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Our gold bottle sparklers are the perfect way to make your champagne toast a much more magical experience! Attach them to your champagne bottles for a dazzling presentation.

  • Designed specifically for use with champagne bottles.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • Lasts for approximately 45-50 seconds each.
  • No color pigments for a low smoke/smokeless sparkler experience.

*Does NOT Include Safety Clips. They are sold separately here.

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Bottle sparklers are one of our hottest selling items, and for good reason. Also known as champagne bottle sparklers, these fountain-style sparklers are the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to the bottles you serve at your wedding. With a little help from these beautiful additions, your champagne ceremony will be transformed into a breathtaking visual delight.

Much more elegant than attaching traditional wedding sparklers, these have been specifically designed to accent the design of bottles. They are 100% food safe, so you won’t damage your expensive bottles of champagne. They are also a very popular choice in restaurants and nightclubs for VIP bottle service. Our bottle sparklers are designed for use with bottles, and are 100% food safe.

*Outside packaging of sparklers may vary in color based on availability.

How Many Do I Need?

Each bottle sparkler will last approximately 45-50 seconds. We suggest having one sparkler for each champagne bottle you have as part of your wedding reception.

Why Buy Our Champagne Bottle Sparklers?

If you’re planning to use sparklers during your champagne toast, regular ones simply won’t do. Our sparklers for champagne bottles are specifically designed for this purpose. They create a lasting effect in a safe manner. Regular sparklers for weddings can’t be used safely on bottles, and therefore should not be used. The design of our these allows them to be safely clipped to the neck of your champagne for a safe and dazzling show.

Benefits of Using Bottle Sparklers

  • Designed specifically for use on champagne bottles.
  • Adds a dazzling effect to your champagne toast.
  • Made from high quality materials.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • No color pigments to keep smoke to a minimum.
  • Compatible with all of our bottle sparkler safety clips.

Best Uses for Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers have a variety of practical uses both at a wedding and beyond. Here are some different ways that you can use them to make your event more exciting.

Champagne Wedding Toasts

One of the most popular ways to use them is for your wedding toast. Just before the first toast is made, the bottles of champagne for the head table are brought out with sparklers attached. It’s a great way to gather everyone’s attention before the toasts or speeches are made. Also, they work great for anniversaries, college graduations, New Year’s Eve, and any other milestone event!

Champagne Grand Entrance

Ramping up from just the head table, some couples prefer to have all the bottles of champagne delivered with a sparkler. If you have a large guest list, it can be a tall order to achieve this. But if your wedding is a manageable size, coordinating several bottles of champagne with sparklers attached can be well worth the trouble.

Nightclubs and Restaurants

Besides just being used at weddings, bottle sparklers can be used in the nightclub and restaurant scene. Many nightclubs use sparklers for bottle service packages to increase sales and generate awareness. Many restaurants use them for birthdays or special desserts to add more perceived value to their dining room. Both restaurants and nightclubs can benefits from adding sparklers to their current lineup.

Whether you use them at your wedding, another type of event, or at your nightclub or restaurant, bottle sparklers can transform an ordinary champagne bottle into a sparkling masterpiece. There is no substitute for sparklers designed for use with bottles, and these are made for that specific purpose. Also, since they are identical to our wedding cake sparklers, they have more than one purpose.

Additional information

Package Size

1 Sleeve (5 Sparklers), Full Box (40 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (120 Sparklers), Full Case (250 Sparklers)


Gold Sparks


45-50 Seconds



51 reviews for Bottle Sparklers

  1. Camilia J.

    We bought a box of these bottle sparklers for our champagne bottles at our wedding reception, and everyone loved them! It was so cool watching the wait staff enter the room to pour champagne with sparks flying out of the bottles! If you are looking for a great way to make a huge impression at your reception, look no further.

  2. Greg Richards

    I bought a few packs of these for my wedding anniversary to surprise my wife when I brought out the champagne bottle. What a great reaction! the never expected the bottle to have a pair of sparklers attached to it, and her jaw nearly hit the floor. The next evening when we had our friends over to celebrate, I put sparklers on all the bottles for us to light at the same time. Needless to say, you will likely be getting business from all the guests at my party becasue they were absolutely thrilled. Thanks guys!

  3. Tommy

    I’ve been offering bottle service at my nightclub for several years, but sales started to decline when the recession hit. I did some research online and heard about bottle sparklers increasing sales. So I scoured the web looking for the best prices, and this site is it by far. My bottle sparklers showed up in just 3 days and I saw an increase in sales for my high end bottle service right away. I can not say enough about the quality and low price of the bottle sparklers from Wedding Day Sparklers, but you are welcome to spend the hours looking if you want. I will be buying here from now on.

