Our cake sparklers are one of the most unique items that you can use at your wedding. Most couples are looking for ways to make their day more magical, and wedding cake sparklers are the perfect way to do that. However, there are many ways you can use and display them, and most people aren’t very familiar with the options. So, I’ve put together this guide on the best ways to use sparklers on wedding cakes to help you out. Here’s what you need to know.

Ways to Display Them on Your Cake

There are a couple of different ways that you can display them at your celebration, and each concept has its own merits. The size of your wedding will play a role in your decision, as well as how much room you have in your budget. Here are the best 2 ways to use sparklers on wedding cakes.

Use Them on the Topper

Your topper is one of the most important decorations on any wedding cake. Typically, people buy a fancy topper depicting the bride and groom. However, sparklers make a much more dramatic impression for a much smaller price tag. Just before your cutting ceremony, place a few on each tier of the confection; or just on the very top tier! It’s a great way to make your cake-cutting ceremony stand out from the norm, and it uses the least amount of sparklers for maximum cost-savings.

Use Them on Each Piece of Cake

If you want to make the most dramatic impact possible and budget isn’t a concern, consider placing one in each piece of cake. Overall, it’s the best way to make sure everyone is included in the magic. Optionally, some couples are choosing cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake, and they work great for that purpose, too. Either way, the goal is to make sure that everyone has a little performance of their own to enjoy at the reception.

*Additional note: it’s important to know that your frosting will not be damaged when they’re used correctly. There is a special “foot spike” that holds each one in place and keeps the entertainment from scorching your dessert. Whether you use them on slices or cupcakes, your frosting will be safe.

Other Uses for Cake Sparklers at a Wedding

Image of a Woman Holding a Cake Sparkler in Her HandOf course, there are plenty of other uses for cake sparklers at a wedding that may not be so obvious. Luckily, our products designed for cakes also make perfect sparklers for champagne bottles when you use a simple clip! Here’s a snapshot of the other ways you can use them during your celebration.

  • Attach them to your champagne bottles.
  • Place them in your centerpieces.
  • Use them in your bridal bouquet.
  • Hold them in your hand.
  • Great alternative to a unity candle or sand ceremony.
  • Light one in remembrance of a lost loved one.

Whether you use them in the traditional way or one of these other alternatives, wedding cake sparklers are a perfect way to make your celebration better.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake Sparklers

Sadly, this type of product is not going to be the right fit for every situation. Unfortunately, there are many venues that will not allow them because of the open flame. Additionally, it can be very difficult to coordinate their use at very large gatherings. Here are two alternatives that can accomplish the same feat.

Regular Candles

Regular candles are a readily available and affordable alternative. Though not as spectacular, they will give you a great effect that everyone will adore. Additionally, some venues may allow the use of candles; even if they prohibit the use of sparklers or fireworks. However, most places will have a blanket policy in place for any type of open flame. Generally, if candles are allowed, so are our products.

LED Versions

The best alternative that you can choose is LED wedding sparklers for a wide variety of reasons. First off, they are completely electronic so there’s no open flame. Second, they are reusable; so you won’t be wasting your money on a one-time-use product! You can enjoy them again on birthdays, New Year’s or a wide variety of other occasions. However, these great luxuries come along with a much higher price tag. If you are on a tight wedding budget, this probably is cost-prohibitive unless you make some large sacrifices elsewhere.

Should You Use Sparklers on Wedding Cakes or Not?

Now that you have all the information, it’s time to decide whether or not you want to incorporate these ways to use sparklers on wedding cakes at your event. On one hand, it is a dazzling way to make your cake the center of attention as it’s being cut. On the other hand, they are an added expense and may not be allowed at your venue. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional cake decorations, these are the ultimate adornment available.

Overall, the choice is truly yours and there really isn’t a wrong decision. If I had my wedding to do over, I would certainly have them on my top tier. No matter what you choose, good luck planning and have a wonderful wedding celebration!