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Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips – Single or Triple

Before, people who wanted to enjoy the fun and excitement of bottle sparklers were forced to engineer their own attachment solutions using items like rubber bands, scotch tape, or bent paper clips. While usually you can find something that works, make-shift solutions like these add to the risk of fire or injury because they are not reliable or properly designed.

Fortunately, using our bottle sparkler safety clips, you can enjoy your bottle sparklers without any hassles and in a much safer environment. Choose from either our single sparkler clips or triple sparkler clips depending on your needs. Each type of sparkler safety clip is compatible with either our gold bottle sparklers or color bottle sparklers, and they are completely reusable. Simply attach the larger side of the clip to the neck of your favorite champagne, wine, or liquor bottle and insert your choice of bottle sparklers. These bottle sparkler safety clips are the ultimate way to show off your sparklers and are perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurant, or VIP bottle service.

Benefits of using our bottle sparkler safety clips include:

– No more unsafe rubber bands or other substitutes

– Designed to be attractive and functional

– Constructed of durable plastics to be reusable over and over

– An inexpensive way to dress up your bottle sparkler presentation

– Works with both our gold bottle sparklers and our color bottle sparklers

The single clip holds 1 bottle sparkler at a time, while the triple clip holds up to 3 bottle sparklers at a time. Each safety clip can be reused multiple times, so you usually only need a few of each style to get you started. Sold individually, please look at pictures for full details.

Single (Holds 1 Sparkler) Triple (Holds 3 Sparklers)
Price: $0.50 (each clip) Price: $0.99 (each clip)