  4. Sandra Jane Meckler

    I looked at tons of sites selling bottle sparklers, and these guys have the best prices by far. If you are looking for cheap bottle sparklers that are very good quality, you found the right place.

  5. Jackie J.

    I have been buying bottle sparklers from another company for nearly 2 years now, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical switching to a new company. However, at 25% cheaper than the company I was buying them through, I figured I would give these guys a try. Not only are their bottle sparklers much cheaper than the other company, they are WAY better quality, last longer, and they were delivered 3 days faster than the average shipment I was getting from the other guys. I am SO glad I found this company; they are saving me over $1000 per year and I am getting better quality sparklers. You have gained yourselves a very loyal customer.

  6. JoAnne

    I first saw bottle sparklers being used at a nightclub, but when I saw them on this site when looking for sparklers for my wedding I had to give them a try. We used them for the champagne bottles for our head table and they were a huge favorite among our guests. My only regret is that I should have bought more for every table instead of just the head table.

  7. Faith H.

    I had never heard of bottle sparklers before, but I simply could not resist the urge to try them. These are really cool, and I think I will buy a few more for New Years Eve.

  8. Antonio

    By far cheaper than bottle sparklers from the other online stores and they are superior quality. I own a nightclub and the company I used to order through has become lackluster. This company ships faster, costs less, and has better quality bottle sparklers than I used to get.

  9. Caroline Bailey

    What can I say, been buying bottle sparklers for years as a wedding planner and these are the best prices. Great sparkle time and very bright sparks. Great value.

  10. Matt A.

    We have been using bottle sparklers at our nightclub for a long time now, and these are very great quality. I will buy my gold bottle sparklers from here from now on.

  11. Trish D.

    We really want to have our wedding reception stand out from the others, so we decided to pick up some of these bottle sparklers to make things more exciting. We have not had a chance to use them yet, but with all the great reviews I believe they will perform as expected. Delivery was very fast too.

  12. Roger G.

    As a nightclub owner, I am always looking for new ways to make more money. These are the perfect addition to any bottle service program to increase revenue!

  13. Tanya Walker

    Just had another baby and couldn’t afford sparklers for everyone at my wedding. So, we decided to buy a small package of these for our champagne toast. Everyone loved the bottle sparklers, and it was a lot easier to coordinate versus a complicated sparkler exit. Plus, it cost us less than $20 total. Great value for the money.

  14. Joseph F.

    I use them for my nightclub, but these guys have the best prices. Don’t pay more for the same thing.

  15. Marcie

    When our champagne bottles entered the reception hall, it was the coolest moment at our wedding. Our guests talked about it all night, and a few people even said they wanted them for their home parties. Apparently, they also work on cakes, Anyways, great company with good prices, products, and fast shipping. A+

  16. Marin

    Super cool addition to our champagne toast. Lasted nearly a minute and you could hear a pin drop in the room. Awesome!

  17. Blake

    Had to make our wedding super small because of stupid COVID-19. The wife really wanted a send-off exit, but that would have been lame with only 6 guests. We opted for these bottle sparklers and it was very cool. They last a lot longer than a short sparkler, and they create a really cool effect.

  18. Leslie Wenzel

    Perfect for our head table. Honest company with fast shipping and fair prices.

  19. Frankie

    Fast shipping, great prices.

  20. Kelly

    Everything arrived early, very happy with my order.

  21. Kimmie Jo Cranlin

    My husband wanted something really special for our champagne toast. He suggest releasing live animals, but I told him that was out of the question. Instead, I talked him into trying these bottle sparklers. They were a huge hit and everyone really was surprised.

  22. Henry

    Best prices.

  23. John

    Very high quality compared to many bottle sparklers that I’ve used.

  24. Marie

    Arrived in just 3 days, very impressed with shipping time.

  25. Janice

    Cheap prices and fast shipping, arrived in 2 days!

  26. Gregory

    Delivered really fast and the quality is excellent. I would certainly recommend them.

  27. Douglas

    You can really see the difference with the tube-shaped sparklers.

  28. Gloria

    Not flimsy like traditional sparklers, very sturdy.

  29. Cynthia

    We bought these to use on our bottles for our big champagne toast. What a great experience for everyone! You could hear a pin drop in the room when the waiters brought them in. You won’t be disappointed!

  30. Charlie

    these work great as bottle service sparklers. I buy them all the time.

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