In the annals of history, there are only a few days that really stand out for America. Obviously, the discovery of the continent and 4th of July stick out the most. However, there is another day that both broke the hearts of our citizens while also rallying our patriotism; and that is 9/11. For most, it is a day to remember the lives lost on that fateful day. For others, it’s a time to remember that the United States is the greatest country of all time. Sure, there are plenty of patriotic holidays. But are Patriot Day sparklers appropriate or are they disrespectful? Can you celebrate America while also cherishing the memories of the ones we’ve lost? Here is what you need to know to have a day that everyone can enjoy.

What is Patriot Day?

Image of Ground Zero on 9/11On September 11th, 2001, terrorists hijacked 4 places in the United States. As a result, both World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon were smashed into at unbelievable speeds creating a devastating amount of wreckage in their wake. Overall, 2977 people lost their lives; many of which included first responders such as firefighters, police, and medical personnel.

Shortly after, President George W. Bush made 9/11 a national holiday to remember the victims of these terrorist attacks. It is known as Patriot Day, and nobody alive will ever forget the horror. Each year, we honor and remember the fallen with a moment of silence. Moreover, some people use items like sparklers to commemorate their loved ones. It’s not too dissimilar to using sparklers on Memorial Day or other patriotic holidays. However, some people can be easily offended so you need to tread lightly.

Are Patriot Day Sparklers Appropriate?

Whenever there is a patriotic event, using sparklers is a common theme. From the 4th of July to Veteran’s Day, sparklers are a symbol of freedom and remembrance for those we’ve lost. However, a lot people associate sparklers with “celebrating”; so it can be a very polarizing topic. Imagine losing your loved one in an attack and then seeing people light the streets with sparklers as if it were a party. Though the intentions are good, it can easily become a moment of distaste if you don’t handle it properly.

Fortunately, most people appreciate our citizens rallying around patriotism. And, in fact, sparklers are often used to commemorate the fallen at most types of events. So, deciding if Patriot Day sparklers are appropriate comes down to how you use them and in which spirit they are intended. Luckily, most people see the “good” and you shouldn’t have too many issues if this is how you choose to remember that fateful day.

Best Sparklers for Patriot Day

Before you decide on whether or not to use sparklers for Patriot Day, you need to look at every aspect. How you use them and which products you choose will play a role in the sensitivity factor. Additionally, you want to make sure you and your participants are safe in those activities. Here is a breakdown of which ones work best so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Traditional Sparklers

36 inch Wedding Sparklers imageTraditional sparklers are the version you are most acquainted with. They feature the classic “stick” design where a wooden stick or a piece of steel is dipped in a slurry of sparkling goodness. Generally, they come in a few sizes ranging from 8 inches to 36 inches. Overall, 20 inch sparklers are by far the most popular and desirable for events such as these. In my opinion, you should avoid anything shorter than 10 inches or longer than 20 inches. Traditional sparklers are by far my favorite option for patriotic holidays and they should be at the top of your list for ideas.

Specialty Sparklers

Of course, there are plenty of “specialty” versions on the market that are tailored for various needs. Whether you want to attach them to a bottle or stick them in a cake, there is likely a device designed for your very needs. In fact, you can even get them in special shapes like hearts or star sparklers to really customize your experience. However, as lovely as these may all seem, I strongly urge you to stick to traditional versions. Having a sparkler shaped like a star may seem like the perfect way to remember fallen loved ones. Sadly, they are also a ticket to making it look too much like a “celebration”; and that can quickly lead to hurt feelings.

Avoiding Hurt Feelings on a Polarizing Holiday

Let’s face it; 9/11 is a polarizing day. When Patriot Day became a holiday; it became a day that would forever live in infamy. Nevertheless, America has housed over 1.5 million weddings per year since that fateful day. Overall, most Americans have very strong feelings about supporting our country and cherishing those of whom we have lost. Unfortunately, some people may be offended if you use Patriot Day sparklers to commemorate this solemn event. However, there are plenty of ways to do it in a respectful manner that won’t make the event a hardship for anyone involved. If you think carefully and plan accordingly, it can be tasteful. Otherwise, it’s best to skip them all together.

Are Sparklers the Best Choice for Celebrating Patriot day?

Whether you are honoring those we lost, celebrating America, or both, how you mark the day is a very personal decision. For some, using sparklers on Patriot Day is a way to celebrate our freedom. For others, a quiet and reflective morning is more appropriate for the holiday.

In the end, only you can decide how you want to observe 9/11. If it is a day of sadness for you and your family, then you should steer clear of trinkets and novelties. After all, this isn’t like celebrating Easter. However, if you want to show your American pride, then perhaps Patriot Day sparklers are the perfect fit. Hopefully, this guide cleared up your questions and you can make an informed decision. Stay tuned for next time!