As most people already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Each year, thousands of women fall victim to breast cancer. This disease has taken our mothers, sisters, and daughters for far too long; but October is where we make our stand. Fortunately, the National Breast Cancer Society coordinates fundraisers and activities to help find breakthrough treatments and ideally one day find a cure. We are proud to be part of that process by offering sparklers and other products to aide in the fundraising process.

Best Ways to Help Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Image of We Where Pink in October SignThere are many ways you can help build awareness about breast cancer, as well as directly contribute to the cause. Most people will don the little pink ribbons on their car, while others will “walk” for a cure. Additionally, you can donate your time at a local hospital to help take care of victims of this horrible disease. Furthermore, you can create your own fundraising event to bring in new funding sources. Lastly, you can volunteer your time at a local breast cancer charity to help further the cause directly.

Whichever method you choose, you will feel great about helping this worthy cause. One day, we will find a cure and the heartbreak will be a thing of the past. My personal favorite option is to host your own fundraising event to expand the tent of donations as far as possible. There are many great options for this, as I’ll breakdown throughout this article.

Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Raising money to help cure breast cancer is the most valuable way to help. Though it can be done year round, breast cancer awareness month is the easiest time to generate interest. One of the easiest ways to capture enthusiasm is to off a small item as a reward for a person’s contributions. Here are a few of the items we offer on our website that can be a good fit for your plans.


Most people would never associate sparklers with breast cancer from a logical standpoint. However, they are a great way to show solidarity and offer contributors a fun accessory. Sadly, there isn’t an option available for pink sparklers; the universally recognized color for the cause. However, wedding sparklers come in pink boxes to match the theme. When I did my fundraising last year, I simply handed out a small box of sparklers to for each donation. They are incredibly affordable, the contributors felt rewarded, and we had a record-breaking year.

Pink Flowers

Image of a Wooden Rose Being TrimmedPink flowers are another popular item to help raise awareness about breast cancer. Sadly, with increasing inflation and supply chain problems, pink roses have become almost unaffordable. However, you can opt for pink wooden roses instead to save money and convey the same impression. Since real roses cost $2-3 more versus their wooden counterparts, it can make your efforts much more viable. Additionally, that extra money can be better spent on finding treatments and cures; which is ultimately what this is all about.

Sky Lanterns

If you want something more unique, we offer sky lanterns in a wide variety of colors to fit your needs; including pink. There are many symbolic reasons that colorful sky lanterns are the perfect choice for a keepsake to donors. First off, you can release one in remembrance of a lost loved one to honor their memory. Second, you can write a special wish on each lantern such as “find a cure” or “hope” to inspire people to keep the search for help alive. Lastly, sky lanterns work best if they are released in large groups. When you have a large group experience to promote your cause, it can attract a lot more people. By releasing them in large quantities, you will end up raising more awareness; and thus you will bring in many more donation dollars to help us find the ultimate solution.

Always Remember and Honor the Victims

It’s important to honor and remember the victims of breast cancer; both the ones we lost and the ones that survived. There are many ways to do it in a respectful way that can also benefit finding future solutions. If you happen to know a survivor, perhaps consider offering them a pink rose, a ribbon pin, or a special t-shirt that honors their accomplishment. Here are a few other popular ideas.

  • Tie a pink ribbon on your car or golf cart to honor survivors. Orchestrate a parade to build awareness.
  • Create a special “gift bag” and hand them out to survivors and current fighters during your event.
  • Drive around town and tie pink ribbons on door handle and mailboxes of known survivors.
  • Tie a pink bow to survivors’ mailboxes during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Ask a survivor to share her story as a speaker at your even. Similarly, you can ask a spouse to talk about their journey as caregiver or about the person they lost.

However you choose to embrace breast cancer awareness month, it’s a noble cause that will help thousands of people. If you plan your fundraisers carefully, you’ll be able send a resonating message to the masses and make the biggest impact. We are proud to offer products that will bolster larger and more frequent contributions. Also, there are several online resources for planning a fundraiser to make it even more successful. Hopefully, we can help you achieve your goals and make the biggest impact possible. Thank you for reading and keep up the good fight!