In the USA, President’s Day is one of the most respected holidays on the calendar. If you are “old school” you know that it originally existed to honor George Washington; our first president. However, they holiday has now been adapted to commemorate every president from Washington to Lincoln; and beyond. It can be tricky to think up ways to celebrate this holiday, and many people are scared that President’s Day sparklers might be disrespectful. However, when used correctly, they can be both tasteful and appropriate. Here are some things to consider before you choose to use sparklers on this notable day.

What is President’s Day?

Image of a George Washington StatueWhile we mainly think of our commander and chief when we think of President’s Day, there is actually a lot more to it. The holiday originally began as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. Washington, the first President of the United States, was born on February 22, 1732. However, in 1968, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed. The aim of this legislation was to provide more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. To accomplish this, the Federal Government moved the celebration of certain holidays to Mondays. Because of this move, Washington’s birthday was moved to always be on a Monday.

As a result of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, the observance of Washington’s Birthday was moved from February 22 to the third Monday in February. Unintentionally, this can fall between February 15 and 21; which means the holiday can never fall on Washington’s actual birthday. Additionally, the act combined Washington’s day with the observed birthday of Abraham Lincoln, which was February 12. In modern times, we celebrate ALL presidents as a result of this combination. However, many tend to stick to the roots of only honoring our very first POTUS.

Are President’s Day Sparklers Appropriate?

Knowing if it’s okay to use sparklers can be a treacherous feat. For instance, you may be tempted to show your support by using sparklers on Patriot’s Day or another sacred occasion. Fortunately, President’s Day is not a holiday that garners sorrow or despair. In fact, many people think fondly of the role of President and all the good that can come with it. For these reasons, you can safely use sparklers on President’s Day without fear of anger or reprisal. As long as you observe the laws and respect other people, they can be a great way to show your patriotism at local events.

Best Sparklers for President’s Day

Image of a Woman Holding a Star Shaped SparklerOnce you’ve settled on moving forward, you need to choose the right sparkler for your needs. Really, your choices come down to two options that are equally suited for this situation. To help you decide, here is a quick breakdown of the most popular choices.

Regular Sparklers

There is something about sparklers that is just comforting to many of us grown adults. Whether you used them as a child or admired them from afar, they have a way of bringing out our biggest smiles. And, when someone thinks of ordinary sparklers, they always think of the same thing. The classic design of a steel wire and gray “magic” soothes the soul in ways you already understand. No matter what the occasion happens to be, they are always an easy addition that everyone will love.

Star Shaped Sparklers

On the other hand, you have people, like me, who prefer to take things Way too far. If you are celebrating our stars and stripes, there is no option other than star sparklers as far as I’m concerned! Instead of a straight line, the sparkler is shaped into a star for a better presentation. Not only that, but they last much longer than 8 or 10 inch versions you’ll find at your local depots. Overall, they are the best way to honor our Presidents while having a great time.

Making Sure You Are Respectful

Being disrespectful at any kind of holiday is never what someone intends. However, the stigma can only grow larger when honoring our country in any way. Luckily, using President’s Day sparklers is not a very polarizing topic. While there may be outliers, celebrating our country is common practice and respected across the board. However, it’s still appropriate to be mindful of everyone in your community before you decide to partake in the festivities. Perhaps there is a sensitive Black Lives Matter demonstration that would deem it inappropriate. Or, maybe you live in a town where politics is simply unwelcome. Whatever the situation, make sure you are respectful before you enjoy sparklers on any given holiday.

Are Sparklers the Right Choice for Celebrating President’s Day?

Whether you love your current situation in our country or not, we all stand in awe of the opportunities we’ve been afforded. If you think about all the places and time you could have been born, we have it pretty good. Though it’s not always age appropriate to use sparklers, you can easily find ways to include them in any holiday. Ideally, you’ll remain respectful while using President’s Day sparklers instead of causing a ruckus. However, it’s our right to have fun and I say you should enjoy yourself within the limits of the law. Enjoy yourself and God bless America!