Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips


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Our bottle sparkler safety clips are the safe way to enjoy your bottle sparklers at your wedding. They will hold your bottle sparklers secure during your champagne toast!

  • Designed specifically for use with bottle sparklers.
  • Available in single, double, or triple clip designs.
  • Completely reusable.
  • The safest way to use bottle sparklers at your wedding.
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Before bottle sparkler safety clips, people who wanted to enjoy the fun and excitement of bottle sparklers were forced to engineer their own attachment solutions using items like rubber bands, scotch tape, or bent paper clips. While usually you can find something that works, make-shift solutions like these add to the risk of fire or injury because they are not reliable or properly designed.

Fortunately, using our bottle sparkler safety clips, you can enjoy your bottle sparklers without any hassles and in a much safer environment. Choose from either our single sparkler clips or triple sparkler clips depending on your needs. Each type of sparkler safety clip is compatible with our gold bottle sparklers, and they are completely reusable. Simply attach the larger side of the clip to the neck of your favorite champagne, wine, or liquor bottle and insert your choice of bottle sparklers. These bottle sparkler safety clips are the ultimate way to show off your sparklers and are perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurant, or VIP bottle service.

How Many Do I Need?

The single clip holds 1 bottle sparkler at a time, the double clip holds up to 2, while the triple clip holds up to 3 bottle sparklers at a time. Each safety clip can be reused multiple times, so you usually only need a few of each style to get you started. Sold individually, please look at pictures for full details.

Why Buy Our Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips?

Our bottle sparkler clips are the safest way to attach sparklers to your bottles. Forget fashioning make-shift solutions like rubber bands and Scotch tape. Our clips are completely reusable, so you can use them over and over again. Best of all, they come in three different sizes to fit your needs. You won’t find a higher quality or more affordably priced clip anywhere.

Benefits of Using our Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

  • No more unsafe rubber bands or other substitutes.
  • Designed to be attractive and functional.
  • Constructed of durable plastics to be reusable over and over.
  • An inexpensive way to dress up your bottle sparkler presentation.
  • Works with our gold bottle sparklers.

Creative Uses for Sparkler Clips

Obviously, these clips attach sparklers to your champagne or other bottles, but how can you use that? What fun ways are there to make your event better with bottle sparklers? Here are three of our favorite examples.


You’ve probably heard of wedding sparklers, but perhaps not on a champagne bottle. Many couples use sparklers during their champagne toast, and these clips are the best way to do that. You can attach one or more specially designed sparklers to your champagne bottles safely. Then, make a spectacular toast at your reception.

Anniversaries, Graduations, and More

Whether it’s a landmark anniversary, an important graduation, or any other milestone, sometimes champagne is called for. To make your celebration even better, consider attaching some bottle sparklers using these clips to make it a more memorable experience.


With many nightclubs offering bottle service, sparklers have become a huge part of that industry. You can use them to make your bottle services standout, and that increases sales. By using our sparkler clips when attaching them to a bottle, you can ensure a predictable show that is safe for your patrons. Consider our double or triple clips to add even more sparkle to your bottle service!

Whether you’re using bottle sparklers at a wedding, another event, or in your nightclub, our clips are a must for a safe experience. There is no substitute for bottle sparkler safety clips and homemade options are completely unsafe. By using a proper clip, you can ensure everyone’s safety at your big event.

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Single Clip, Double Clip, Triple Clip

22 reviews for Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

  1. Kenneth Russel

    Finally something to make my customers safer! I’ve tried tape, rubber bands, and everything in-between! Luckily, I’ve never had an incident, but I was worried every single time. I wouldn’t let anyone else deliver bottles to tables with sparklers attached. These changed my world, and I hope every other venue owner finds them too.

  2. Joseph

    Best prices for clips. I get them for my nightclub here because they are the cheapest.

  3. Thomas

    Whatever you do, don’t forget to buy these if you have bottle sparklers. they make the entire process SO much easier. I can’t imagine trying to attach a sparkler to a bottle without a clip. Buy a few and be done with it.

  4. Christine

    These made hooking our sparkler onto our bottles super easy at our wedding. The triple clips are worth the money, 3 are always better than 1!

  5. Sam L.

    Best prices unless you order straight from China. Good quality ABS plastic so they won’t dry out and snap for at least a few years. Good product.

  6. Conroy P.

    Get the triple clips. You can use them with 1, 2, or 3 bottle sparklers. No need to have the singles or doubles in my opinion. These are a life saver for when you attach them to the neck.

  7. Wilson K.

    So simple, I wish I had thought of them. Perfect for keeping them secure and reusable almost indefinitely.

  8. Joseph

    Fast shipping.

  9. Lopez

    Cool accessory for bottle service.

  10. Lynn

    Much safer than duct tape like my husband wanted to use. Easy to use too.

  11. Kenneth Cosine

    Fire Marshal wasn’t impressed with my scotch tape method. These made him happy and I’m able to have bottle service again. I like that they’re reusable.

  12. Stephen

    You usually get what you pay for, but these were a bargain!

  13. J

    Doubles are the best. 3 is too many and singles are too limited.

  14. Chuck

    Glad I ordered them, makes life easy.

  15. Chip Russell from NYC

    Get the triples. Well worth it.

  16. Pedro W.

    Glad I ordered some with my bottle sparklers, these things are a life saver!

  17. Deward R.

    Versatile and reusable, these are a must-have.

  18. Tyler I.

    Doing 3 at once is a bit much for my taste, but the triple clips can hold 1 or 2 at a time too.

  19. Shawn M.

    The most useful tool you’ll ever own.

  20. Donald B.

    This is the only brand that hasn’t broken for me right away. High quality plastic.

  21. Clint P.

    Needed these for my nightclub insurance. Satisfied the adjuster.

  22. Kip F.

    Bought the doubles and they fit every bottle I’ve tried them on. Good quality plastic.

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