Using sparklers during a wedding ceremony or reception is an increasingly popular choice for many couples. From memorable photos to replacing confetti during send-off lines, there are plenty of great ways that they can be used. However, there are many different styles of sparklers available, each with their own specific purposes. One of the newest options is using bottle sparklers at a wedding.

Bottle sparklers are exactly what they sound like; you attach them to champagne or liquor for a spectacular effect. They are very different from normal sparklers for weddings in both design and function. They have a tubular design rather than the traditional stick shape. This allows them to be attached to a bottle securely. They also spray a fountain of sparks rather than slowly following a steel wire. This creates a cool “fountain” style effect that will really draw attention.

However, they work for many other applications beyond just being attached to a bottleneck. Their design makes them versatile for a variety of purposes. Here are the best uses for bottle sparklers at a wedding so you can get the most out of your celebration.

Champagne Toast

By far the most common way to use bottle sparklers at a wedding is for your champagne toast. If you want the most dramatic spectacle possible, have your service staff attach them to every champagne bottleneck before they are brought out into your reception hall. Dim the lights and watch the reaction of your guests as they are brought into the room.

For a more affordable display, just attach them to the ones being brought to the head table. It will create the same drama, just on a smaller scale. The best choice for this purpose is to use gold bottle sparklers because they will shine brightly throughout the venue. All eyes will be on the head table, and it will create a lasting memory for everyone in attendance.

Grand Entrance Effects

Another way to use bottle sparklers at a wedding is create cool pyrotechnic effects for your grand entrance. As you’re introduced as man and wife for the first time, execute a few of them on each side of the door. The showers of sparks will draw everyone’s attention, and it will be the rock star entrance that most couples only dream about.

Sparkling Centerpieces

Another cool effect you can create is sparkling centerpieces. At a predetermined time, you can ignite sparklers that you’ve tucked into your centerpieces remotely. You’ll need to buy or rent a remote fireworks ignition system to pull this off. Also, you’ll want to camouflage them in your centerpieces by hiding them within flowers. You’ll surprise everyone in the venue, and it will be a huge visual effect that everyone will love!

Sparkling Bouquets

Similar to your centerpieces, you can create the same effect in the bride’s bouquet. Just before the bride walks down the aisle, light a few bottle sparklers tucked in her bouquet for an unpre3didented entrance. Just be sure to rehearse a few times to avoid any mishaps.

Bottle Sparklers at a Wedding imageWedding Cake Decorations

You can also use bottle sparklers at a wedding as cake decorations. They feature a food grade “spike” that allows you to place them in your cake safely and securely. It’s sort of like having candles on your wedding cake! These are sold under the name wedding cake sparklers, but they are actually the exact same thing. It’s best to create this effect just before the cake-cutting ceremony for the best results.

Unity Candle Replacement

You can use bottle sparklers at a wedding to replace many traditional items. In fact, you can even use them to replace a unity candle! Instead of just lighting a regular candle, using a sparkler in its place will create a much cooler display. The symbolism will remain intact; it will just be more entertaining for you and your guests.

Safer Alternatives to Bottle Sparklers at a Wedding

Some venues won’t allow you to use open flames indoors. Whether it’s liability issues or just safety concerns, each venue has the right to restrict the use of sparklers if they so choose. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of options! For a safer alternative, they make LED bottle sparklers that offer all of the fun without the open flame. You can even choose which lighting pattern you want which makes them a more versatile choice. Though it won’t be quite as dramatic, it’s better than foregoing their use all together.

When you’re making your wedding decisions, don’t overlook any of the available options. Perhaps using bottle sparklers at a wedding fits your needs perfectly, or perhaps you are looking for something different. There are many shapes, sizes, and different styles of sparklers available that you probably didn’t know existed. Carefully weigh all of your options and make your purchase based on your needs. There is a product for every purpose out there, you just need to narrow down what you want and find the item that suits those needs best.