options

Similar to the classic “stick” style, you can choose to buy Easter sparklers online that better embrace the colors of the season. You may have already seen the common red, blue, and green options available at most retailers. However, there are neon colored sparklers that are insanely vivid and bright that make more sense this time of year! Imagine getting the same types of colors you would see on your dyed Easter eggs. You won’t find that type of “pop” in traditional color versions. So, if you want the best colors, always choose the neon ones.

LED Versions Without Flames

Obviously, using sparklers on Easter is not a great fit if you have toddlers or infants participating. However, there is one product that is a great alternative for those situations. Most people call them LED sparklers since that is what they’re designed to replace. However, they are often referred to as LED wands since they can be held in your hand safely. These are a great fit for anybody who wants their smaller children to participate without any fear of injury. They aren’t quite as spectacular, but they are completely safe and still a tremendous amount of fun!

Is It Legal to Use Sparklers for Easter?

One of the more confusing aspects of using fireworks on this holiday, especially if you plan to buy Easter sparklers online; is whether or not they are legal to use this time of year. Fortunately, most states don’t put restrictions on when you are allowed to use fireworks. Additionally, nearly every state allows you use sparklers since they are mostly considered harmless. However, you should always check your state fireworks laws to be sure before you place an order. It’s better to be sure before you waste your money or have an unexpected visit from your local police department!

When Should I Buy Easter Sparklers Online to Get them in Time?

Knowing when to place your order ahead of time is another challenge to face. If we have learned anything recently, it’s that COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain in unexpected ways. Fortunately, domestic deliveries are mostly unaffected by significant delays. Still, you should always place your order at least two weeks in advance just to be on the safe side. It’s better to have to store them for a week than frantically checking your tracking number in days leading up to Easter!

Overall, choosing to buy Easter sparklers online is a great way to have the best section and prices at your fingertips. Some people are lucky enough to have a fireworks store open near them during the spring season. However, most people will need to rely on websites to place their orders. No matter where you make your purchase, make sure you know how you plan to use them and which type will work best for that activity. With those two factors determined, shopping for sparklers is a very easy process. Good luck and happy Easter!