We get a lot of questions about our products, and some of them can seem a bit strange. However, no matter what you are inquiring about, we always do our best to provide straight-forward answers. Recently, I received an email asking are sparklers hotter than the sun? Though it doesn’t specifically pertain to sparklers for weddings, it is still something I’m happy to answer. Here are some facts to help answer that question so you know all the facts. Let’s get started.

How Hot are Sparklers?

To begin, we need to look at the first factor; sparklers. Determining the amount of heat they will generate will rely on a variety of things. For instance, the length, width, and chemical composition from which they are made will all play a major role. However, typically the temperature range of a sparkler will be between 1800° and 3000° Fahrenheit for most of the major brands. On average, they will be about 2200° Fahrenheit during their performance. While that seems really hot, that’s only the first piece of the puzzle that we need to consider.

How Hot is the Sun?

Image of the Hottest Sparklers in the WorldThe next thing we need to consider when determining are sparklers hotter than the sun is the celestial body itself. The temperature of the sun’s surface, also known as the photosphere, is approximately 9,932° Fahrenheit (5,500° Celsius). However, the temperature increases significantly as you move towards the sun’s core. At the core, where nuclear fusion takes place, the temperature is estimated to be around 27 million° Fahrenheit (15 million° Celsius).

When looking at these numbers, it should be quite obvious that sparklers are not hotter than the sun. Even if you compare the surface temperature of the sun to a sparkler, it’s over three times as scorching. And, when you consider the inferno that is its core, our products completely pale in comparison.

Which Sparklers Burn the Hottest?

Now that we know the myth, let’s talk about which products burn the hottest. Ultimately, this all comes down to the overall size of the sparkler. If measuring the hottest point, a product with a very large size and thick layer of compound will always win. A great example of these is 36 inch sparklers that have incredible girth and size on their side. The sheer volume of these behemoths makes them the undisputed king for heat. However, these sparklers are not as hot as the sun.

Which Sparklers Burn the Coldest?

Conversely, finding the version that creates the least amount of heat is quite the opposite. For lower temperatures, you want a sparkler that is small with a thinner diameter. Typically, these are sparklers that are 10 inches long; or even shorter! Ironically, another factor is whether they are metal wire or wooden handled sparklers. Interestingly enough, steel wire burns hotter but wooden handles are actually more dangerous. It just goes to show that heat isn’t everything; overall safety should always be considered.

Are Sparklers Hotter Than the Sun or Is This a Myth?

At the end of the day, it’s unequivocally true that sparklers are not a higher temperature than the sun. The coolest areas of the sun’s surface are over 3 times the temperature of even the most scorching product version. When you consider the extreme temps of its core, the numbers get even worse. So, it’s safe to say if you hear this, you can tell them they are incorrect; at best.

Hopefully, this answers all of your questions about the sun versus sparklers in regards to temperature. In the end, it really isn’t much of a comparison at all. Thank you for reading, and we will see you next time!