About Wedding Day Sparklers

Wedding Day Sparklers is the nation's leading supplier of wedding sparklers. We offer several different options for couples to use at their wedding including various shapes, sizes, and colors of sparklers.

Do Sparklers Expire? – A Guide to How Long Sparklers Last

2019-11-04T23:21:42-06:00By |Our Blog|

I get the question "do sparklers expire" all the time, so I thought it might be high time do address it officially. Here's everything you need to know about proper storage, how to order sensibly, and the shelf life of our products under ideal conditions.

Quiet Fireworks: Why Sparklers are the Noiseless Firework King

2019-08-20T18:00:18-05:00By |Our Blog|

There are many reasons that some people prefer quiet fireworks over ones that make noise. Whatever the reason, choosing a noiseless firework doesn’t have to be a letdown. Here's a rundown on all the benefits of avoiding loud items at your event.

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