Purchasing wholesale wedding flowers is an option that many do-it yourself-brides are beginning to take advantage of. Buying wholesale ensures that they get the best choice of blooms, lower flower costs, and fast delivery to their wedding, easing at least one of many fears they hold on that day.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Wedding Flowers

In a sense, wholesale wedding flowers make the lives of all involved with a wedding, much easier. The bride’s parents will love that they have cut the floral costs dramatically. The bride will adore the fact that she gets an abundance of fresh cut flowers, and the wedding planner will relish the fact that the flowers will be ordered, paid for and set for delivery in one easy process. The guests, of course, will want to take time to stop and smell the flowers of this beautiful event.

Another advantage of buying bulk flowers is that they stay fresher longer. Primarily, this is due to being farm cut and shipped out the same day. These fresh cut flowers are ideal for the do it yourself brides and event planners who demand a great bulk of fresh cut flora at reasonable prices. Fresh flowers can make a dull table glow in elegance, and with a bulk order, you can decorate every table in the room if so desired. Your flowers can be moved from one location to another, and still be just as beautiful as the moment they arrived at your special event.

Timing Your Order Correctly

Image of Fresh Flower Arrangements Being MadeMake sure to place your order a month before the actual day of your event. That way, the retailer will have time to deliver your order. Most brides prefer to have their wholesale wedding flowers delivered a day or two before the wedding, if possible, to prevent any potential problems, such as getting the wrong flowers, wilted flowers, or a lost delivery.

Due to the delicate nature of flowers, it’s a good idea to have someone responsible for them so that they are properly taken care of. This is particularly caused by the tension that is built by the last minute rush of the wedding details. However, make sure that they have adequate information on how to keep them fresh. Lastly, make sure that they have a number of people that can help with the task. This will ensure you have timed everything perfectly.

Tips for Ordering Wholesale Wedding Sparklers

Additionally, follow these simple tips to keep your wedding flowers looking as pretty as the bride does:

  • Unpack the flowers immediately after receiving them.
  • Clip several inches off the bottom and then dip the stems into a basin of water while keeping the heads of the flowers upright.
  • Certain flowers need to be kept at specific temperatures while some just need light conditions to stay fresh.

Alternatives to Real Roses

Of course, there are even better ways to save money when buying in bulk. Consider wooden roses instead of real ones to cut your costs by as much as 90%! Similarly, you can create roses made from paper to make it even cheaper. Lastly, some eco-conscious people prefer to give out seed packets instead of buying them fully grown. Though it’s not as exciting, it allows your guests to have beautiful roses for an entire summer!

There are many advantages to buying wholesale wedding flowers. They cost less, offer a faster delivery time, and the product will be fresher. These seem to be the top three reasons consumers choose wholesale when ordering flowers. Since they make very few stops between the farm and the customer, the flowers suffer less breakage and wilting, thus arriving in beautiful condition, exactly as the customer expects them to.