For the most part, every couple will want to send out invitations to their guests along with an RSVP card so they can plan for the number of people who will be attending the wedding and reception. There are many great options out there for wedding invitations, and the variety of shapes, colors, and sizes are virtually endless. Most couples plan their wedding date and head out to the stationary or wedding supply store to have their wedding invitations printed professionally, but there is another option that some couples choose. Blank wedding invitations are available that are decoratively designed but have no information included when you leave the store. There are benefits that blank wedding invitations have over pre-printed invitations which we will discuss below.

Design it Your Way

Blank Wedding InvitationsOne of the biggest advantages to buying blank wedding invitations is that you can have full control over the design. The cards will have all the decorative elements already embedded, so you just need to add the information you want such as the date, address, and other important things. Many print shops will try to convince you to use a standard template for this information, which is fine, but it will lack the originality you may want to convey as a couple. With blank wedding invitations, you can simply print the information in any format you choose from your laser or inkjet printer at home.

Lower Price

For some couples, every decision they make about their wedding will be based on the budget they have in mind. While some couples choose to make their wedding invitations 100% from scratch, this can take up a lot of time and money in different materials before the job is done. By purchasing blank wedding invitations to use as the platform for your original creation, you can save money versus paying a print shop to do the work without spending countless hours making them look fabulous.

Last Minute Changes

Though nobody wants to think about untimely delays with their wedding date, sometimes things pop up in the last minutes that are unavoidable. Let’s say there’s an illness in the family or somebody else you know plans their wedding for the same date you had and mind and sent their invitations out before you. Though this isn’t an ideal situation, at least you can change your wedding date up to the last minute before you print out your specific information on your blank wedding invitations. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but avoiding the risk of needing to pay for a complete reprint is a huge perk.

Though buying blank wedding invitations isn’t the right solution for every couple, you can see that there is certainly a time and place for that decision to be made. You can save a lot of money by making your own invites. Whether you want a custom look or want to save money, blank wedding invitations can be a great addition to any type of wedding.