One of the most popular sizes of wedding sparklers is the 20 inch variety. It’s an attractive option because they blend low price and long duration in one simple product. Though they don’t last as long as our 36 inch wedding sparklers do, but they last long enough for most purposes. So what are the best uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers? Here’s what we’ve gathered from personal experience and listening to real couples.

In general, 20 inch wedding sparklers are the right choice for mid-sized weddings of around 100-125 guests. Their extended duration allows you to coordinate more guests with lighting their sparklers. Shorter sparklers may fizzle out too soon, and long sparklers last unnecessarily long. Here are a few specifics about the best uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers at your celebration.

Use Them in your Photos

There are many great ways that a 20 inch sparkler for wedding photos is ideal! Whether you want something spontaneous or something staged, sparklers can really make your photos stand out. Here are a few ways to use them in your photos.

Write in the Air

Sparklers can be used to write all sorts of things in the air, and the 20 inch length is ideal for this purpose. Air writing is one of the best uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers, and it’s an affordable way to make a huge impact on your big day. Create hearts, stars, numbers, or letters in any configuration by just writing their shape in the air for your photographer.

First Kiss Photos

Your “first kiss” photo is always very dramatic, but you can definitely spice it up by using sparklers in the background! Have each of your guests surround you with their lit sparklers for a dazzling effect.

First Dance Photos

Similar to the “first kiss” photo, 20 inch wedding sparklers can make your first dance more memorable. Feel the warmth of the sparklers and the hearts of your guests as you lose yourself in the joy of marriage.

Use Them in your Centerpieces

Adding sparklers to your wedding centerpieces isn’t a new concept, but there are a few ways that are the most popular. Here are the best uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers in your centerpieces.

Complete Sparkler Centerpiece

The simplest way to create a sparkler centerpiece for your wedding is to just place sparklers in a vase. You can wrap a ribbon around the vase for an added touch and then place them on each table for your guests’ enjoyment.

Blended With Flowers

Instead of using only sparklers, consider adding flowers to your centerpiece vases as well. You can even choose our wood roses if you want to stay Eco-friendly. Our 20 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for this because they match the height of most common wedding flowers.

Using a Single Sparkler Bucket

Want to skip making multiple centerpieces? Consider placing a sparkler bucket at the entrance of your reception venue. Placing it on or near your guestbook table is the best option. It will provide a central location for your guests to grab their wedding sparklers and make it easier on you for decorating purposes.

Send-Off Lines: Best Uses for 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

One of the best uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers is to use them in place of other items for your send-off line. Confetti, birdseed, and other alternatives to sparklers are pretty cool; but they don’t hold a candle to using the real thing instead. Their 20 inch length is perfect for send-offs involving around 100 guests. Just hand them out, have everyone lineup, and enjoy your sparkling wedding exit!

Use Them as a Symbolic Item

Many wedding ceremonies include symbolic moments. A common example would be a sand ceremony or the lighting of a unity candle. Here are a few ways that 20 inch wedding sparklers can be used as an alternative for symbolic purposes.

Unity Candle Replacement

The lighting of a unity candle is a very common event at weddings. Some people prefer to do a sand ceremony instead, but the meaning is pretty much the same. Instead of lighting a unity candle, consider lighting a sparkler together. It conveys the same symbolism, but it adds a bit more showmanship.

Light a Sparkler for a Loved One

When someone you love can’t be with you at your wedding, it can be heartbreaking. It’s common to light candles or similar items in honor of a loved one, and sparklers are a great candidate too. Lasting 1 ½ minutes, a 20 inch wedding sparkler is the perfect duration to acknowledge a loved one.

Benefits of Ordering 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers Directly from Us

It’s also important to get the highest quality and lowest price possible when you’re shopping. Many companies buy from a third-party source, meaning they need to markup their prices even more. When you order wedding sparklers direct from us, it’s coming straight from the manufacturer, to us, to you. We don’t use any middlemen; we buy straight from the source! That allows us to give you the best quality and prices on 20 inch wedding sparklers every day.

Whether you decide that 20” sparklers are the right choice for you, or you opt for another size option, they have many great uses at your wedding. From using them during your send-off line to using them in your photos, sparklers can make an ordinary wedding event sparkle!

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