Our 10 inch sparklers are by far the most affordable option for weddings; which makes them a very popular choice. Since most couples try to keep costs down, it is easy to see why they are such an attractive option. However, since they are also the shortest version, many people wonder if they should choose a longer item for their celebration. So, I thought I’d share some of the best uses for 10 inch sparklers at a wedding to get the facts straight.

In general, they are well-suited for most activities at your wedding. However, if you are having a large wedding, there are certain times when they may fall short. For instance, if you are planning a wedding exit with 150 guests, the 10 inch size may be a little too short. Conversely, for events with fewer than 50 guests, they are probably the perfect size. Here is a breakdown of the best ways to use them.

How to Use Them as Wedding Favors in Your Centerpieces

Image of Lit Sparklers in a Centerpiece JarCenterpieces are one of the easiest and most attractive ways to dispense your favors to your guests. Rather than doling them out individually, it’s much more efficient to put them in a highly visible place. However, there are a several good ways to accomplish the same thing, so here are a few options.

Display the Sparklers Individually

The easiest and most affordable option is to create centerpieces that are made exclusively with sparklers. All you need are some small vases or jars and then fill them with the appropriate amount of items for each table. They only take a few minutes to create, and they are a very effective way to dispense them quickly.

Make Them Part of Your Arrangements

Optionally, you can mix them in with traditional items to make a full arrangement in your centerpieces. This method is also quite simple; just add a few sparklers to your arrangements of flowers, suckers, or other candy. To save even more money, consider using wood roses instead of buying real ones from the florist. Best of all, the artificial flowers will also be a fun wedding favor for your guests to take home!

Dispense Them from a Centralized Bucket

Of course, the easiest way to dispense them to your guests is by placing them all in a centralized bucket. Typically, couples place their bucket at the guest table, the head table, or at the end of their buffet line. The idea is to place it in a highly visible area that everyone will walk by. Not only is it very efficient, but it only takes a minute to throw a pile of sparklers into one bucket somewhere at your venue.

How to Use Them during Your Ceremony

Centerpieces are a great addition to the reception, but what if you want to use them during your ceremony? Usually, you don’t need to worry about handing them out if you use them at a ceremony, so it is the easiest method to put together. Here are a few of the best uses for 10 inch sparklers at a wedding ceremony.

Unity Candle Alternative

Unity candles are a very popular way to symbolize the joining of two people. However, it can be a fun twist to do the same thing with sparklers instead! Rather than lighting a unity candle, you do the exact same process using our products. Additionally, this concept works the same way for a “sand ceremony”. It’s easier to do, much less expensive, and will create a much better experience for everyone.

Bride’s Entrance

Traditionally, a flower girl enters the ceremony ahead of the bride to toss flower petals along her path. However, using sparklers instead can be a really great alternative to having a flower girl at all! Consider handing them out to the guests who are sitting long your aisle. When the bride’s entrance music begins, have them hold their lit sparklers out along the aisle to light her path to the altar. Optionally, you can still have a “flower” girl that leads to procession holding one, too. Everyone in the room will fall silent and stand in awe as you make your dramatic entrance!

Bride’s Bouquet

Similar to replacing the flower girl, consider replacing the bride’s flowers with a sparkler “bouquet”. It will look so much better as she walks down the aisle, and it will cost a fraction of the price. Optionally, you can still include some flowers so it looks amazing before and after the main display. However, make sure you keep the flowers very moist; dry flowers have a tendency to catch on fire.

As a Memorial

All too often, we have very close loved ones that can’t be at our wedding. Commonly, people will say some kind words and make a gesture as a memorial to those loved ones. Instead of lighting a candle or controversially releasing a dove, this can be one of the best uses for 10 inch sparklers at a wedding. If there are survivors present, they will really appreciate how special your memorial is during the event.

How to Use Them as Photo Props

Image of a Man Taking a Candid Photo with a SparklerLots of couples want to use our products in their photos because they create a very unique and dramatic effect. However, there are certain photos that this size may be too short to pull off correctly. Ideally, our 20 inch wedding sparklers are your best option for using in photos; particularly if you plan to write shapes, letters, or numbers in the air with them. However, there are still a few cool things you can do with them if you are creative. Here are my favorite examples.

First Kiss Photo

One of the best uses for 10 inch sparklers at a wedding is during the first kiss. Just provide a few of them for your bridal party and have your maid of honor organize the display. Just before your big kiss, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can all create a backdrop behind the altar. Once they are lit, it can really enhance the intensity of the moment. Overall, it’s a fun addition to the photo and will make your guests feel inspired.

First Dance Photo

Similarly, you can have your guests gather around the dance floor for your first dance with their sparklers. Imagine slow dancing to your favorite song with the dance floor illuminated by the people you love the most. Not only will the photos be amazing, but the memories you create will last a lifetime, too.

Candid Moments

Of course, no wedding scrapbook would be complete without some classic candid photos! The 10 inch version of our products make excellent photos props, so you can add them into pretty much anything. They will make your guests feel special, and they will also make your scrapbook much more interesting to look at.

Send-Off Lines – One the Best Uses for 10 Inch Sparklers at a Wedding

Send-off lines are one of the most popular ways to include sparklers in your celebration. Also known as a wedding exit, it is the best way to provide a final “congratulations” to the couple before their honeymoon. However, the shorter duration of our 10 inch version can be a bit unpractical for larger guest lists. If you plan to have more than 50 guests, I would strongly suggest using a longer version of our sparklers for weddings to achieve the best results.

However, if you are going to have a small destination wedding or an intimate backyard ceremony, the 10 inch length can actually be a huge asset. The last thing you want is to have your guests standing around with sparks flying from their hands well after the send-off has concluded! Since they last around a minute, they are the perfect size for exits involving 50 guests or fewer.

Should I Choose the 10 Inch Version?

Hopefully, this overview of the best uses for 10 inch sparklers at a wedding has shown you how and when they are the right fit. No matter how big or small your event will be, they work amazing as wedding favors or in your centerpieces. Additionally, they can be a great addition to your ceremony! However, if you want to use them for your wedding exit, it is best to choose a longer version if you will be expecting more than 50 guests. Overall, they are the most affordable option available and that can make them incredibly attractive. As long as you have the right intentions in mind, they can be the perfect addition to your celebration.