Almost every bride and groom decorates their reception tables with centerpieces. Traditionally, many couple’s use flowers for this purpose, but there are many alternatives that are currently gaining traction. One of the most popular items is sparklers because they add so much to your celebration. However, since the concept is so new, we thought it would be helpful to go over the best ways to display wedding sparklers in your centerpieces.

Creating centerpieces using sparklers for weddings is an all around great way to display them and distribute them. No matter how you plan to use them, the biggest hassle is always getting them into your guests’ hands. The second biggest hassle is informing them on how and when they are supposed to be used. Luckily, putting them in your centerpieces tackles both of these issues in an elegant and simple way.

With all of that said, displaying the various sizes we have available can vary based on their length and your intended purpose, not to mention how you want to decorate them. We will start by covering how to display the most popular sizes and elaborate from there.

Displaying Various Sized Sparklers in your Centerpieces

Sparkler Up Close imageThere are three different sizes that make up the bulk of all wedding sparklers sales; 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch varieties. Other than that, the one specialty version some couple’s use are heart shaped wedding sparklers. Each size needs to be displayed differently, and that can lead to confusion. Here are the best ways to display wedding sparklers in your centerpieces depending on their size and shape.

10 Inch

As the most inexpensive option available, our 10 inch wedding sparklers are a very popular choice for centerpieces. They are also very easy to display since they are so short. All you need to do is place them in a vase at the center of each table for your guests’ to enjoy. Best of all, they make fantastic wedding favors; so everyone will be able to enjoy them and find them easily.

20 Inch

Another simple option is our 20 inch wedding sparklers. They also fit nicely in most cases, plus they’re long enough to use during the most popular activities. Centerpieces are a great way to hand them out for your wedding sparkler exit or for candid photos that you’ll cherish forever.

36 Inch

As the largest and most spectacular option, our 36 inch version is the biggest you can get! However, their long length can prove difficult when trying to create centerpieces. You’ll either need an extremely tall vase, like those intended to sit on the ground. For this reason, many people choose to put them at the guest book table rather than placing them on tables like centerpieces. Optionally, you can just place them in the center of a table or hang them from a rope instead of placing them in a vase.

Heart Shaped

For some couple’s, presentation is much more important than performance. For that type of couple, heart shaped wedding sparklers are the perfect choice for your centerpieces! They work perfectly as a “bouquet” all by themselves, or they can be mixed in with flowers or other traditional centerpiece items. Though heart shaped ones aren’t the most ideal for many activities, they are a great way to spruce up your tables and make for excellent wedding favors!

Best Ways to Display Wedding Sparklers in Centerpieces with Decorations

Decorating your centerpieces is a great way to make them blend even better into your décor. Whether you want to add a splash of color or use them to highlight other aspects of the centerpiece, here are some ideas to make a big impression.


By and large, flowers are the simplest and most effective way to decorate your centerpieces. There are many great options available, most notably real roses or flowers. However, there are less expensive alternatives, too, such as wooden roses or paper flowers. Just mix a few in with your sparklers to add some color and depth, and they also make for excellent wedding favors!

Candy in a Centerpiece imageCandy

Candy is one of the easiest and most impactful additions to any centerpiece. Just sprinkle a few on each table around the base of your vases. Optionally, you can fill your vases with the candy to act as a base, similar to gravel or dragon’s tears. Best of all, it will provide your guests’ with a tasty treat to enjoy before or after their main course! My favorite is Tootsie Rolls because almost everyone loves them.


One of the best ways to display wedding sparklers in your centerpieces is to tie a ribbon on each one. Ribbon is very inexpensive, and it comes in every color under the sun. That means you will have no problems matching your color scheme without breaking the bank. You can even tie some around the lip of each vase to bring the entire look together.

Sparklers Tags

Sparklers tags are another easy addition to your sparklers centerpieces. They are readily available on sites like Etsy to make things simple. They will display phrases like “let sparks fly” or “let love sparklers”. They are one of the most elegant options available, and they are both cost effective and simple to use.

Spray Paint

Yes, you can spray paint your wedding sparklers! Just choose a color that matches your theme and spray away. It’s always best to purchase a high quality brand for even coverage and brilliant colors. It will be such a thing coat that you won’t have to worry about performance issues such as uneven burning, so there’s no need to hesitate on this idea.

As you can see, you have many options from which to choose. Though there’s no “silver bullet” solution that will work for all situations, these are by far the best ways to display wedding sparklers in your centerpieces. Just consider your color scheme, the size of your sparklers, and how much attention you want each centerpiece to draw and your decision making process should be quick and easy.